I’ve outgrown crystal healing.

Sometimes things are coming into our lives to teach us something, trigger an awakening, guide us on our path. But this doesn’t mean they should stay with us forever.

I wrote a lot about crystals in the past year. I taught about crystals constantly in the past 4 years or so. I created a practitioner course and helped people qualify as healers.

But …

Ever since I completed my core shamanic training and started to connect with nature at a deeper level, I started to look at crystals differently.

Here are my 5 reasons I no longer practice and teach crystal healing.

  1. Healing crystals became mainstream to drive big profits
  2. Crystal industry is a dark industry
  3. Crystal consumerism
  4. Crystals are not the only objects that heal
  5. To stay relevant and authentic

Let’s look into more details:

1. Mainstream healing crystals make big profits

I felt something started to go wrong last year when crystals became mainstream as the solution to everything. I loved crystals a lot earlier and they were truly reserved for the spiritual community who used them for healing and knowledge.

But in recent years you can hear about healing crystals almost everywhere.

Crystal gurus holding massive crystal points of 3 kg.

Crystal influencers making crystal grids from hundred of pieces.

Wellness teachers decorating their homes with amethyst churches and expensive geodes.

When I see all of this I feel it’s lack of respect.

It’s like riding an elephant and calling yourself an animal saviour.

And, I’m not gonna lie to you, but when something becomes heavily promoted as the answer to all your problems, something isn’t quite right.

We’re no longer talking about crystal healing as in spiritual healing.

We’re talking about big business.

And this is NOT what I stand for.

I respect crystals as treasures of the Earth.

I don’t own a lot of crystals and I consider myself a crystal minimalist.

And I don’t own even a single crystal that costs more than £25.

Because it’s not about the monetary value, number, the largest piece or the precise crystal to address a precise problem.

It’s about the symbol and meaning behind them.

But with crystal healing becoming mainstream, the symbol and real meaning start to fade, to only allow to surface vulgarity and lack of consideration for what our planet has to offer.

2. Crystal industry is a DARK industry

Just like diamond, gold and anything precious, the crystal industry is NOT an Earth and human friendly industry.

Crystals carry a rather dark history, their energy is far from positive and good vibes.

Mining crystals involves child labour, abuse, dangerous working conditions, low wages, far from fair-trade, poverty, death and big profits.

Look at this in-depth article published in The Guardian if you wish to explore more.

You’d probably ask me: but didn’t you know this before? Didn’t you question?

Well, I must admit, I didn’t.

I just loved crystals, used them, benefited from them, but never knew their whole story.

3. Crystal movement and wellness consumerism

I mentioned crystal industry is a dark industry. I think it also encourages consumerism.

And while crystals are natural minerals and perhaps don’t present recycling issues, they do cause imbalances.

They are mined in massive quantities, extracted from the Earth leaving the Earth depleted of resources.

If something lives in the deep layers of the planet this doesn’t mean we as humans have to steal it and make it our own.

Then as any industry, it simply encourages over-spending. Do you really need that another crystal that helps you sleep? Couldn’t you just drink a relaxing chamomile tea that you already have in your kitchen cardboard? Or simply listen to calming meditation music?

4. Crystals are NOT the only objects that can heal.

There’s so much more to explore

Everything has healing power. If we just symbolically assign it. I wrote here how crystals really work and to summarise it in just a sentence:

Crystals work through the power of your own mind.

It’s that simple.

And if crystals work through the power of your mind, everything you want to invest with healing power is gonna have it.

Crystals are NOT the only objects that can heal you.

Nature has healing power. And it’s readily available. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to buy fancy stuff to have access to healing.

Just go onto your nearest park, admire a tree, a flower or watch the birds nesting.

Look at the river how it flows, moves and changes shape to ultimately reach her final goal: the Oneness of the Ocean.

Set an intention, be in the moment, learn by observation.

A stone-carved statue, a plant, a coloured candle, a wooden branch, a simple rock can have healing power.

The healing power of crystals, or of any object, comes from the power YOU GIVE THEM.

Why limit yourself to only crystals, when it’s so much more magnificence to experience?

5. I want to share with you more relevant content and stay authentic

If you read my blog for a while you know that I don’t only write about crystals. I write about the moon, oracle cards, spiritual guidance, archetypes, self-help and personal development, and many more.

Staying with one major subject such as crystals, felt limiting. Just because I created a course about crystals and worked with crystals for over 10 years, doesn’t mean they should be my only focus.

And while I am deeply grateful for my crystal journey, I am also grateful to MANY other learnings I came across.

Shamanic wisdom, inner child healing, creative self-expression, mindfulness, herbalism, visualisation, journaling. All these subjects interest me deeply, I practice and use them in my own healing, and I want to share more about them with you.

I felt that focusing on only crystals, I wasn’t truly authentic and honest about what I use, practice and believe in. The picture is wider than it appears.

So I let-go of crystals to be able to show-up fully, and share with you more quality content, that is true to my heart and represents what I stand for.

So to recap, the 5 reasons I let-go of crystal healing are:

  1. Healing crystals became mainstream to drive big profits
  2. Crystal industry is a dark industry
  3. Crystal consumerism
  4. Crystals are not the only objects that heal
  5. To stay relevant and authentic

I’ll leave you with this for today.

Until next time,

Many blessings,