The Waxing Gibbous Moon – a time for Refinement

You are so close to achieving your goal, that you almost feel its breath on your face in anticipation. It’s the breath of your soon newly born child arriving into your life, yet it’s still not there. You’re excited, but overwhelmed, you can nearly see your projects taking form, yet this is the most challenging time that requires Patience and Perseverance.

It’s the Waxing Gibbous Moon phase, the almost full Moon, rising at daytime in the afternoon, spreading her pale translucent glow on the sky. She sets late night around 3 am. The days of the Waxing Gibbous are the most illuminated of all, and they send you the strongest message possible: keep going, you’re almost there.

Opportunities and challenges during the Waxing Gibbous Moon

This is a time that requires even more effort than the previous phase( First Quarter) .

You’ve already placed so much energy into your projects and goals! Now it’s time to keep your focus but also be adaptable.

You know life doesn’t always happen as you plan it. Circumstances may change, obstacles can get in your way. Be open to go through this phase and overcome whatever appears. If you run the marathon you know that the hardest part is that very last mile. This very last mile is the one you need to run now.

In this stage of manifestation you may need to solve new problems, to face new challenges. What you need to keep in mind is to be smart on how you approach them.

Look at your action plan, look at how you do things now and see what works for you and what doesn’t. This is the perfect time for intelligent adjustments, creative solutions to the problems that may arise to finally get where you want. Remember you are just 3-4 days away from the Full Moon moment, that unique moment when you’ll see your goal happening. Or not.

It all depends on your ability to analyse the situation, refine your plan and take smart action.

Remember: this is a time to keep going, be flexible, be patient. Do not give up. It may be a little harder than you expected. This is the exact moment when your fire, drive and motivation are tested. This is your time to apply your newly gained skills as a powerful creator of your own life.

Look at what you’ve learned in the early stages of this Moon cycle. Reflect. Refine. Activate your sharp mind. Detach from results. Act precisely. Then wait for the Full Moon to show you what you’ve achieved.

Here’s how to overcome challenges during the Waxing Gibbous Moon phase

Whatever situation happens at this manifestation stage, here is what you can do to successfully get past it.


Look at the situation clearly. See where you are. Then journal on the below questions:

Describe the situation. Describe your expectations and what is now different. How does this affect you? How does it interfere with your action plan? What’s the biggest challenge of this situation?

Now, look at your action plan that you wrote during the New Moon or Waxing Crescent . Look for anything that feels out of place. It’s good to remember that you created your action plan when things were still new. You did not know everything about this journey. Keep this in mind, your plan needs to be flexible. You don’t have to stick to it strictly, but you need to be open and adjust it to accomodate your goals and dreams.

You can look at: Whatever gaps are in your initial plan. Did you learned something about yourself during this time? Did you learn something about your energy levels? How about your creative process?

Look at how you feel. Are you feeling enthusiastic or rather tired? Are you looking forward to your dream or you are about to lose motivation? Are you ready to wait for the dream to gain full form or you are inpatient?

Let me give you my personal example of my daily 30 minutes walk, I was talking about at the Waxing Crescent. Here is where I am at now:

Waxing Crescent – adjusted the walk so I can be sure I do 30 minutes and not 1 hour as the overachiever in me led me. If you read my article, you’ll remember I scheduled my daily walk right after lunch.

The second day of Waxing Crescent – I taught a weekend course and I was tired afterwards. My lunch break was very short. I was not able to go outside after the course as I preferred to take a nap.

The third day of Waxing Crescent – I went outside after I finished the course. The fact that I skipped a day didn’t affect me much.

The days after – I realised my writing schedule overlaps with my lunch walk. I need some adjustments again. In my initial plan I thought I’ll finish an article by lunchtime, then have lunch, then go for my walk.

This did not happen. However, I kept my daily walk habit but this moved in the afternoon when I’ve finished my writing.

And here we are, the Waxing Gibbous:

My writing takes a lot more time than I expected. Looking at my plan I realise that:

  • I need more time for research – that I did not consider initially.
  • I need more time to structure an article and put my thoughts in order.
  • The time I need to get done an article varies from 1 hour to a couple of hours, depending on the amount of research involved, my own inspiration and focus, my energy levels, etc.

Conclusion: I need to review my plan to:

– fit my walk and write my daily article. I also need to look if writing an article/day is still realistic, or if rather getting done a new article every other day is still ok to start with until I get used to it

– I need to think when I am going to do my walk during the weekend days/teaching days, when my schedule is different than a weekday

Discussion open.


After you looked at your plan it’s time to make necessary adjustments. This is a time to be creative and take a different approach to how you used to do things before. You now learned your lessons. Found your refined solution.

Looking at my example, a new way of doing could be: move my walk in the evening after I write my daily article. Or – keep my walk just after lunch and consider it a nice break that will refresh my mind.

Your process might be different than mine, but what you need to remember is that adjustment is necessary. Call in your inspiration and creative forces and find what works for you in your given circumstances.

Activate your inner FIRE

After you reviewed your plan is time to act precisely. Call in the fire energy and simply act upon your new plan. Keep your mind open and be ready to adjust even more.

This is Solar Plexus chakra time. A time for inspired action and precise focus. Connect with fire element. Meditate at candlelight, wear red, eat red fruits, go out in the sun and absorb its energy.

Release expectations

The Waxing Gibbous Moon requires you to let-go of your expectations. I know you are inpatient and you want to see results already, but that time has not come yet.

Impatience can affect your ability to act precisely and stay focused. It can lead to mistakes. Release it at this stage.

To release your expectations and cultivate patience, practice mindfulness meditation to learn to keep yourself present in the moment.

I am so excited to see you again here at the time of Full Moon.

Until next time,

Moon blessings,