The Waxing Crescent Moon meaning

You sent out your New Moon intentions, visualised them happening, meditated with them, made the plan, jumped into action, you’re set for success. After a couple of days of action and enthusiasm, you start noticing your self-doubt arising. The negativity coming back. Perhaps you feel tired already? Or asking yourself what’s the point to keep trying, I’m not going to make it.?

If this sounds familiar to you then be at peace, this is The Waxing Crescent Moon phase. It’s that time after you start full of energy and hope to face the first challenges. Tiredness rises more than usual. You start to fall back into your old habits. You start procrastinating. Or you worked so hard on your goal that you think this is too much effort, you can’t handle it. Or you placed too high expectations on yourself.

At this stage when the Moon is beautifully growing on the sky, showing you that your full potential starts to manifest, you may feel attracted to the self-sabotaging trap time and again.

This is the time when most of the people already disconnect themselves from the Moon energy and simply allow life to happen. Many give up when they face the first little challenge. And many don’t even bother anymore.

But you don’t have to give up. You know the Moon is telling you to trust, have faith, have the courage, and go for your dreams. You just need to be aware of the patterns, thoughts, and beliefs that may stay in your way.

The Waxing Crescent comes to remind you that everything is possible, but you have to do what it takes.

These 5 steps will guide you to effectively work with the Waxing Crescent to make things work in your advantage:


What was on your New Moon list as the most important intention? But the second one? Are these still available to you? If the answer is a strong yes in your gut then YES it is.

If you don’t feel the Yes in your gut then look at what is working and what it isn’t. Is your action plan realistically achievable? Do you follow it as it was? Did you change something? Do you push yourself to do too much? Or perfect? Is your environment give you any signals that you need to consider?

Let me give you an example. One of my biggest New Moon intentions I set this month is to implement long-lasting healthy habits in my life. I know I did this in the past, it worked, but only until I slipped at some point. So here I am again, setting my goal of taking control of my health.

My action plan looks like this: To eat more fruits, and go for a 30 minutes walk every day.

Goal – to form a new habit and go for a walk to the lake and back every day after lunch.

Day 1 – Day after New Moon. Ate my dessert fruit. Went for a walk. Arrived at the lake. It’s so beautiful outside! I thought. And the river is high today! Yay! Let’s go to the river. And my walk was doubled in time because I walked by the river too. I came home happy but tired, had a shower, and had a rest. I didn’t manage to do more efficient work because I was tired.

Day 2 – Exactly the same thing repeated. And if the first day I walked for 1 hour, let’s rock that again!

Day 3 – Exactly the same thing repeated+more. My 30 minutes walk transformed into a 90 minutes very enjoyable walk that came packed with tiredness. I was happy but frustrated that I can’t continue my work because walking makes me tired.

Day 4 – Waxing CrescentI need to go for a walk. But I have to write an article. And so many other things. I shouldn’t go for my walk, it makes me tired and I can’t get work done. I was about to give up. Then I realised that in fact, I pushed myself to do too much to really fit in my actual schedule. I noticed this and returned to my initial plan: 30 minuted walk to the lake and back. I felt good, refreshed and I had energy for all other things in my to-do list.

This is what the Waxing Crescent brought to my awareness – self-sabotaging through pushing too hard. So I can demonstrate that what I want to achieve is not possible. That it’s not good and it’s not working for me.

No way!

Now, look at your own patterns during the Waxing Crescent. What do you see? Write it down and move to the next step.

2. Release

Whatever pattern you identified you can now choose to let it go. Not for all your projects, but for this particular one. If you are an overachiever or a perfectionist, let go of it just for this project. Allow the project to happen, even imperfect and small. And see how it feels to rather stick to your habits instead of never take action and give up too early.

Other patterns to look at can be: you doubt yourself you’re not able to do it, you say to yourself that is not going to work, that no one will be interested in your project, that everyone did it before your so what’s the point on doing it, that you failed so many times that you’ll fail this time too, that you are too tired, that you are not good at it, that you don’t know how to do it.

3. Visualise it. Again

Get back to your dream and sit with it. Meditate with it. Visualise it coming into your life. Visualise yourself living the dream. How do you feel? Who is there with you? Where are you? What clothes are you wearing? Who are the people around you? How’s the environment? How about the weather?

It’s time to remind yourself and keep your dream alive. Many people forget too easily. You don’t have to. Practice visualisation and bring the dream back into your consciousness once again. It’s never too much.

4. Commit to it

It’s time to sit into a new ritual and commit yourself again. As you did for the New Moon, create your sacred space, and make the commitment again. You demonstrate to yourself that you are ready and you really want it. You remind yourself how much you want it and that your efforts are worth it.

Perhaps this is a time to dedicate a special crystal to help you work through this goal. Choose an action, focus and blockage removal crystal from this list, program it with your intention, and use it as your daily reminder. Put it on your desk, hold it in your pocket, touch it, meditate with it. Anything that feels right. Any time you need that extra boost of energy, motivation, and faith, connect with your crystal and bring more power into your practice.

5. Connect with the Moon

Make the Moon part of your ritual. She’s shining down the sky, on the West, and she rises just after sunset. If you can see it through your window and from your garden, this is a perfect time to connect with the moon, admire it, and ask her to help you.

Use her magickal energy to inspire you and motivate you, to remind you that you are still at the beginning and the good and fulfillment is yet to come. Acknowledge the start, the challenges and the growing awareness in your practice, it brings so much power and meaning to your practice.

Don’t forget: being consistent is important. Being aware is also important. Staying focused, yes. But also giving yourself the time for reflection, ritual, and asking for help. Calling the Moon and your spirit guides. All of these work together for your benefit. And make your life rich and meaningful.

Until next time,

Moon Blessings,