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Universal Celtic Tarot unboxing and video review

Hi everyone, I recently felt drawn to work more with Tarot, and I purchased this as I was looking for a deck to connect deeper – I simply love the Universal Celtic Tarot. I leave below my two videos about it – a close-up review and a short flip-through.

My pros about this deck: beautiful imagery, very easy to connect with ( I know this is very subjective), easy to read with and very accurate.

Cons: none in terms of the images and content, but cards and the box are a bit flimsy. The edges were grey, perhaps it is printed on recycled paper which I really appreciate, but I just didn’t like the grey so I used my metallic silver Sharpie and coloured the edges ( doesn’t show in the video as I filmed this before doing the alterations.

Universal Celtic Tarot close-up review

Universal Celtic Tarot short flip-though


Until next time,

Many blessings