10 self-care tips to boost your energy

If you feel tired in the morning even if you slept enough hours, if you feel weak and drawn of energy during the day or feeling the need to have a nap in the middle of the day, you feel difficulties to concentrate, I have a couple of healing ideas for you to increase your energy levels.

1. Crystal Meditation

The best crystals for boosting your energy are red jasper and red carnelian. Other options are poppy jasper, fire agate, fire opal. To benefit from a crystal energy boost, first cleanse your crystal, find your favourite meditation spot and sit comfortably with the crystal in your left hand for receiving energy. Take a few deep breaths in through the nose and exhale through the mouth, connecting with your breath for a couple of minutes. When you feel connected with yourself enough, it’s time to connect with your crystal – feel it in your palm, feel its shape, the texture, the temperature. Then visualise a red energy glow flowing into your body through your arm, into your heart, into your bloodstream and from there expanding in your blood and in every cells of your body. Feel this energy increasing, feel it pulsating in in your body, nourishing you. Allow yourself to receive this energy into your body and stay with this feeling for as long as you can. When you are ready take three deep breaths and open your eyes. 

2. Journalling

This is an indirect method of energy boosting as it cultivates your self-awareness and capacity to reflect. If you don’t use a journal this a good place to start. You can buy a beautiful journal or just a simple book. Try and write down every day a couple of words about your main activities during the day and how they made you feel, and note your energy levels. This will give you an idea of what activities energises you and what activities drain you. With this occasion you may notice that certain people, situations, places or circumstances are to be addressed. Best crystals for journaling:  blue calcedonia, celestite,  aquamarine, lapis lazuli, sodalite – placed next to your journal. 

3. Cover yourself in Colours

The best colour to enhance your energy is red in different shades. However if you are an anxious person you want to avoid red and choose green instead. Bring some more colour into your life by wearing red or green, having red flowers or green plants in your living space. Sometimes is not needed to have a lot of red around you, simply wearing a scarf, a pair red socks, or just a piece of clothing can be enough. Best crystal to carry with you: red jasper or red carnelian.

4. Eat red

We still in the psychology of colour when talking about eating and the best options are: eat red fruits such as strawberries, raspberries, cranberries, red apples, tomatoes. Drink red tea. Eat red meat if you normally have met in your diet.

5. Essential oils

Smells are very powerful energy transporters and they work effectively within seconds. My favourite essential oils for energy are:lemongrass, peppermint, lemon, eucalyptus, orange. You need to be careful and always use essential oils diluted in a carrier oil.  Always use diluted in a carrier oil (check the instructions on the bottle),  put a little bit on your palms and inhale deeply. You can do this 3 times and you’re good to go. Repeat anytime you need a refresh. Enhance this energy with a green aventurine,  green quartz or malachite crystal. 

6. Move your legs and your entire body

Be more in your physicality – this helps a lot. Moving your body, walking, walking barefoot for grounding and connecting to the earth, meditation on the earth in nature, dancing, doing squats, jumping. All of these activities increases your strength and even if you might find them difficult in the beginning, just keep going and the results will come. Best crystal – tigers eye and red jasper.

7. Avoid alcohol

I cannot stress enough how much alcohol can negatively affect our energy levels and also our mood. Some people use alcohol because they think they will feel relaxed, happy and just for fun. What they don’t know is that in fact alcohol is a depressant substance, it weakens the physical  energy but also the spirit. A person who consumes alcohol is prone to depression, anxiety, tiredness, nightmares, poor concentration, weakness, moodiness and makes a perfect victim of psychic attacks. Best crystal if you need to reduce your alcohol intake: amethyst.

8. Drink tea instead of coffee

Tea leaves does contain caffeine but their energy is much more gentle. Drinking a good tea will make you feel not only energised, it will give you a good dose of antioxidants, and offer you the possibility to have a tea meditation experience which can be deeply rewarding. If you want to know more about tea ceremonies and meditation, please check my friend Lera as she does amazing tea ceremonies in London. 

9. Have enough rest – but do not oversleep.

A normal person needs about 8 hours of sleep per night. Some people need less, however you need to really connect to your body and tune into your body needs when it comes to sleep. Try and not sleep more that 8 hours if you don’t have a serious reason to do it ( for example after a busy time, a long trip or challenging work) . Having too much sleep is not beneficial either as it can negatively affect your mood and can make you sluggish for the day. Take care of your sleeping patterns and try to not take naps during the day unless necessary. Best crystal for sleep: amethyst

10. Follow your own rhythms

Connect to your body, develop your menstruation awareness and learn to work with your menstrual cycle. You’ll learn that some phases come with high energy levels, great inspiration and creativity, and others come with tiredness and the need to spend time in solitude. Honour this phases and take care of yourself and your energy levels. Rest when you body needs to rest and do not push your limits. It is normal to feel tired at times and is good to allow yourself to relax. It’s best to be active when you feel energised and strong, and rest when you need rest. Best crystal for connecting to your menstrual rhythms: moonstone

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