The Disseminating Moon – Waning Moon meaning

Did you know that the Moon never gets you wrong? Whether you experienced a bountiful harvest or an emotional explosion at the time of Full Moon you grew wiser, stronger, you learned so much as you dreamed, planned, took action, adjusted, celebrated, cried, climbed the mountain and touched the sky.

The time has now come, to share your wisdom with others, Moonchild!

The Disseminating Moon is known as the Waning Gibbous. After the strong, insightful energy of the Full Moon, she slowly starts to decrease in the night sky. The meaning of this phase is integration, communication and making your truth known to the world.

I think many people underestimate the power of the disseminating Moon as they believe there’s nothing more to do after the Full Moon except tuning into emotions. I can assure you, it is not. This phase is the biggest gift you may receive during the whole lunar cycle. You may experience breakthroughs, sudden realisations, enlightening moments and your guides may speak to you so clearly that it will be hard to ignore them. It all becomes so clear and suddenly everything starts to fall into place. Only if you just listen.

Here is how to work with this truly giving, magical Waning Gibbous Moon:

1. Ask yourself: What did you learn since the New Moon?

As your energy slowly starts to decrease and the Moon wanes, perhaps it’s time to sit and analyse what lessons you received during this lunar cycle? Recall how the events unfolded, how were your hopes, your plans and aspirations in the beginning, how they changed if at all, how did you change during this time? Look at how you could do things differently. You learned what works for you and what doesn’t, you grew so much and you now understand that you need to make some changes. What if you make those changes right now?

2. Implement the lessons

Did you notice you’re the most creative in the afternoon? Why not plan a cheerful morning routine and the working time in the afternoon then?

Have you got any new perspectives on how to achieve your goals in your own way? Do it your way, right now, without waiting any longer.

Is your creativity experiencing a peak and you are overwhelmed with ideas? Write them all down, follow the flow, let the words out and the story to unfold.

I had a wonderful breakthrough this month when I realised that in order to serve more people, I should offer more pre-recorded courses along with online live courses. I immediately updated my shop page, and here they are.

3. Speak your truth

One of the gifts of the Disseminating Moon is communication. Communication often goes both ways: you receive wisdom, divine guidance and channelled information from the Universe, your angels, your spirit-guides. This is of tremendous help to you and your work but you shouldn’t keep it just for yourself. You are a clear channel and during this lunar phase, you are asked to speak your wisdom right away.

Whether you write a new blog post (or more), you host a workshop, or a healing circle, be bold and brave and share your wisdom with your tribe. If you don’t have a tribe yet, by sharing your wisdom you’ll attract your tribe to you. Did you think it was too difficult to make your voice heard? It’s never been so easy. Put your message out into the world and your people will find you.

Share your wisdom, speak your truth, and your tribe will find you!

I always have amazing breakthroughs during the Disseminating Moon and they are so powerful that I can’t resist them even if I wanted to. The Full Moon this month taught me that I need to raise loving boundaries and restore my energy as I have been dedicating excessive time to housework. To make sure I totally listen, the Moon gifted me a brand new, intense lower back pain that didn’t allow me to bend at all. I was only able to walk slowly and I could barely dress. This forced me to sit at my desk all day and focus on creative work.

I can’t tell you that the flow of ideas was literally overwhelming. During this disseminating Moon, I wrote 6 long articles in only 3 days ( 3000 words/day, this is not bad at all), along with filming a video and brainstorming a bunch of other new subjects that I want to talk about on this blog. My guides kept communicating to me and every morning I felt that my daily card pull was heavenly channelled. I even made sense of messages that I received in the last year that I wasn’t able to unlock until now.

4. Make a choice

The disseminating Moon asks you to make a choice now. Do you want to listen to your fears or do you want to listen to your heart? The choice you make at this time will shape the reality you create for yourself in the future. Manifesting with the Moon involves the ability to choose what you attract in your life.

Do you want to manifest the soul-business that you have been dreaming for so long? Now it’s time to choose what activities do you invest your energy in that will bring you closer to your dream? What do you want more of? Also, look at what activities are you ready to leave behind that feel rather energy-draining, soul-sucking that don’t get you anywhere near you really wanted to be.

The choice you make today shapes the life you live tomorrow.

What do you choose today, Moonchild? Is it freedom, or fear? Is it your heart or your ego? Is it joy and ease or struggle and obligation? The magic wand is in your hands, only if you make the choice.

Do you want to dance with the Moon and harness her energy to manifest with joy and ease? Join my Moon Manifestation course and let’s tune into the Moon magic together.

Until next time,

Magical Moon blessings,