The Temperance tarot card teachings and meaning

The fourteenth card in Major Arcana, just after Death burned and transformed, buried and reborn, Temperance brings you the teachings of a new element that pours magick onto your issues and illuminates your path in a completely new way.

Unusual combination of opposites, FIRE and WATER, Temperance is the expression of moderation, overcoming addictions, personal healing and supreme balance.

It shows you that you are about to find the inspired solution, to discover new resources and repurpose old ones, so you can tune into your inner power of mastering your temper, your thought patterns and control impulsive actions. This leads you to a new level of balance and tranquility, so rare and long desired by many.

Personal healing with Temperance Tarot card

A symbol of personal power and drive, Temperance corresponds to the Solar Plexus chakra. It brings the message of hope and looking at your circumstances from a new perspective.

With feminine creative force, it contains the element of Water and Fire that work together to bring reconciliation, moderation and healing. It brings the wisdom of diplomacy and compromise.

This card brings you the message that you need to learn to combine fire – energy with water – emotions, the unconscious mind, you need to embrace both for ultimate balance and harmony.

When this card comes in a reading, you can look at what thought patterns, old behaviours and negative beliefs you’re still holding that may stay in your way.

Temperance tells you that you have reached a new level of development, that inner transformation happened and you are now able to use your gifts from a new level of understanding.

If you need to analyse a situation, Temperance shows you that are two facets of the issue, two opposite perspectives. You have to evaluate the situation with objectivity and choose the perspective that is right for you at this time. Do not be afraid to see things in a new light as you have now access to a solution that was once hidden.

The shadow/Reversed : temperance can show you that you lose you temper, you perpetuate unhealthy, addictive behaviour, you feel imbalanced, you may be focusing on only one side of the problem. Perhaps you are in conflict with yourself about a decision you need to make. Look at what negative thought patterns you perpetuate and you need to break.

The Spiritual messages of Temperance card

At spiritual level Temperance brings positivity and hope. It tells you that you are connected with your higher guidance and you receive full support. Simply trust the process and choose what feels right for you, without second guessing yourself. If you have an intuition about something, pay attention to the messages that you receive in dreams and look for any sort of syncronicities.

You may be at the beginning of a new spiritual journey that will take you to the next level of understanding, to help you let-go of your ego. It’s a time of enlightenment and transformation. When this card appears it might show you that is time for you to be in service, to use your spiritual gifts, your healing gifts or your skills to help others in a meaningful way.

You can share your gifts through healing and psychic work, through creative projects but also through volunteering for a cause that you believe in such as environment, helping the elders, supporting the health system, and so on.

This is a beautiful moment of spiritual fulfillment and magickal alchemy, where you are able to radically transform and create a new, potent energy.

In shadow/reversed it can show you false guidance, confusion and inability to connect with the Higher force to access wisdom and support.

Love and Relationships

With regards to your love relationship, Temperance shows you that you reached a new level, that you and your partner are now a new place of trust and deeper understanding of each other.

Communication plays an essential role at this stage. If there is any conflict or intense situation right now, remember that your relationship is blessed with mutual respect. From this place you can now look at how the needs of each person are met, what is essential for the relationship to work for both. Don’t be afraid to assert yourself and to compromise when is needed.

On a sexual level, your relationship is filled with erotic intimacy and sensuality.

In shadow/reversed – this card may show you that a past relationship still dictates the way you act in your current one. That there’s a need of healing and letting go of negative experiences because they don’t shape who you are. You need to face these aspects to be able to heal them.

Money and career

On a professional level, Temperance tells you that you are about to reach the culmination of a project you worked hard on.

In business, you reach the next level of success. If you are just about to start a business, remember that you can achieve what you can dream. Visualise the dream coming true and it will happen, the energy is very positive and supportive at this time.

Financially this cards requires your awareness, look at your income and expenses and start paying attention to what happens to your bank account. It’s time to be be realistic with your financial goals and notice where you overspend without knowing.

In Shadow/Reversed – it can show you money issues, lack of financial awareness, lack of resources. It can show you a career that does not lead you anywhere, does not work for you, or where you can’t use your fullest potential.

Crystals to support you in working with Temperance card

  • Citrine – for self control,
  • Green agate for the ability to look at both facets of an issue
  • Red Jasper or fire agate to remove addictions
  • Turquoise for assertiveness and communication
  • Green aventurine for balance in relationships, money and financial success
  • Angelite for connecting with the Higher guidance
  • Amethyst for clarity of thought, smooth decision making

Until next time,

Many blessings