Tarot Readings

I read Tarot cards for guidance and empowerment to help people look at things with more clarity, make decisions from a place of spiritual awareness and generally discover the many options that one can have when found at crossroads or at moments of uncertainty.

I use Tarot as a gateway to the unconscious to bring to light what is hidden, to show you in a mirror what is going on really on a spiritual level.

My readings are empowering, encouraging and light.

I don’t do predictions because the future is never set in stones and depends on actions you take or now. I show you options and opportunities so you can see clearly the way forward and feel empowered to make your own choices.

* I am required by law to mention that Tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only.

How it works:

Tarot readings are online via email in written form, audio recording or video recording.

You will receive a picture with the cards in the reading and the full interpretation of cards either in written, audio or video form.

If you have any questions about the reading you can also email me and I will respond with further clarification of the messages that appear.


  • 3 card reading £30
    – past: what influences the current situation
    – present : the energies surrounding the present time, a challenge to overcome
    – future: best possible outcome
  • 7 card reading – complex reading looking at a situation with a freeform designed spread to respond to your questions £50
  • The Celtic Cross – 10 card reading – in depth reading that takes into account the past, present and future, given advice, revealing what is hidden, challenges to overcome and more – £65

To book please email me at amelia@theblissfulart.com