I stopped chasing my life purpose and started to live instead

Do you remember the saying: We are human beings not human doings? 

Yeah, I know. We all know it but not paying (much) attention to it. 

For years I’ve been chasing something. 

Better jobs, challenging opportunities to keep me learning and growing, a business, two businesses, a more purposeful business and the list goes on. 

You may notice that everything gravitated around work. 

Work and personal development.

Work and meaning.

Work and purpose. 


Every time I sat to look at whatever I put out there in the world, being courses, articles, spiritual circles, social media posts, I started to wonder: 

How can I make my work to reach more people? 

How I can grow and expand my business?

How I can live my purpose through my work and my business? 

I thought my purpose was to help people. Was I naïve to think so? 

Yes I like to share what I know. 

I like to research and gather useful information about what I don’t know but I am interested in. 

I like to share my work with people. 

But why should I see this as my life purpose? Why helping others should be my life purpose? 

Why valuing other people’s needs above living and valuing my own life should weighten more? 

Is there a purpose to life? 

I believe there’s no purpose to life other that living it. 

Does it sound too simple? I know, it really is that simple. 

I made a mistake and I was all wrong

I learned this the hard way.

After chasing extreme solutions to help me achieve more, do more and be more focused so I can live my life purposefully

I indeed managed to be more productive.

But with a price I would never want to pay again. 

I worked a lot, wrote, learned a lot of new stuff with the only purpose to improve, achieve and perform better

The price? 

Losing the only thing that made me feel alive: my love, passion and excitement for living life. 

And then I realised I was all wrong:

I don’t need to be more productive. 

Nor to get more work done. 

Nor to chase more money. 

Changing perspective

All I need is to accept that it’s ok to live my life fully, to enjoy what I do, surrender to my own rhythms and follow my own energy levels. 

To write and be creative when I feel like it. 

And to rest and relax when I need to. 

To share with people everything I want to share without setting targets.

I don’t need to work more and achieve more in order for others to appreciate my work.

If an article, a course, or an email I write can inspire just one person to feel better about life, my mission is accomplished. 

And sometimes it’s enough to simply help myself by putting my thoughts on a blank page, write a blog post like this and surrender it to whomever will read it. 

Life purpose vs living life fully

I believe there’s no higher purpose to life other than simply living life. 

Chasing a purpose makes us to live in the future rather than to enjoy our lives and live in the present moment. 

So I now make a choice to:

  • let-go of the life-purpose illusion
  • stop chasing. anything.
  • follow my passions instead

Now I’d love to know about you:

Do you feel the pressure to find your life purpose?

Do you think you found your life purpose? 

Are you chasing dreams, visions, goals, targets? 

Are you happy where you are? 

What brings you joy? 

Let me know in the comments, I’d absolutely love to hear your thoughts. 

Blessed be!