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3 reasons to start your own business – for the inner rebels who’re not “fitting in”

Imagine how would it be to only work on projects you are passionate about? With people who “get” you? For people who truly value what you have to offer? And pay you good money for that?

I believe nothing can equal the choice and the power we have to be our own bosses. And it’s never been a better time for this.

The world is changing.

If 20-15-10 years ago we had less options, now we’re living in times of real shifts in the way people choose to work.

Becoming your own boss, making your own schedule, finding and choosing what work you want to offer and to whom – these are viable options that self-employment brings to you.

So, if you’re unhappy at work, you are a creative type of personality, or a neurodivergent brain, I want you to know that going self-employed and running your own business is a viable option for you.

Here are 5 reasons to go self-employed and start your own business:

#1 Flexibility

If you are a creative, rebel type, mornings might not be your favorite time of the day. Trying to fit into a 9-5 or 9-9 kinda schedule it doesn’t feel very natural to you.

Maybe you are a late night owl. Maybe you like to write, make art, learn, read at late hours of the night, then you wake-up at 10 am to enjoy your “morning” coffee, have a lazy woodlands walk, then to start working in the afternoon, when the sun shines high in the sky, filling you with energy, light and joy.

I must admit that I am one of those people who thrives on flexibility. For 15 years I worked long hours full time jobs where I felt extremely constricted, restricted, forced to fit into a working schedule that wasn’t for me.

I am most productive starting with the afternoon, evening and even late at night.

Mornings aren’t my best time of the day for work. I like to ease myself into the day, reflect, write in my journal, pull a card, go for a walk. Then come back, sit with a cup of tea, and with my mind refreshed and my body energised I’ll start to work at 1 pm.

If you are like me, I am sure you’ll enjoy the flexibility bit the most.

#2 Create your ideal WORK

If you ever felt your workplaces weren’t the best to express who you really are.

If you ever felt you are a forward thinker that doesn’t “fit-in” a work culture that wasn’t created for you.

If you ever felt you are able to do so much more but you can’t do it in a job, then going self-employed / freelance / small business owner IS your ideal solution to CREATE the ideal job for you.

In my case, my business represents my own journey. It evolves and grows with me as I grow. When I am shifting interests, you’ll see it immediately reflected in the content, courses and articles I post. And that’s ok, I don’t have a long term vision for this business and don’t even need to.

What I have instead is the vision of how I want my business to serve me, so I can serve more people along the way.

#3 Freedom

Freedom is one the most important values to me. If this is the case for you, you’ll love your freedom when working for yourself.

Freedom means:

  • you can choose WHAT work to do, how you do it
  • you can choose WHEN to work, when to have fun and when to rest
  • you can choose HOW you work

Do you like client talks or you prefer to work alone? Like to see people in person, or to connect online? You like live stuff or prefer to create on your own time then release your work into the world?

Freedom is literally when you have full choice, responsibility and opportunity to do what works for you. Without being afraid that someone will judge you.

Your business is your business and you make it work for you.

In my case I noticed that recently I didn’t have the energy to see people and work with them directly.

Although I normally love to work directly with people, I have periods of time when my energy is low, and I can’t hold the space. When this happens I simply stop offering 1:1 or group work, but I focus my energy on writing new articles and creating new courses.

Now to recap, the 3 reasons to start your own business as a rebelious free-thinker

I hope I gave you some food for thought 🙂

See you next time.

Many blessings,