Sacred Rebels Oracle review – Wisdom and Empowerment for Your Creative Destiny

Hello moonchild, I am so happy you walked my virtual door today as I am responding to one of your questions that came during the Moon Manifestation Course:

What oracle deck should I get as my first oracle deck?

If you are a healer, creative, change-maker and want to connect with your intuition for guidance and insights, Sacred Rebels Oracle by Alana Fairchild with artwork by Autumn Skye Morrison is a wonderful beginner deck. And when I say beginner, it doesn’t mean simplistic, on the opposite: it is full of teachings, lessons and guidance that will help you to walk your path with ease and joy.

Sacred Rebels Oracle – who is it for?

The Sacred Rebels Oracle contains 45 cards and a very detailed, typical Alana Fairchild guidebook of 184 pages.

Sacred Rebels Oracle by Alana Fairchild

Opening dedication from Guidebook

This is a deck suitable for every beginner on a spiritual path. The images are very expressive and easy to connect with, and the messages are nurturing, loving, and encourages you to walk your unique path with trust, listening to your intuition and allow yourself to be guided by your rebellious heart. I particularly love this deck because it connects with the energy of the heart without referencing a specific spiritual practice, and this makes it really unique and suitable to help you even if you don’t work with any spirit guides, angels, cosmic or earthy energies.

If you deeply know that you came on this Earth with a mission, and your mission is to heal the world, make it a better place for humanity to live in, and you want to promote a new way of being and living, this deck is wonderful to support you in your mission.

But what is a sacred rebel, after all?

Alana Fairchild beautifully describes it in the Introduction:

Sacred rebels know that even if something has always been done in a particular way, a better way can always be found. Sacred rebels question the way things have to be[…]

Sacred rebels believe in love and defy those who say You need to live in the real world. Sacred rebels are living in the real world. Theirs is a world of love, possibility, individuality and FREEDOM.

Are you a sacred rebel, moonchild?

I know I am. I always knew in my heart that I wasn’t made to conform with the typical way that society tried to mould me. I loved writing, crafting, telling stories, talking to Spirit since I was little, and this didn’t change. I care deeply about people and the planet and I advocate for a world and economy driven by the highest good of people, animals and the planet. I felt chained as an employee but I thrive running my business. My way. The sacred rebel way.

Let’s have a closer look into this deck, so let me unveil it a little more.

The cards – true treasures for your rebel heart

  1. After the Storm
  2. Inner Trust
  3. Inspiration
  4. Against the Grain
  5. Follow your own Rhythm
  6. Shock of the New
  7. Legacy of Light
  8. Be the Hunter, not the Hunted
  9. What do You Feel?
  10. Releasing Allegiances
  11. Diving for Light
  12. Every Journey Starts with a Single Step

13. Power of Attraction

14. Going Beyond Normal

15. Big Bold Vision

16. What you want, wants you

17. What is Already with you

18.Spirals of Manifestation

19.Dream a beautiful Dream

20.Softly, Softly, the Tender Touch

21. Beyond the Mind, the Heart Beats

22.She Feels, She Knows

23. Defend to the End, the Worthwhile

24.New Birth, Guarded Vigilantly

25. Release the Dark Wound, Let Love Live

26. Relax the Hold of Darkness and Be At Cause


28. Collaborative Dreaming

29. Seeing the True You

30. The Perfection of your Life

31. Trust Yourself

32. Faith in the Process

33. Heaven Sent

34. In the World, not of the World

35. Conscious Connections

36. Listening for Truth

37. Focus on the Light

38. Restore and Replenish

39. Free from Judgement, Free to Love

40. Sacred Fool

41. Bring it to Form

42. The Word Wants to be Written

43. Come to Life

44. Visions of Life Beyond Death

45. Pandora’s Gift

Sacred Rebels Oracle – The Guidebook

The guidebook has 184 pages full of guidance and wisdom for your heart.

It starts with a comprehensive Introduction that touches on the sacred rebel personality, desires, way of life, purpose and the creative destiny that awaits to be awakened.

The introduction only has 23 pages and the following subtitles:

Why do we need creativity?

What creative awakening offers?

This oracle deck works with you

How you can work with this deck – covers journalling, healing, and how to read these cards for yourself, with a suggested card layout for creative inspiration and new life.


Meaning of the cards in the Sacred Rebels Oracle

For each of the 45 cards, you’ll find very detailed card meanings in the guidebook, which Alana Fairchild calls them: Messages. The messages are comprehensive, 2-3 pages for every card and also include a healing process that you can practice to integrate the message you receive.

The healing processes can consist of visualisations, affirmations, poetry and rituals.

Here’s a verse for you, that I find particularly insightful at this time of global change:

Storms of grace

I stand my ground

As I allow your magic

To cleanse and surround

(Alana Fairchild, Sacred Rebels Oracle)

About Alana Fairchild, the author of Sacred Rebels Oracle

Alana Fairchild is a world-renowned spiritual teacher, well respected in the spiritual community, and her oracle card decks and guidebooks are between the most comprehensive, lovingly written, divinely guided I came in contact with. What I love about Alana is that she’s truly gifted to spread hear teachings with LOVE, her writing is elaborate, wise, gentle and magically healing.

About Autumn Skye Morrison – the artist who designed the Sacred Rebels Cards

Autumn Skye is a visionary artist who creates ”inspired by nature, humanity and the boundless spirit in all”, as she declares on her website. She believes that:

Through creativity, we have the opportunity to transmute shadow and pain into visions of healing and wholeness. 

(Autumn Skye Morrison, About)

Sacred Rebels Oracle: walk-though video

I filmed a short video with all the cards in this deck, so you can see how beautiful and insightful they are and I hope it will help you make a decision if you want to bring this deck into your life right now.

Until next time,

Magical blessings