All you need to know about the Sacred Power of the Menstrual Cycle

If you are a menstruating woman in your fully fertile years, with a natural regular menstrual cycle, I wrote this article especially for you, to help you see the gifts, the sacred, and the wisdom of your own body, so you can align your energy, creativity and way of living to what is natural to you.

Kindly be aware that the information in this article does NOT apply to you if:

  • your cycle is not regular
  • you suffer from hormonal imbalances
  • you are perimenopausal or menopausal .

There is lots of information around menstrual awareness that is misleading, and there are some dangerous assumptions that every woman who has a period is going through the same physical cycles. This is NOT true.

I dealt with irregular cycles, hormonal imbalances, PCOS, and I unsuccessfully tried to conceive for over 5 years in my late 20’s. I had regular ultrasound scans and I spent thousands of hours reading about women’s health, fertility, and periods, and please believe me, for us women who are ‘not regular‘ the regular rules of the four seasons that I am going to explain below simply do not apply. I am going to explore this in a future article soon – so if you are a woman who experiences irregular cycles like I am, please rest assured that you are not alone and there is support for you as well.

If you are a lucky woman who experiences regular and natural cycles – this means you are NOT on a hormonal birth control pill, then read below to find more about the beauty, the sacred, and the wisdom that you hold in your body.

Your body mirrors the cycles of the Moon and the seasons

The most amazing, beautiful and sacred fact about a woman’s body is that it mirrors a whole world during just one menstrual cycle. Mirroring the wheel of the year, the Moon cycles, and the full cycle of life, a woman’s body is birthed, blossomed, ripened and died in just one month, every month.

Let’s take it with the beginning:

The Winter Season – Bleeding (day 1-7)

I have an affinity to start with the winter season any cyclic series I write about ( that happened with the Moon cycles too – see the Balsamic Moon for more details and perhaps a matching energy of this menstrual season) .

This is an especially important season as is one of the most obvious in any menstruating woman: the bleeding phase. At the end of every cycle that did not end up with a pregnancy, we shed the lining of the uterus, also called the endometrium, that grew in the previous phases as it has prepared to host a fertilized egg. At the end of every cycle that did not end up with a pregnancy for various reasons, when we get our period, we shed this lining through bleeding.

In a healthy woman with a regular cycle, this happens anytime between 28 – 35 days. In women who suffer from hormonal imbalances, this may happen sooner or later – and many times it cannot be predictable.

Physically you might be already aware that you feel more tired, and this is absolutely normal. Your body is in a hibernating mode at this time, exactly like you would normally act during the winter season: stay more indoor, get cozy, have a good sleep and rest.

Emotionally you most probably feel like you don’t really want to see anyone at this time, you might feel tearful, low mood, depressed. Sometimes anxious, on edge, irritated. This is normal due to your hormones.

Honour what you feel. Acknowledge. Listen. If you look at what happens in your body from a spiritual perspective, there is this gried and loss that your body suffers every month for every egg that never became a human being.

The best thing to do at this time is to take time and rest. Be kind to yourself, choose relaxing activities, be easy with work. Choose physical activites that are less challengng such as yoga and walking. You’ll notice that you feel weaker physically at this time.

When you honour the needs of your own body, you’ll notice that you’ll feel better emotionally, your PMS symptoms will be lighter, the cramps would not be that painful, and your general experience of bleeding will be a lot better.

If you try to push yourself, keep yourself too active at a time when your body needs rest and feels depleted, is like you’re trying to drive a car with no fuel. Ideally, don’t try that!

The Spring Season of Your Menstrual Cycle – The joy of life ( day 7-14)

This is the season of joy, associated with Spring or the Waxing Moon. The time to step into your MAIDEN energy. You’ll feel your physical energy being restored and your mind becomes clearer.

Emotionally you normally feel joyful and optimistic. New ideas are starting to grow. New projects start to come to life. This is the time of planting the seeds (literally).

What happens in your body: from all the eggs, you are born with, one of them will start to form a follicle, a small liquid sac that will slowly grow under the influence of oestrogen hormone. Your body prepares for the next stage which is ovulation.

At this time you’ll start to feel good in your own body: stronger, lighter, brighter. Your sexual desires start to manifest and you also start to feel more social. You feel more socially connected with people and ready to conquer the world.

The Spring season is a season to enjoy, feel expansive, start new projects, meet new people, dream big.

The Summer Season – Ovulation – Day 15-20

Around day 15 if you are on a 28 days cycle the follicle that contains your egg opens up and releases the egg. This is called ovulation. Your egg lives for only 24 hours. This is your FULL MOON time, that lasts exactly as the Full Moon, very little, but very intense.

At this time your body is on fire. Your temperature increases, and so your sexual desires. You feel more social than ever, you’ll know you are more bubbly and socially connected. Your brain is now focused on finding the best partner for your future baby. 

During this time your physical energy knows a peak, almost like an excess. You are able to get done lots of things, your mind is sharp and physically you are strong and focused. If you don’t have a sexual partner, your excess sexual energy can be successfully directed into projects you care about, into volunteering, a side-business or something that is really important to your soul.

The Autumn Season ( day 21-28)

This is the season when you’ll notice some obvious changes in your energy levels. The hormone called progesterone starts to increase as the body prepares to host a baby.

Progesterone is a tricky hormone that will most likely make you feel tired and low mood. Not the best deal ever after the past two weeks of full energy and optimism, right?

But everything happens for a reason. You know that everyone needs to slow down at times. Well, this is the time to start slowing down. Physically you now can choose lighter exercises and have more sleep. Continue to work on the projects you care about, but this is not a time for new beginnings or pushing hard.

Spiritually the Autumn phase is a time to connect with your intuition. A time to listen deeply.

The fact that you feel low mood or depressed, however, can be confusing at times because it’s hard to say when is your intuition or your depression talking.

Ideally you should pay attention to any thoughts or emotions you experience during this time, but you don’t have to act upon anything just yet – just give yourself permission to feel what you feel, and explore the insights you’re receiving in the next cycle. The more time you give yourself to explore an issue, the better the decisions and steps to take.