Sacral chakra healing for creatives

Sacral chakra healing is essential for those creative souls like you to help you express creatively.

By healing your sacral chakra you actually allow the Divine creative force to speak through you.

But what really means to be creative?

You can be creative in so many ways!

You may make art, write ( either is poetry, stories, blogs or in your journal).

You may sing.


Design a new poster.

Create a course.

Make a piece of jewellery ( yeah I know, that’s me)

Knit a jumper, sew a new dress,

Film a video, record a new play.

There’s no limit in which way you can be creative, because remember, Spirit talks through you when you do it.

There’s one thing I wanted to touch here and this is:

Signs your sacral chakra needs healing for creativity

If you’re feeling contracted, rigid, tense in your body when you try to start a new creative project, it means your sacral chakra is a little blocked.

If you’ve been feeling lacking inspiration, not being in the usual flow, in any way blocked or stopped from expressing who you really are through your creative endeavours, your sacral chakra needs a little support and healing right now.

You have to create with ease, with joy, with love, with your purest heart and intention.

Don’t force yourself into creating something that feels heavy, difficult, energy-draining, or suffocating! There’s someone else on this Earth who can do it with ease, and that person doesn’t have to be you.


If it’s not easy, it’s not yours

( not at this moment, at least)

How a balanced sacral chakra feels like

Think of what creativity really means to you? When I think of creativity the first word that comes into my mind is FLOW. For you, it can be joy, or beauty, or truth, or anything that is of value to you.

Then once you defined it, try and figure out for yourself what is the message that you’re sending out into the world all about?

Do you want to make people feel good, empowered, happy, relaxed, accepted, loved?

Do you want to challenge thought patterns, do you want to produce a sort of change?

Once this is done, connect to the Divine and ask this one question:

How I can best serve the people I want to serve with ease and joy?

New Moon sacral chakra healing ritual

Connect to the higher power

If you never connected to the Divine life-force energy, perhaps you can even do it the first time this month, at the New Moon. This should also be easy, so please choose what resonates with you from these ideas:

  • meditate: play some nice relaxing music, close your eyes, and just be. Ask your question right in the beginning of your meditation, then simply be with the music, with your breath, with yourself. Don’t try hard to find an answer, allow it to come to you. It may not come in the meditation, but it may come during the night or during the folllowing days in form of thoughts or ideas.
  • walk / or run and follow the process described above: put your headphones on, or better, listen to the birds’ chirping, set your intention right at the start and go! The answer may come to you during your walk or run, or it may come later, at the right time
  • other ways to connect to the divine: observe water flowing, the Moon rising, cook a nice meal, clean your house/room – remember, your intention is at the core of this work, not what exactly you choose to do.

The divine always listens and always responds, many times in those most simple, mundane moments, when we honour its presence and gifts.

Then ask this question and wait for a response to come to you:

How do I show-up today for people I want to serve? How my work can show more love?

Do not underestimate the value of LOVE in your creative endeavours, as people can feel it and see it.

Your energy during the creative process says more than you could ever say in words. It transpires in the way you’re phrasing your sentences, in the way you write or design an image, in the way you interact with people, in the silence between words..

Sacral chakra crystals

I chose only these 3 crystals for this month, I am trying to keep it simple and easy to follow, with common but powerful crystals you can easily get for a couple of pounds or dollars.

1. Carnelian

Orange carnelian is wonderful crystal, full of creative energy, as well as physical energy if your crystal has a more reddish shade. Carnelian unlocks your natural creative abilities, while gives you the drive and energy to pursue your passions. It allows you to create with joy, ease, and really nurture your inner child while you’re doing so. Carnelian is amazing for art projects, or projects that have to do with making people feeling happy, and having fun. If you write a comedy screenplay, or you teach craft workshops, carnelian is your ally.

2. Amethyst

I am sure you’re greatly familiar with Amethyst, to be honest with you this is a crystal that can help with so many aspects of your life that I think is a must in any crystal collection. You don’t have to use an expensive piece of amethyst, a simple thumbledstone will do wonders.

Amethyst is the link between you and the Universe. You may use amethyst to connect with the Divine, your spirit guides or your angels. Amethyst helps you receive divine information, so new fabulous creative ideas can flow to you.

Amethyst helps you to meditate with ease, to keep focus, to relax into the creative process, and also to find creative flow.

3. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a LOVE crystal. And when I say love, I don’t mean romantic love (although it can represent that too, but I don’t address that today).

Love is about opening your heart and doing your creative work with a sense of reverence for the Spirit who flows through you. Love is about creating with kindness, for the benefit of others, while putting aside your own ego. Love is about the energy you infuse into your work.

Ask yourself:

Are you dancing with the Moon, beautiful soul? I teach a Moon Manifestation course specifically designed for healers and creatives that may appeal to you. Starts at New Moon, exclusively online.

Until next time,

Magical blessings

Amelia x

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