Sacred rituals when moving homes

There’s no secret that we live during times of uncertainty and change. For many people, life during the global pandemic brought a different way of working, a new way of doing business, and a new way of living. For many of us, it also brought the opportunity of moving homes.

With all the working-from-home situation, there’s a huge trend these days for people to leave London to settle in the country-side, for larger spaces, easy access to nature, better air quality and of course cheaper living costs.

Together with my partner, after we considered the option of moving to the country-side, we decided that we’re not ready to leave the city for the quietness of life just yet. As two introverts appreciating the quiet spaces, we’re not keen to move away from the benefits of living in a large city with multicultural communities, a diverse population and easy access to everything we need. We still moved out though, in a larger, brighter and quieter space with a beautiful view.

In this article, I want to share with you how I dealt with the stress and joy of moving homes, and how I found the sacred in this process.

Let me give you a little context: I am not great at organising. I find housework exhausting and I feel I am wasting my time doing something that has to be done instead of, for example, writing a new blog. Moving homes felt overwhelming, and I tried to delay packing my stuff as much as I could. I felt stuck like I couldn’t get myself going with the necessary work. When I realised that was no-one else to do the work for me, I knew I had to change something. My guides gave me these insights, that I am going to pass on to you.

1. See your work as a sacred ritual!

This is the one thing that helped me get myself going and do the work that needed to be done. It wasn’t about motivation, nor about my energy levels, nor even about feeling like I’d do it or not.

When I looked at my work as sacred, my energy raised naturally, my positivity increased and I jumped into the work with enthusiasm, and I ended up feeling good, energised and enjoying it. Extra-tip: playing music always helps.

2. Pack your stuff as a ritual of letting-go

A ritual always involves an intention. When you move homes, you may think you know your intention: to move into a new place, that is perhaps better, bigger, brighter, greener, quieter. It’s easy to see the act of moving as something to look into the future and put your thought energy into the new place.

In fact, the first intention when you move homes is to let-go. You let go of the energy in your old place and you close a chapter in your life. When you go through all your things and pack them, you also revisit memories: perhaps you bought this green dress for that Barcelona weekend in 2019, or this rose-quartz crystal to bring the energy of love in your bedroom.

Dedicate an intention, play some uplifting music, and allow yourself in the flow of the ritual of letting go.

3. An opportunity to review your shopping habits

Packing is also an opportunity to let go of things you no longer need, and to revisit your shopping habits. To me, it was a real A-HA moment: Why on Earth I bought so many blankets and towels? Reviewing everything I own in a very short period of time gave me a good picture of:

  • things I own
  • things I own in excess
  • things I need
  • things I no longer use
  • things I own but they are not necessary ( I could do as well without them)

I am a minimalist by nature, and never bought a lot of stuff that other people buy, my wardrobe is simple and capsule-style and I like to give away many things every year during my Spring cleaning. However, I still noticed that I tend to buy homeware in excess. Packing my stuff for moving homes really gave me a wake-up call that it’s time to limit some purchases.

4. Cleaning as a ritual of gratitude

I never liked cleaning, although I had to do it when it was needed. Cleaning the place I was leaving at the end of my tenancy, felt initially overwhelming. As I was anxious facing the work that I had in front of me, my guides whispered in my ear:

Cleaning is your way to say THANK YOU to your previous home.

To be honest with you, I never thought that cleaning equals gratitude. This new way of looking at my housework gave me a new perspective on how to approach things that ”had to be done”. Suddenly, it was not about dusting, cleaning and hoovering but it was a way to show my gratitude to the space I lived in and to say good-bye with respect and love. And instead of sage, candles and incense, my sacred tools became the sponge, the broom, the cleaning cloth, and the ageless vinegar and baking soda. 

I hope this post will inspire you to connect with the sacred when you’re moving homes and that your guides will show you the way.

Until next time,

Many blessings


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