Rhodonite crystal meaning

A beautiful crystal sometimes not appreciated at its own value, Rhodonite is a strong crystal.

I’ve been meditating with Rhodonite to get its clear messages about what it is meant to do for us in healing and I’ve been channeled this article.

Rhodonite has the ability to bring twin flames together. It brings passion in old and new relationships, enhances sexual desire and sensuality.

Rhodonite holds the truth of pure love at a physical, emotional and spiritual level. It helps lovers to express their love and keep the flame alive. It brings strength during challenges, positivity, and hope. Rhodonite has the ability to bless authentic relationships with divine light and brings harmony and piece in those relationships that are meant to last.

Despite of being a love crystal, Rhodonite is not a Mister Fix Everything at any time. It’s ability to support love is offered in only pure, true loving relationships based on authentic communication, real connection and that respects free will. Rhodonite will never give support in relationships that are controlling, on the contrary, rhodonite will help people break free from these types of relationships and help one to see the truth behind the words and see the bigger picture.

Rhodonite helps expressing love in all forms, keeping the energy flowing freely from heart to heart. It sustains true love, soul purpose , desire and those relationships that are meant to exist for a higher purpose.

Rhodonite is associated with the flower energy of hibiscus and it can be used in rituals and meditation while drinking a hibiscus tea to enhance the healing that is needed.

Emotionally, it brings to the surface true feeling and helps lovers to express them openly. It brings a higher purpose to relationships, sustains passion and desire and brings resilience and patience when is needed. It helps lovers to understand and accept their differences and honour them, encouraging healthy relationships, personal freedom and free will.