Pisces Birthstone – all you need to know

Pisces birthstone is Amethyst. 

So if you are born between 19th February and 20th March, amethyst is your go-to crystal to wear it everyday. 

But what does Amethyst mean specifically for you if you are born under Pisces star sign? 

To understand this, let’s look a little into your personality, qualities, strengths and of course everyday challenges. 

Pisces personality strengths and challenges

A Water sign by definition, you are driven by emotions. You have a deep, rich inner world. You’re very in tune with your own emotions and also with the emotions of others. 

With a creative mind that can imagine, visualise and see potential in everything, your bring up bountiful new ideas and is easy to escape into your own reality. You are a highly creative person, whether it’s music, art, writing, making and everything in between. 

If you didn’t discover your creative side just yet, there’s so much to explore. Just give yourself time and space to follow your curiousities. 

You are an empath and care a lot about other people’s feelings. Sometimes you may get hurt. But you learn quickly and understand people very well which gives you great advantage when it comes to your relationships. You’re also caring, loving, generous and reliant. 

Pisces strengths

  • flexibility
  • imagination
  • mystic, spiritual, intuitive
  • creative
  • empath and driven by emotions

Pisces challenges

  • sensitive, tend to pick-up on other people’s energies
  • hard to keep boundaries
  • tend to escape into a fantasy world
  • addictions / excess 

Pisces birthstone meaning and secrets

Amethyst which is Pisces birthstone is a wonderful day to day companion for the highly imaginative and sensitive Pisces.

The main qualities that Amethyst brings to those born under the Pisces star sign are: 

  • protection
  • clarity and life vision
  • calm

Energy Protection with Amethyst Pisces Birthstone

If you’re a Pisces, you are a highly sensitive empath, you care for people deeply and you have a big, loving heart. You often tend to avoid speaking-up your mind or make decisions that may hurt other people’s feeling. 

Empathy and sensitivity are wonderful qualities that help you establish deep friendships and relationships, and make you the reliable, trustworthy person you are. 

But this can also mean that some people may tend to take advantage of your always caring, helping, loving personality. They may ask you for help too often, they may tell you all their problems without respecting your time and boundaries. 

This is where amethyst comes into place. 

Whether you feel overwhelmed by other people’s requests, or you notice you feel tired after interaction with other people, amethyst can help you. 

How to use amethyst for energy protection

A simple yet effective way to use amethyst for protection if you are a Pisces is to wear an amethyst necklace. Protection necklaces have been used from ancient times and still hold powerful symbolism and meaning. 

To benefit the most of your amethyst necklace for protection you need to set an intention with your crystal and ask for help. 

Protection intention setting with Amethyst

The simplest way is to hold your crystal in your right hand for a couple of minutes, close your eyes and ask silently for help. 

For example you may ask for strength and protection when interacting to other people. 

Or, you may even tell the crystal who are the people you need to feel protected from or set a general intention. 

If you know it’s hard for you to hold boundaries and say NO, then ask the crystal to help you keep your boundaries and take care of yourself. 

Best time for this ritual is a Sunday night, when you have time for yourself and can spend some time quietly without distraction. Sundays are also wonderful for you because you’re getting ready for a new week and you can set the tone for what is coming. 

This ritual also plays a role of crystal programming – this means you programmed your crystal with your intention. 

Then every time when you leave home, make sure you wear your protection talisman and briefly touch it. 

When you interact with people and need protection and boundaries, simply touch the crystal to remember you need to say NO.

Important to mention is that amethyst won’t change people. But it will give you strength and courage to change yourself. 

Pisces Birthstone Amethyst brings you Clarity and Life Vision

Amethyst helps you find a way to live your life honouring your wonderful qualities. 

You have a vivid imagination, an active mind and abundance of ideas. You see potential in everything and you love to dream of a million of possibilities that life has to offer. 

But sometimes you can remain stuck in your imagination and cannot see the way forward due to the multitude of options. Amethyst helps you see clearly, choose what is important for you and create a life vision that works for you. 

It can even help you bring together your qualities and your passions to pursue a career that is right for you and will fulfil you. 

How to use amethyst for vision and clarity: a simple daily ritual

When you’re faced with an overwhelm of ideas and possibilities and need to see clearly what is your next step, put on your favourite amethyst necklace. 

Sit quietly every morning and every evening from Monday to Thursday and ask your crystal to help you see the way. 

From Friday to Sunday simply let go, don’t ask anything but spend a couple of minutes in silence touching your amethyst necklace. Repeat this small ritual for a couple of weeks or until you’re sorted and your life vision becomes clearer. 

Calming the deep waters – the secret power of Amethyst for Pisces 

Amethyst is a well know crystal that promotes relaxation, peace and a sense of calm. If your mind is busy, overactive and you have troubles to relax, them this stone helps you worry less, relax more and sleep better. 

As a Pisces Birthstone, to bring in peace and calm you can use an amethyst necklace which you especially dedicate for your moments of self care. 

Or you can use your main talisman necklace, for the daily use on the go. 

Calming on the go

Simply set an intention for peace and calm and all you need to do is to touch the amethyst necklace as a powerful reminder of intention. 

Breathe in and out deeply 7 times, imagining you’re taking in the peaceful light lavender coloured in your body, and the stone will bring you peaceful feelings. 

Calming at night

If you have time and want to have a longer peaceful experience with amethyst, set aside some time in the evening just before bed-time. 

Have on hand a especially dedicated necklace, ideally in a light colour and put it on. 

Breathe in deeply in and out 7 times and close your eyes. Surrender to a sense of peace and calm and imagine how the amethyst colours clear out any busyness of the mind while you’re left feeling relaxed. After a couple of minutes, go to bed and enjoy your restful sleep. 

If you don’t have an amethyst necklace or you don’t want to wear one overnight, a simpler way is to use an amethyst cluster or even a small crystal thumbledstone and meditate with it for a couple of minutes repeating the breathing exercise mentioned above. 

To recap Pisces Birthstone, Amethyst gives to its Pisces wearer: 

  • protection
  • clarity
  • calm

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