New dates for 2021 to be released

This is an equally interesting, insightful and inspiring course to learn how to confidently read cards for yourself and your clients.

The course is delivered live online over 4 weeks – with weekly live video – lessons with homework.

You’ll have the opportunity to practice readings live during the online class with other colleagues, receive guidance and feedback from me and gain confidence in your readings.

During this class you’ll learn:

  • how to create a bond with your deck, cleansing, protection
  • how to develop and connect with your intuitive abilities that are already within you
  • how to develop your psychic perception
  • how to interpret the messages from the cards based on your intuition without the need to read the guidebook
  • how to read for yourself and your clients
  • essential reading spreads to use in your practice
  • how to design our own personalised spreads according to the situation and person you are reading for
  • you’ll be presented with many types of decks and learn how to choose your decks to support the reading purposes

What to expect from this Oracle Card Reader Online Course

  • 4 weekly
  • email supports in between sessions
  • homework to practice what you’ve learned
  • practice with your colleagues and instructor during the classes
  • comprehensive manual
  • course certificate

At the end of the course, you’ll receive a Certificate as Certified Oracle Card Reader so you can get insurance and practice professionally.

What do you need to bring to the course

An oracle card deck at your choice.

Course prerequisites:

This course is suitable for beginners, however you need to have some personal experience and a connection with an oracle deck to be able to fully benefit from this course. If you are not sure whether this course is for you, please email me at