Dates: 21-22 Nov 2020, 11am-5pm on both days + homework
Live online
Accredited by The CMA
Insurable course to practice crystal healing professionally

Start your journey as a crystal healer with this step-by-step course that takes you from loving crystals to crystal healer practitioner.

This is an absolutely wonderful journey for your own personal development too, you’ll gain a lot of understanding of the underlying causes of illness and the connection mind-body-spirit and how to keep everything in balance for optimal well-being.

This course is delivered exclusively LIVE-ONLINE over 2 weekend days each with homework and assessments in between.

The content of this course is exactly the same as the one taught in my in-person courses.
I teach live-online on zoom so you can have a very personal experience, ask questions and interact with other participants.

What should you expect

  • gain knowledge and be guided to experience at home to use crystals for healing yourself and others
  • full tutor support via google classroom or equivalent to respond to any questions and support you in your learning


  • crystal healing for yourself, how to choose crystals
  • crystal cleansing
  • crystal programming ,
  • crystal attunement,
  • meditation with crystals
  • crystal healing and the seven chakras,
  • how to balance chakras with crystals
  • crystal for specific ailments, crystals for grounding and protection, crystals for love, crystals for emotional balance
  • aura scanning techniques
  • aura cleansing with crystals
  • crystal dowsing
  • how to conduct a healing session for your client, 
  • how to keep client records,
  • professional conduct and ethics
  • how to get insurance and how to start to practice. 

What is included

  • online video lessons – live
  • digital course manual
  • certificate of completion as an accredited crystal healing practitioner accredited by The Complementary Medical Association that will enable you to get insurance and practice professionally

For those of you who cannot attend the live class, a recording of the course will be available for you to watch at your own pace. If you don’t attend the class online, you’ll need to submit assessments to me in order to receive your certificate.


This crystal healing online certificate training is created for wellbeing practitioners who seek to add crystal healing to their existing practice. If you are a Reiki practitioner, Yoga teacher, meditation teacher, aromatherapist, energy practitioner, this course is for you. If you don’t have any related experience in energy healing or mind-body-spirit therapies, this course is not for you as it takes a basic understanding of energy work. I’ll launch next year an in depth holistic healing practitioner course.

21-22 Nov 2020
Live online
Fee: £345