New Moon rituals and intentions

New Moon rituals are powerful spiritual practices to harness the energy of the Moon and bring your dreams and wishes into reality. 

As we move into the New Moon cycle, here are the essential steps to make your practice more effective and manifest with ease.

New Moon meaning 

The New Moon is the time zero in the lunar cycle, the one moment when the moon is completely dark. This is an intense time of new possibilities. 

The moon sits perfectly between the Sun and the Earth. The unseen side of the Moon is most illuminated, when the visible side is dark. 

The Moon rises early morning, moments before the Sun rises too and she sets at the same time as the Sun sets. This makes the New Moon night, a dark night.

It feels an intense accumulation of energy generated by the Sun, but this energy is yet to be seen. 

At the New Moon you are still facing the unknown. You can’t see the light just yet. 

This is the time to plant the seeds of your intentions into the world and commit to what you want to achieve.

This is a cyclic time of new beginnings, rebirth and greatest potential.

As you passed the healing phase at the end of the previous cycle, you are now ready to welcome new ideas and visualise what you really want.

New Moon intentions and rituals

1. Write in your journal

Find a quiet space and time for yourself to reflect on what you want. 

Light a candle, breathe in and out a couple of times and feel into your heart.

Stay there for a couple of minutes to still your mind. 

Ask your heart what do you really want to invite in your life at this time?

When you are ready write down in your journal everything you want to achieve in the following moon cycle. Write it down, no matter how big or small.

Extra tip: Keep it SMART.

Specific – Measurable – Achievable – Relevant – Timely

For example: 

My goal is to write 20 pages this month is much better than – I want to write more.

Or: my goal is to draw every day the following month – sounds much better than – I want to draw more.

2. Organise

You now have your list with big and small goals and intentions. Now break it down into the following:

1 – Big goals that require a major change on my side and are essential to me

2 – Small goals that are important to me

3 – Goals ( big or small) that are not so important or urgent

Now look at list 1 and choose 1 or 2 goals that you feel are urgent, very important for you and move to the next step.

3. Feel It and See it

After you decided to one or 2 important goals – reflect upon each of them and respond to these questions

How do I want to feel?

How my life would look like when I’ll reach this goal? 

How will this impact my health? 

How this will impact my relationships? 

How about my wellbeing?

Does this make me feel expansive, joyful, enthusiastic, full of energy, motivated? 

Why do I want it?

Keep those positive feelings and images of your life in your heart.

This is also a great time to decide if there’s anything there that you don’t truly want. 

If you feel constriction or indifference, be honest with yourself and don’t keep that goal on your list. 

If you want to do this exercise for your objectives, wishes, intentions on your list 2, go ahead. 

But I suggest to rather focus your energy on what is the most important, rather than lose yourself in small details. 

Those non-essentials can wait, or they may happen without making great efforts.

4. Plan it

For those 1 or 2 important intentions on your list – make a little plan on how you’d achieve it. Get clear on your next steps. 

For example: if you wish to write 20 pages on your new novel this month, your plan may look like this: 

  • I wake up every morning at 8am
  • have a nice healthy breakfast
  • at 9am I sit at my desk/kitchen table/on the floor and for 1 hour I write no matter if I feel inspired or not. ( most of the time inspiration will come by practice rather than from the first day)

5. Release it

Send your intention out – this is your time – meditate, burn a candle, throw a stone in the river, anything that feels right  set a special time to send your intentions out there. 

I can’t state enough the importance of new moon ritual and creating a sacred space.

How to do your own New Moon rituals at home

  • Intention is key – connect with your New Moon intention 
  • Sacred space – a candle, perhaps some sage or incense, an object to represent your intention, peaceful music.
  • Meditation – start with a couple of minutes of meditation to still your mind.
  • The ritual – releasing the intentions into the universe – you can simply do this in form of a prayer, visualising yourself with your intentions accomplished, or visualising your wishes sent into the world. A powerful technique is to speak it out loud, as this takes a physical form.
  • Gratitude – give thanks for the support, sacred space and for Spirit being with you at this time

Extra tips to make your New Moon rituals more effective

  • incorporate the elements depending on the specific of your intentions of each New Moon into your manifestation ritual:
    Fire for action, passion, love – perhaps you can do a fire ceremony, burn a red candle or use a red crystal for your ritual.
    Air for easy movement, flow – use the wind, the movement, hold your ceremony outside
    Water for emotions, healing, soothing energy – incorporate a water element in your ceremony – hold the ceremony near water, have a bowl of water with you as an addition to your altar, or a blue crystal.
    Earth – for grounding, the stable reality, home, money – use an element of Earth – plant seeds, use rocks or crystals, a piece of wood, a related plant
  • be ready to surrender, not always the end goal is certain
  • be open to new opportunities, things you perhaps didn’t consider, follow the signs

Until next time,

Magical Moon blessings!

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