New Moon ritual for Heart Chakra healing

Heart chakra healing is an essential act of self love and self care. If you’re feeling tired, depleted, low mood, sad at the time of Full Moon?

Are your emotions overwhelming?

Or you’re feeling on edge and don’t want to see anyone?

Have you noticed that you tend to focus more on others while you forget about yourself and your own needs?

This means that your Heart Chakra needs some love, a hug and some serious care right now.

Heart chakra healing essentials

These 3 aspects are particular to you if you are an empath or sensitive soul:

  1. Balance your heart = Self-care
  2. Heal yourself so you can help others
  3. Follow your passions + protect your dreams

Of course, if you read this at a later date and something resonates with you, you can make use of this energy anytime.

As a healer, helper, change-maker you know your mission is to help people. Whether you do it with energy, crystals, your written words, your music, a screenplay, or a painting, your purpose is to heal, inspire, and facilitate change.

To do that you have to live the vision you project into the world.

And to live the vision you have to take care of your own needs, to believe in your own dreams and heal yourself.

As long as you keep intoyour awareness all these aspects, you’ll be able to continue your work from a place of abundance, flow and ease.

How to heal your Heart Chakra at the Full Moon?

First you need to define balance for yourself. What works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another.

I encourage you to think about what keeps YOU in balance? What works for you so that you can preserve your energy and focus it on your dear projects at the right time?

Balance for me means to follow my creative inspiration and listen to my body.

I’ll spend 12+ hours per day writing or designing a course for one week and another week I’ll just listen to music and make healing art for myself.

Balance is to rest when my body is tired even if this means to lie in bed a whole day and do nothing after long creative days.

So what is balance for you?

Stones for the Heart Chakra

To help and inspire others you have to keep the balance in your life first.

A wonderful crystal to help you define and keep balance in your life as a healer is UNAKITE.

Unakite crystal meaning

Unakite is a crystal of the heart, but what is amazing about it is that it combines the two colours and energies that are themselves opposite, complementary:

Pink and green.

A combination of Yin and Yang, the masculine and the feminine.

Two opposite colours and energies, together in the same crystal. In different proportions, sometimes more green and less pink. Other times less green and more pink.

How to use unakite to heal the heart chakra

You don’t always need to buy a new unakite crystal to heal yourself. You can work with unakite energetically by looking at the picture below.

Crystals are as healing and powerful through the screen as they are in reality. That’s the beauty of distance healing, a crystal can work for you even if you don’t have it physically in front of you.

So spend some time with this picture (or with your own unakite crystal) and observe it carefully.

Look at what proportion covers the pink colour and what proportion covers the green.

  • Are there any other colours? Can you see the grey? The white?
  • What shape looks like the pink? How about the green? The Grey? The white?
  • What do you feel when you look at each colour?

Now take a pen and piece of paper or journal and respond to these questions?

  • What is this telling about yourself?
  • The way you give and receive?
  • The time you spend to create, see clients, work and generate change in the world?
  • The time you spend retreating within yourself to replenish your energy and find peace, calm, quietness and contentment?

Whatever you discover at this time with the unakite crystal, it is worth paying attention.

What you’ll discover may surprise you.

You may find that you’re giving more than you have, that you don’t take care of yourself enough, and you’re always focused on others while your own needs are not fully met.

Overgiving is a major issue for us healers. I admit I am guilty of this too. But that’s why the Full Moons and unakite crystals exist, to remind us to keep the balance and to show us the way.

Heart Chakra healing full moon ritual with Unakite

So after you did your reflections, it’s time for healing with the same unakite crystal.

If you have one at home, hold it in your left hand and do the healing process below.

If you don’t have a unakite crystal at home, just use the picture above, gaze at the crystal for a little while and absorb its energy, perhaps even imagine you’re walking into unakite for a greater effect.

Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and relax you body. Inhale to the count of 4, hold to the count of 4, and exhale to the count of 4.

4 is the number of your Heart Chakra. (To remind you there are 7 main Chakras in the Body: 1 – the Root, 2 – the Sacral, 3 – the Solar Plexus, 4 – the Heart, 5 – the Throat, 6 – the Third Eye and 7 – the Crown)

So breathe in, hold and breathe-out: 4-4-4

Imagine you’re breathing into your heart and with every inhalation, you bring in the fresh air, the life-force energy in, the sense of expansion and your heart is strengthening.

Then hold: keep the energy in, allow your heart to simply be in her fullest power, energised, strong and stable.

Exhale and release the air out and imagine releasing any heaviness, any forcefulness, any effort.

With your the next inhalation imagine you bring in ease, flow, joy and abundance. Hold it in your heart. And again exhale and release any effort, heaviness, and forcefulness.

Connect with the unakite crystal and ask for help to balance the heart, so with each inhalation you bring in what is needed, and with each exhalation you’re breathing out what is no longer serving you.

You don’t have to make sense of exactly what you need. Just stay open, relaxed and in a receiving state and the balance will restore naturally. Spend the next 10 minutes doing this exercise.

You can repeat this process for a couple of more days, in the morning, before you start your work.

Celebration and self-care at the Full Moon

I like to see the Full Moon as a time of celebration. More than anything else is a time to look at those 2 weeks that passed since the New Moon and see what I achieved. Sometimes I see bigger things, others I see smaller. I learned to look back, acknowledge and celebrate any little progress, any little effort, any energy that I put into my work.

But I also need this time for myself at the Full Moon. To look within, to cry my tears and face my fears.

So I decided to stop holding the space for others at Full Moons.

And hold the space for myself, instead.

You can too choose to take time for yourself at the Full Moon. To celebrate your hard work. Acknowledge your efforts. And congratulate yourself.

Use a CITRINE crystal to help you see all aspects that deserve celebration. Then ask it to guide you so next month you can create even more reasons for celebration.

Then imagine you’re attending a friend’s wedding, you eat nice food, dance all night, drink Prosecco and then go home. You’re exhausted, even if you partied all night. So what do you need to do after a party?

You need to rest.

This is what you need to do after celebrating with the Full Moon. Take a break from helping others and do something for yourself. Here are some ideas:

  • Take a nice bath with rosebuds, luxurious oils, and scented candles.
  • Put some music on and meditate. Dance. Play the drum.
  • Paint, make something with your hands.
  • Take your favourite card deck and look at the beautiful pictures
  • Cook a nice dinner for yourself, drink a glass of wine and relax.

Rose quartz, unakite, rhodochrosite, pink opal, amazonite will help you do what is needed. If self-care is something you struggle with deeply, a more extreme choice is malachite that is not only a crystal of the heart but also brings transformative power, strength and motivation to help you make the change you want to see in yourself.

Enjoy your Full Moon healing and until next time,

Magical Moon Blessings


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