New Moon 24th January 2020 Crystal Self – Healing Ritual

Thank you for stopping by at the time of New Moon this month.

I am writing this as an invitation for you for a personal self-healing ritual to connect to the energy of this New Moon and make the most of its intense potential.

This January 2020 New Moon, is very powerful, bringing up a strong need for independence, changing behaviours and releasing unwanted habits. It triggers in us impatience and calls for success and wealth in our lives, but requires us to control our temper, staying emotionally and mentally focused. 

How to use the power of January 2020 New Moon 

Anytime starting today and continuing the following two weeks, this New Moon energy will have an intense impact in anything you do.


– what habits you want to release and make a sustainable change in your life

– what makes you feel excited and you want to invite in 2020

– if you need to make any choices – what your instincts are telling you this 

– what do you want to invite in terms of wealth and success

Perhaps at the end of the journalling session, you can come with a short conclusion / bullet points – what is relevant to you this year

Self-healing New Moon crystal session

Intention: Inviting the new/or the change/or any specific intention in our lives – if you have time to journal before the healing and you have a very clear intention, use that one. If not, you can set a general intention of inviting change/abundance etc. 

  • Setup your sacred space – see my article about creating sacred spaces at home here
  • Crystals: clear quartz, ideal for manifestation.
  • Start with a short meditation.Ask for guidance and protection and call in your own guides if you wish. 
  • Set your personal intention that arose from your journaling experience
  • When you are ready, hold the clear quartz crystal in your hand, feel its energy. Visualise how this crystal connects you with the whole quartz structures formed in the Earth.
  • Visualise a white bright light coming from the sky, through the crown of your head and travelling down inti your body, coming out through your legs connecting you with the Earth and the entire crystalline structure.
  • Visualise you’re only receiving love, light, and blessings and everything you need it is provided during this session
  • Stay in this state of stillness and allow the healing to happen. 
  • When you are ready you can thank your crystals for the the healing you received.
  • Visualise the connection of light dissolving and the crystal being released. 
  • Pull back the cord of light from the Earth back into your body and feel your legs heavy, imagine growing roots from your legs that keep you grounded while slowly come back to awareness.
  • When you are ready, come back to awareness. 
  • Cleanse the crystal and the room 

Allow yourself time and space to process this healing. Pay attention the following days to any thoughts, emotions, feelings that are triggered and journal your experience if you wish.

Until next time, I’m sending you many blessings and loving light