3 Books on my shelf that bring me closer to nature

Since the London lockdown started I have spent a lot more time indoors than I expected. I am a nature lover and I’ve been craving a piece of healing nature in my daily life, but for some reason, I just didn’t feel like going outside. This translated to me in more time I spent on activities I love and also going back into a regular reading habit.

When I talk about reading, I mean reading for pleasure rather than for personal or spiritual development, however, I noticed these two aspects are difficult to separate. Isn’t really reading a spiritual endeavour?

But let’s dive into the three books on my shelf at the moment, you’ll notice that I have a special affinity for all things Nature.

The Inner life of animals by Peter Wohlleben – surprising observations of a hidden world

A gentle, loving book about wild and domestic animals and how they feel emotions in a very similar way to humans. I learned about the dedication and sacrifice spirit of the mother squirrel, about cheating magpies, grateful crows, clean pigs, liar roosters, and strategic foxes. I am still to finish this book but it promises a beautiful journey into the animal world showing a compassionate, loving approach that author’s bring into his writing. A lovely reading for lazy Sundays, I actually started to read this book just over the May Bank Holiday weekend.

The inner life of animals also brought to me some sadness as it reminded me of my beloved dogs who I sadly lost years ago. One of them, a beautiful golden retriever female named Hanna had remained with my ex-husband after my divorce, and another, a kind, loving cross-bread lady called Foxy now rests in the dogs heaven.

Into the forest by Dr Qing Li – How trees can help you find health and happiness

A beautiful and inspiring book about the healing power of nature, about the Japanese practices of Shinrin Yoku or forest bathing. This book is a blessing for me to read, mainly because on every page there is a quite big, high quality coloured pictures of forest, lakes, and trees. I simply love spending time with this book in the morning and I feel this is more than a read, is a form of blissful meditation. It makes me immerse into the natural world through images, as going into a hiking trip during lockdown is impossible.

The authors speaks how living in crowded cities makes us feel anxious, unhappy and stressed and how nature can heal us. He talks about the spiritual connection with nature in Japanese culture and about nature spirits living in the trees and plants. This made me realise that there are some profound aspects of ancient shamanic practices in Japanese culture as well as in all cultures where Nature plays a pivotal role in spirituality, health and general well-being.

The Beauty Way by Laura and Michael Anderson – Ceremonial Shamanism

This is a spiritual book about shamanism and shamanic healing and what I like the most is the authors’ approach that all healing modalities such as Reiki, Yoga, Tai-Chi and various forms of divination and in essence shamanic practices. This book focuses on Andean Munay-Ki rites, however many practices are universal in many other shamanic practices such as – shamanic journeying, working with the elements, power animals, creating sacred spaces and so on. There are some very useful energy techniques to use for self-healing.

The biggest take of this book so far is that:

Most of our personal struggle comes from our personal wounds and we must clear them if we want to live The Beauty Way. Healing others is a very noble profession, but until we learn to heal ourselves, our dream, our reality will not change.

It is from a healed place that we are able to manifest our dreams and desires that we are better able to assist others in their healing journey.

On a personal level, I feel deeply connected to shamanism as it helped me to heal a very deep wound of family abuse. I found a profound transformation since my shamanic initiation began, and since then I continued to research, practice and learn more about this healing modality as it helps me help others with more tools and techniques.

I consider that this book contains a good amount of information, many of the basic techniques such as shamanic journeying and power animals are familiar to me, but I am glad that I can find more about working with the elements and the Munay-Ki rites.

So this is my reading list at the moment, I am enjoying reading time in the morning and evening right before sleep and I found this uplifting and relaxing at the same time. As you can probably see the current energy for me is very much about nature and animals and shamanism is about working with both for emotional healing. This list wasn’t planned but it just happened, it’s nice to see what is the theme of the month whatsoever.

Until next time,

Many blessings


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