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My journey with crystals – The beginning of a new love story

My crystal healing path unfolded over time as a consequence of seamlessly unrelated circumstances. You’ll say there’s no link between my childhood guardian angel, my driving licence test, or my former corporate colleagues with me becoming a crystal healing practitioner. Well…

I find that my journey in becoming a crystal healing practitioner is rather unusual, but hey, who on Earth really went to The Magical University of Crystals straight from the college, to learn how to heal people with these miraculous beings? I don’t argue this university doesn’t exist, nor such students, who knows… However, this wasn’t my path.

Here’s my truth

I didn’t grow up with crystals. I was born and raised in a country where, until I was 10, spirituality was absolutely banned (along with many other things). If the Romanian communist government could’ve put a ban on people’s thoughts, it would’ve done it. It actually did but didn’t fully succeed, by restricting access to food, clothes, heat along with banning the freedom of speech and many other things that were meant to steal any human dignity and hope. But that’s another story, though…

Seeing the unseen

I grew-up connected to nature, spending time alone in my grandmother’s rear garden, talking to the fairies ( I told you I wanted to be one ), looking for messages in the shape of the clouds and finding comfort under the old walnut tree, who was my best friend.

My grandmother once told me that my guardian angel was sitting on my right shoulder, to protect me and guide me to be a well-behaved child. I prayed to angels every evening and went peacefully to sleep, knowing that I am protected and safe.

I was seeing energies ever since I was 5, ( I don’t remember earlier than 5 years age though), in the forms of tiny flickering lights shimmering around me, especially when I was indoor. To this day, I still see them.

I believe they are tiny spirits of the place, that sometimes want to let me know they are there and they need attention or respect. Sometimes they remind me that I need to tidy up a room, water the plants, or open the window to allow the sun to enter. Sometimes they send me signs that I need to pay attention to something: Am I making the best choice in this situation? Should I still think about this or that?

But going back to the story, until I was 10, I never heard about crystals, I didn’t know what they were, and why they exist. After the Romanian revolution in 1989, and the opening of the free market ( yeah, that was banned too), my country started to see some trade movement, and private shops started to open. In a couple of years, 2 spiritual shops opened in my city, small, welcoming and full of treasures: little buddha statues, wind-chimes, incense, and of course crystals. I still remember my Zen visits to these places after school hours.

Getting my first crystal – a new connection story

I’ll never forget the day I purchased my first crystal, when, at the age of 16, with all my pocket-money saved for a couple of months, I went to the crystal shop and carefully chose a clear quartz point. It was such a joy! The energy was so powerful that I could feel it through my bag. I went home, placed the crystal in rock-salt to cleanse for 3 weeks and in the meantime, I sew a little crystal bag, from a soft piece of grey natural silk. It was such an honour to have my first crystal, that I had to give it the best care possible.

That clear quartz point was my only crystal for years to come. It was my energy fuel at school in my darkest days of depression, my sharp focus angel during my exams, and my grounding anchor at home when my father came drunk and I was hiding in my room. I no longer remember when my beloved crystal disappeared from my life mysteriously, I am still so grateful for the friendship, strength and gifts I received from this magical Earth-spirit!

I learned this lesson:

A crystal is never lost, and its spirit stays in your heart as gratitude for the help you received. A crystal disappears from your life when you no longer need its service, a crystal knows when it’s time to leave you to grow on your own and to continue its own journey and perhaps serve another human who needs it more than you.

Re-Connected with crystals

I was 26, sitting at my desk in the small living room of my newly purchased flat, co-owned with my newly gained husband. I was studying the driving test textbook and nothing seemed to make sense to me. I was feeling too tired to study after the long days of work, and barely able to focus to read something.

I opened my messy drawer to find a new orange text-marker, without success and noticed, right at the bottom, a shiny red necklace that only by a miracle could’ve get there: it was my mother’s coral necklace, and I had no idea it was in my home.

That necklace was whispering to me: take me! And so I did. But I somehow felt it held too much of my mother’s energy in it and I had to attune it to my own. I decided to remake it into a new piece of jewellery that was only mine, made by me. I cut the elastic string, took out all the crystal beads and started to create an entire new necklace, with a bold central piece: That was my girl!

I put the necklace on, slept with it and the next day I went to my exam. I didn’t pass in the first entry, which was understandable as I spent my night making a necklace but I did in the second, after a couple of weeks. It took a while for the crystals to work, and for me to receive the energy and most importantly the motivation I needed to study.

Re-born: Awakened by making crystal jewellery

Re-making that first piece of crystal necklace was like a true awakening. I was amazed to see that I was able to create something with my hands. I felt for the first time in years, that I was validated and that I was much more than just a corporate zombie, living to work, eat, sleep and drink. This sudden realisation that I am a creative being gave me a new sense of purpose. Sometimes the smallest things can look so big in the eyes of a new-born baby!

I proudly wore the necklace with me at work, and my colleagues started to notice it. It was different, intricate, and no-one else had a necklace like mine. The more I wore it I also noticed some more subtle, but essential changes: my energy levels increased, my confidence strengthened, and my joy of life reborn.

As time passed, I started to receive custom orders to make jewellery for my colleagues, and slowly my evenings went busy, but in a good way: I was making custom jewellery and I was even paid to do it! Don’t you think it was such a big thing? It really was!

From a shy, reserved, unsecured young woman that thought she wasn’t good at anything else except working in a soul-sucking finance job, suddenly, through a miraculous twist of circumstances that I didn’t even understand, I became the artist, the crystal jewellery maker and I earned money by doing something I truly loved!

I believe the red crystal necklace was sent by my guardian angel, who wanted me to know that I have a bigger mission here on Earth.

Until next time,

Many blessings

Amelia x