Mindfulness is better than spirituality

(from my email newsletter sent on May 6, 2023)

Beautiful people!

Happy Full Moon, have you seen her last night in her magnificent beauty?

Let me tell you, this is all I did.

No more burning sage, getting the crystals out, no more journeying or pulling any cards.

My spiritual practice became very very simple in the past year.

I’m no longer looking into astrological meanings.

No longer seeking answers outside.

No longer seeking in general.

And what in the beginning felt like relief from all the spiritual clutter, later became a  new way of living.

A way that is simple, present and enjoyable.

A way that feels authentically connected just because it is.

Without many tools, without much fluff, and without seeking something outside of myself.


It’s so simple yet so powerful.
It brings you to a place of being and living like nothing else can do.
It brings peace, presence and flow.
Connection and meaning.

And much more.

This is all I wanted to share with you today. I hope it goes where it needs to.

And if you’d like to talk to me, just reply to this message.

Happy Weekend!

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