Meditation Alternatives if you can’t meditate

Is your mind overactive, perhaps you feel anxious or you feel you have too much (or too little) energy to actually sit in meditation? Have you had enough trying to meditate on your own and still couldn’t find a way to build a consistent practice? I feel you, you are not alone. I tried for years to keep myself consistent and meditate every day, it worked for a while but I eventually get bored. Not just that, but I noticed in moments of intense stress, anxiety, when I have a lot going on (internally or externally), meditation can actually make things worse.

Don’t get me wrong, I like to meditate sometimes, I help myself listening to music and holding a crystal or using different breathing techniques. There are some types of meditation that work really well, but for some reason I feel like a regular practice meditation on its own simply doesn’t suit my energy levels. And you know what? That’s ok.

I think it’s ok to accept that meditation is not always the way. And despite meditation working for some people, it doesn’t mean it works for everyone.

If you are like me and find meditation is not really your thing when you feel anxious, low mood, tired or all over the place, here are my regular practices of raising energy, whenever I need.

1. Drumming or rattling

I like drumming and rattling and I find them highly efficient to take me to an altered state of consciousness and higher awareness.

Drumming it’s a wonderful way to ground and raise energy and give your mind focus while also releasing negative energies. You need a shamanic style drum or a rattle, which is a great investment in your own wellbeing.

How to use drumming meditation

Rhythmic beats – ideally if you want to drum to replace meditation, to simply still and calm your mind, you can use simple rhythmic drumbeats. These have the calming effect similar with meditation, bringing you into theta brainwaves – the frequency of healing, relieving stress and anxiety and facilitating the travel into unconscious.

Intuitive beats – when you feel intense energy around that you need to ground. Ideally to use if you feel restless, confused or angry. You don’t need to follow any pattern, simply play the drum with your eyes closed and allow her to play you.

2. Healing Dance

If you have a lot of energy, or on the opposite, you need to get your energy moving, healing dance is a perfect way to do it. You can dance while you play your drum if you have one, or simply choose some music that best suits your taste and go for it.

I like to dance and play the drum simultaneously, it feels a really complete journey and I feel the energy moving physically which I very much need especially during this time of the global pandemic when the disconnection from the body can easily happen. Dancing is something that helps me connect with my body, raise the energy from the Earth and direct it where is needed. It’s a wonderful way to clear the mind, and bring the buzz from the head into the body then release it through movement.

I highly recommend you try, if you don’t play the drum the best is to find some tribal music and surrender to it.

3. Walking Meditation in Nature (Park)

This is by far one of my favourites that I can stick to very easily. I’d recommend you go to an area that is quiet in nature or in a park. I like to either walk in my local park or walk along the river ( I live near Thames path which I am very grateful for).

Whenever you feel anxious, low mood, or agitated, your energy is low, a walk in nature can do wonders for you. There are however some simple rules for walking meditation to be successful:

  • leave your mobile phone at home – so you don’t get distracted and you are fully present in your walk.
  • set a simple route that you know and stick with it – this will make your choice easy and when you decide to go for a walk you already know where to go so you don’t use extra energy deciding
  • have no agenda – don’t plan to figure out anything during your walk, don’t try to seek answers, don’t even try to calm down. Simply walk with no results in mind, enjoy the surroundings, observe the trees, the bushes, the flowers, the water, the birds and that’s all you need to do.

4. Doodling

This works for me really well when I feel anxious or low mood and I like at the same time to listen to relaxing music or a nice audiobook.

Doodling is very therapeutic and easy to do, and you don’t need a plan with it. You can either draw a mandala with simple repetitive patterns, or you can doodle randomly on a blank page whatever you feel like. You don’t need special talents and if you listen to music at the same time you’ll find that music may guide you along the way.

5. Oracle cards

Many of you know how much I love oracle cards. What I like the most about them is to use them in other ways than for readings. I like to use oracle cards for healing and meditation.

How to use oracle cards for healing and meditation

I’d suggest when you don’t feel very well mentally to choose a deck that you know it makes you feel good. Images have powerful effects into your psyche and you want to work with images you like and help you. Do not go for tarot or shadow decks.

Ways to use oracle cards for meditation and healing:

  • pull a card from your favourite deck asking for healing so you can feel better in the moment. Sit with the card, look at the image and perceive healing energy coming out the card into your energy field. Simply receive it.
  • flip-through the deck and look at every picture – this is a very simple meditative ways to still your mind and raise your vibration. Just alow yourself to enjoy the beautiful images without any attachment. If you spot an image that you feel drawn to, spend some time with it enjoying its beauty.

Have you tried any of these? I’d love to hear your experiences and what worked for you.

Until next time,

Many blessings


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