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Why Love is more important than your money mindset for your spiritual business

If you are a healer, therapist, creative helping people and you’re trying to grow your business in a way that is authentic to you, I am sure you came across the concept of money healing, heal your relationship with money or money mindset.

I know I did: I read books, watched videos, took courses, but still, when it came to my own spiritual business, something didn’t feel right.

I am not saying these teachings and techniques don’t work. Many of them are effective and can really help you see limiting beliefs that you assimilated during your lifetime. Depending on your teacher, you’ll probably receive journalling exercises, along with energy healing practices to release those beliefs that are holding you back. I went through all of these stages, and also used my own healing practices, but I remember I didn’t resonate fully with this approach.

Every time I met my spirit guides to ask for advice on how to grow my spiritual business, I constantly received this answer:

LOVE is your guide

For a while, I didn’t really understand what this was supposed to mean. Why did they keep saying this?

I thought I was already guided by love but for some reason, my spirits kept repeating it. Every time I asked I received the same answer over and over again. As I could not understand where I was getting it wrong, I decided to take some time off to allow myself some brain space (and some energetic space too) to digest the advice received. Here is what I found:

My spiritual business is not actually a business at all.

It’s the expression of LOVE, a gift from my heart to yours.

I am LOVE. I do what I do as an expression of myself.

Through my work, I express my love for people. It’s my way of helping, by sharing what I know, and being the channel for the divine love to flow.

When I perform a healing session, I physically feel the energy of love flowing through me.
When I host a group healing circle, the energy is even stronger. When I write a new blog post or host a live course, I feel I am a channel for cosmic information to flow.

Love takes time to spread and touch people’s hearts.

Love has its own timing. You can’t rush it. Nor force it in any way.

Love has her way of being and growing.

And all I needed to do was to allow it, to unfold.

Choosing Love over Ego

In my search for ways of growing my business, especially during the global pandemic when any course in person was put indefinitely on hold, I enrolled in some business courses to upgrade my knowledge and help me ”do things the right way”.

I normally follow my intuition in business, but for some reason, I didn’t always have the patience to wait and see results at the right time.

I wanted things to happen quickly, which was nearly impossible. So I took those courses, learned a bunch of new stuff. I was taught how to do business the ”right way”, aka the pushy, forced, trying hard way. I was led to believe that only that was the way of doing business.

This to me, it didn’t feel right. After asking my spirits again and again, how to approach my business at this time of change, choose Love over Ego remained the answer.

There’s no need to heal the relationship with money when your business is guided from the HEART

And when I say from the HEART, I mean it. I didn’t start this business for the money, although of course, I needed the money too.

I am sure money wasn’t the main reason for you to start your business either. A spiritual business is not about money. Money is secondary. If you become a healer for the money, you did it for a very wrong reason. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be earning money, but, there’s something more to it.


Allow your heart to guide you and you’ll never need to think of money again.

Why did you choose to do this sacred work? Look into your heart and listen what she has to tell you. The answers to your all spiritual business issues are in your own heart.

Do more of what you LOVE

Don’t compromise on your heart’s wisdom. If she tells you that you find joy in one activity versus another, do more of that.

If your heart feels constricted, restricted, forced to fit in a small box, ask her what do you need to feel that sense of expansion, growth, enjoyment and excitement?

When you choose to do what you love, you’ll naturally work better, be more efficient, have that sense of ease, and you’ll look forward to doing your work.

The LOVE for your work will show in what you share with other people and those who need you will find you.

If, on the opposite you choose to do what you think you are supposed to do, but not what you really want, love and enjoy, the sense of unease, constriction and restriction will show in your work. Rest assured, that people feel when you do something you don’t really resonate with.

This is what happened to me:

Along with this blog, I also freelance writing content for various small businesses. When I started to offer these services, I used to accept any work that was offered to me, thinking that I should be taking any client. One of these clients was a private detective that asked me to write about cheating husbands, missing people and other stuff. You can guess that I hated every minute of writing those articles and never felt happy doing this work. The results were average, the client wasn’t too happy(I can’t blame her, to be honest) and the collaboration didn’t last long.

Did this get me anywhere? No.
Was it a waste of time? Yes.
Did I earn any money? Yes, but little.
Was my client happy? No.
Was I happy? No.

Since then I learned to no longer accept clients and work just because they want me to help.

I now only write for people who run conscious businesses, spiritual businesses or wellbeing businesses and I know that I can bring the highest value while I totally enjoy the work: writing about healing crystals, spiritual healing, aromatherapy, journaling, meditation, the Moon and all that good stuff.

This is the work I love and this is what I choose to do.

So, if you’re still finding resistance to work on your money mindset, do this:

Ask your heart and find the answer. Your heart never lies.

Until next time,

Magical heart blessings