Lockdown Inspiration – Gill, craft practitioner and magick shop owner

“The Moon is always there.
A half blink of shadow,
a crescent of an eyelash,
opulent in fullness,
spellbound in nothingness,
and a friend”.
(Carolyn Riker, Blue Clouds, 2016)

I am talking to Gill, who practises the craft and has just started a new venture with a friend: MooncraftmagickStore. [Tell me a little about yourself]

The craft is especially important it me and is an expression of who I am. It is nature-centric and connects with Gaia (Mother Earth), her beauty and energies. I see myself as a nature-centered witch who uses divination. My approach is eclectic, I do not adhere to any one strict path as the craft, for me, is about finding one’s own path and embracing it. Nature, crystals, and divination are key aspects of my practice and complement my approach to Wicca.

How London lockdown impacted you? Did you approach things differently, explore new projects?

London lockdown was a special time for me as it provided the opportunity to reconnect with nature and myself. Being in wooded areas or amongst trees is important to me, as it is in green space that I feel connected to the Earth and the divine in all things.
Celebrating and honouring the different energies of each season, remind me of nature’s bountiful munificence and about sharing, being a giver and a protector of all things. Lockdown provided me with the time to look deeper into myself, realise with more clarity the things that were important to me and explore new avenues with my craft. It was from this, that the idea for MooncraftmagickStore evolved. 

Tell me about your shop Mooncraft Magick. Where the idea came from?

MooncraftmagickStore was just a small seedling of an idea until I shared it with my good friend. A conversation in her garden, after restrictions were lifted, saw the real birth of Mooncraftmagick.
My friend (@revnarunes on Instagram) and I are like-minded in almost everything, including our beliefs. So when I told her of my idea of wanting to open a store, she seemed the perfect partner in which to go into business. She is the pagan crafty (arty) one, I am the one connected to the Wicca/Witchy magick side. She is the Mooncraft aspect, whereas I am the Moonmagick with the craft side, for me, representing the more magickal element. We are both compelled by the Moon, so the idea of a store with the name ‘Moon’ in it seemed perfect for us both. Within a couple of weeks, we had a store on Etsy and were putting our creative ideas into practice.

What is your biggest challenge at this time of the global pandemic? 

The biggest challenge, at this time of a global pandemic, has been learning to connect with people in new and different ways. Finding new platforms in which to communicate with people has been essential in making sure that we stay together as a community.
The global pandemic has meant isolation and has become part of our new way of living, which makes reaching out to others more important than ever. Social media platforms have provided an effective method of staying connected and I have found that the online spiritual community, especially on Instagram, has been invaluable during this time. For me, learning new ways in which to communicate has been an important and essential part of lockdown. 

Sleep and Protection charm bags

How about the biggest lesson you learned during this time? 

Appreciating the small things, that we can sometimes take for granted, has been another lesson during lockdown.
Watching a flower grow, seeing moonlight shimmer over water, listening to the sound of rain patter against the window and feeling the breeze softly caress my face, has allowed me to appreciate the beauty of simple things that can easily be forgotten. Reconnecting and experiencing the joy in our environment helps me to appreciate Gaia’s presence in everything.
Realising the beauty of the connections that we have with family and friends has also been important during this time as these so easily can be taken for granted. Small things such as a text or sharing words of comfort with someone has become more significant during this time and remind us of how fragile and precious life is.  

What is your favourite spiritual practice and how it helps you take care of yourself? 

Grounding is an important aspect to my practice. In discerning and honouring Gaia, through grounding, I perceive my spirituality and its connectivity with my environment. It allows me to find a healthy balance in all things and reminds me that we are connected to and part of the Earth. Standing barefoot on grass, sand or dirt allows me to feel connected to the planet (Gaia) and that I am part of nature. I find it is a calming exercise that provides me with the opportunity to see that we are part of something bigger and that everything has a purpose: grounding helps with being able to put things into perspective. It helps with centering and bringing my energy more into focus allowing me to get in touch with my spiritual self, my thoughts, emotions, and creativity. Also, Mediation helps with this, allowing me to arrive at a place of calm and balance to align myself with the energies around me. 

Hekate Spell

Would you like to share a spell with us? 

Here is a simple but effective spell that I like to use when I need a boost: Magick Motivation Morning Potion.

The visualization and reciting of the spell is most effective if done outdoors but facing a window will also work. 

What you will need: 

  • 1 fresh brewed cup of coffee or tea (herbal tea)
  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • 1 pinch of cinnamon 

What to do:

  1. Stir the honey into your drink, using clockwise motions. (If not using honey, this can be done with milk or with hot water).
  2. Sprinkle the cinnamon into the middle while the liquid is still turning.
  3. Walk outside or to a window and thank the morning light for showing you the way into your day.
  4. Take a long breath and start sipping your drink.
  5. Visualize feeling energy in and around you and clarity as you think about the day ahead and the satisfaction of achieving your goals.
  6. When ready, speak the following words:

“I greet this day in gratitude.
I embrace this day with my positive attitude.
I feel my energy rising and know that the day 
Will be productive and satisfying.
So Mote It Be.”  (Based on a spell by Lisa Chamberlain)

Where can we find you? Online and offline 🙂 

Online, you can find me @mrsgarajee and @mooncraftmagickstore on Instagram and as Luna Celeste and MooncraftmagickStore on Facebook. I am also on twitter (@mooncraftmagick) and Tumblr at

The link to MooncraftmagickStore on Etsy is:

When I am not online, you can find me either in my local woods or collaborating with the other half of MooncraftmagickStore developing new ideas for the store.  

Thank you Gill, I very much appreciate sharing your journey with us. I’ll leave below pictures of some of your wonderful products in your shop.

P.S. – This interview is not a sponsored post. I met Gill on Instagram and I follow her daily witchy inspirational posts. I found her shop as a beautiful project birthed during lockdown, which may serve you as a source of inspiration to chase your dreams and follow your heart.

Until next time,

Many blessings

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