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Well-being services to support the mind, body and soul. Crystal Healing and Spiritual Courses.

Life Changes Recovery Well-being

With tailored sessions and packages, I can support you in your recovery journey, I hold the space for you to process your emotions, let go of the past, bring to a spiritual closure what had ended and preparing you for the new. I create a compassionate, caring and loving space where you can feel safe and supported.

Some of the issues I can support with are listed but not limited below:

  • Break-up / Divorce recovery
  • Career Transitions
  • Health Recovery
  • Loss/Bereavement Recovery
  • Recovery from abusive/toxic relationships

Healing sessions and ceremonies

Healing sessions suitable for the issues above can be completely tailored to your own needs, to have an idea of what I can offer I listed some of the types of sessions I created to sustain this work

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Heart healing session with Cacao Ceremony

A private cacao ceremony with sound and Reiki/Crystal healing to connect with your deepest emotions and your heart wisdom. It can take into a beautiful journey to your own heart, helping you to find and listen to your own truth. The healing power of sound will bring soothing, calming energy into your heart space.

Angelic Healing Session

A healing session working with angelic energy to bring unconditional love, hope and strength in difficult moments, can bring a new perspective to your circumstances and help you moving forward feeling supported and held in love.

Releasing cords of attachment

A crystal healing and sound session specifically tailored to free yourself from toxic cords that keep you in toxic relationships or stay in your way on moving forward with your life. Can be done as recovery from abusive parenting, or abusive partners and friends.

Break-up/Divorce/Closure ceremony

This a session specifically designed to help you release past relationships that came to an end and bring a spiritual closing to your relationship. A private closing ceremony offers you the space and energy to process the grief and feeling of loss, to acknowledge the lessons learned and prepare for the new. Includes energy healing ( Crystal healing , Reiki, both), sound healing and can include Angelic Healing if you wish. Can be combined with cords releasing healing.

Indian Head Massage

To take care of the body as well as the mind, this is a deeply relaxing indian head massage to bring you into a state of peace, feeling nourished and taken care of.

Crystal Healing , Reiki, Sound Healing

A crystal healing, Reiki and/or sound healing to support your intentions in your recovery process. C

I offer a 20 minutes Free telephone consultation, to book yours please click below: