Large vs Small crystals. Are large crystals more effective?

Does the size really matter when it comes to healing crystals? Is a large crystal more powerful than a small tumbledstone? I get this question a lot in my crystal courses and workshops and I think is absolutely valid.

To get lost in the ocean of information about crystals these days has never been easier. If you walk in a well-stocked crystal shop you may immediately feel attracted by big amazing pieces of amethyst, massive quartz spheres, intricate crystal clusters bigger or smaller. If you follow healing crystals on your instagram feed, the feeling might be ovewhelming. These massive rose quartz raw pieces, amethyst churches, smoky quartz pointers can make your eye envious sometimes. Buying a large, gorgeous crystal is not always an option as some pieces are crazy expensive. So what do you do?

Distinguish between Intuition and Merchandising when following the rule of choosing crystals you like

I wrote an article on five methods of choosing crystals and one of them was buying crystals you like. Ok, and what if I like that massive gorgeous piece of labradorite to use it for my house protection?

I would first challenge you to ask yourself: was it your intention to buy a large piece of labradorite the day you walked into the shop or scrolled through your social media feed) ? Did you even wanted a labradorite crystal? Yes a crystal can attract you, definitely, and most of the time the feeling is not rationally explained – you’d normally feel attracted to a crystal you need even if you didn’t plan to buy that one. But does it have to be the big piece or can it be a small modest thumbledstone?

When it comes to crystal shopping you have to be particularly careful. The rule that you have to follow your intuition in choosing crystals is very valid, but sometimes, is not your intuition you are listening to.

When this happens and you’re suddenly attracted to a large expensive piece of any crystal, ask yourself:

How this crystal makes me feel?

How do I feel about this crystal? Do I want it because it is big or because I need it?

Do I feel the healing energy coming towards me, perhaps reminding me of something that I need to address?

Does this piece just looks pretty and it would make a great decoration in my living room? Did I want a living room decoration?

What my crystal shopping budget is? Can I afford it? Do I really have to have it?

From my 20+ years experience in working with crystals I can assure you: a small 1.5 inch crystal is as effective as a large 10 inch ( or more) crystal. The way I see crystals working is through the power of INTENTION.

Yes, you can use a large crystal to decorate your room and please the eye, but it won’t do more than a small one in terms of healing. On the other side, if your intention is very clear and focused, you can get a lot out of a tiny little crystal. The size really does not matter. I saw a half an inch tiny amethyst crystal working wonders and moving some really hot energies around the third eye to help my clients in gaining clarity and staying focused. I saw tiny black onyx 1-inch thumbledstone bringing deep, intense healing with physical sensations being released. So no, it is not about the dimension of the crystal. It is all about the healing intention. It is also about how ready you feel for the work, how much trust you have in the process and how much are you able to surrender to the healing that happens.

Something else to consider when it comes not only to crystals but with energy work in general, is that when you connect with any power object – can be crystal, jewellery, a simple stone, a piece of wood, a picture of a deity, an oracle card – it is about the symbolism, the energy that it represents, it is about what you want to invite in your life and what you want to let go of. It is not about the size, the price you pay for it, or how trendy a piece really is.

But how about crystal clusters?

Crystal clusters are indeed more powerful than a single crystal thubledstone. The main reason is that clusters gather the energy of all structures and crystals that formed them. They work as energy amplifiers and usually amplify whatever energy is in the room. If it’s healing energy it will make it stronger, if you wish to enhance protection, it will make it more effective. They work wonders in sending distant healing. However you don’t always need a cluster to amplify energy, you can also use 5-6 crystals to obtain the same effect as they work together. I’ll explain more about crystal clusters in a future article.