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3 journal questions to create a soul-aligned business you really love

Have you started your heart-led spiritual business and something doesn’t feel quite right? Perhaps you feel you’re doing everything you SHOULD be doing to grow your business but this feels rather itchy, unpleasant, difficult or just not right?

When you started you knew this was not a simple business. You knew that it was your soul-purpose to help people, to do it in a way that works for you, that it will help you, and them to live more happy and content. It was meant to allow you to apply all those magical energy techniques, to give those insightful readings, to help people feel good. It was meant to allow you to make your own schedule, to give you time to work and rest, to be creative and live in the natural flow of your inner rhythm.

Although you enjoy helping your clients, the business side of your business is somehow the unpleasant bit. You don’t like it. You feel pushed to promote yourself, to show-up even you have a bad day, to talk about personal stuff you’re not yet ready to share, but everyone tells you that you have to (be vulnerable, I am sure you heard it). You like the spiritual side of your business but growing it feels dreadful, and no matter what you do, you feel that you work more than ever but still not getting enough clients.

What if I told you there’s another way of doing business? YOUR WAY.

Ask yourself these questions:

1. Why did I start this business, in the first instance?

This is a question to only respond to by looking deep into your heart.

Why did you actually start? Was it for the money? I am almost sure it wasn’t. If it was for the money, it could’ve been any business. What is so special about your business that it was the main reason you started it?

Perhaps you want to help people. Perhaps you came across spirituality in your own journey and that helped you to resolve a life challenge and you now want to share from experience. Perhaps you have always been spiritually inclined, you have special abilities and you want to use them for the benefit of others, and yourself. Perhaps you enjoy working with energy and you thrive when you see people feeling so much better after they had a session with you. Be honest with yourself and remember.

When I started my first business back in 2007 I didn’t have the intention to create a business. It was a spiritual blog at the time along with my handmade jewellery making. I started to write on the blog and make jewellery but I never saw them as a business. It was a way to express myself, to be creative, and share my spiritual journey with the world. It all became a business naturally, without me doing anything special. I just did what I enjoyed most, with no agenda, no schedule, no effort.

2. What parts of my business do I enjoy most?

Look at your business from a heartfelt perspective and see what parts of your business you most enjoy doing? Look at what brings you more joy and what energises you in your business? Make a list of all services you currently offer and reflect on how each of them is making you FEEL. As a purpose-driven, spiritual entrepreneur, feeling good in all aspects of your work is essential.

See also the aspects of your work where you feel you’re holding yourself back. Are there any healing modalities that you don’t resonate with fully but you keep them on your offerings because everyone does it and you think you should too? Are your clients expecting you to perform a certain type of healing that you’re not the most comfortable with?

Be honest with yourself and make the choice to only practice what brings you the most joy.

I remember when I started my handmade crystal jewellery business long time ago, I absolutely loved to create intuitively, allowing myself to be guided in the creative process by every crystal I used. My best pieces were those to who I fully surrendered, with no expectations and with ease. As my jewellery became popular, people asked me to create custom orders for them. I accepted to make them but soon realised that it didn’t bring me any joy. I felt restricted in the creative process and it all became an obligation rather than a joy and I even started to lose my motivation for my art altogether. When I made the choice to no longer accepting custom orders, I felt free and excited to create as I liked. I didn’t lose clients, but I attracted those who appreciated my work and who wanted to buy what I created with so much love.

3. Who do I want to work with?

And here you need to be brutally honest and find what people do you really want to help? Who do you LIKE to help? Do you want to work with private clients, or to offer your services to other businesses?

If is about private clients, try to picture in your mind’s eye, how your ideal client is: personality, look, interests, age, education, lifestyle, etc.

If it is about working with other businesses think about what businesses you would like to work with? Would you work for corporate clients, for small startups, or both?

It’s so important to figure-out who you want to work with, I can’t say it enough. You ideal client is what makes you thrive as these are the people you serve every day in your business. If you don’t like your clients, it’s no longer a soul-business, but a job that you created for yourself. Do you really want a business that feels like a job?

To give you an idea here is who I like and want to work with:

Private clients: smart, open-minded, grounded, educated, intuitive, introverted people who seek to learn about spirituality and energy work and/or want to create a business from the heart.

Companies: Small and medium organisations, purpose-driven, environmentally friendly, genuinely embracing and promoting diversity.

Who I don’t want to work with: large corporations because I don’t feel they genuinely care about people, they buy wellbeing services for their staff to only tick a box.

When I opened this business 4 years ago, I thought I had to work with everyone, especially with large companies, as they also had the money to pay. I soon realised that it was no pleasure, and I felt no drive to work with them. As with custom orders from my handmade business, I had to let them go, to make space for my ideal clients to join me on board.

I’ll leave you here with these questions as I am sure you have enough food for thought already.

May the magical moon blessings illuminate your path.