How to cleanse Amethyst – The Complete Guide

Cleansing Amethyst is essential for the regular care of your crystals and jewellery. 

In this article we will focus on the particularities of Amethyst cleansing, for details about crystal cleansing methods please consult the dedicated article here.

Why you should cleanse Amethyst

Amethyst isn’t like any other stone. Due to amethyst properties and various uses, Amethyst tends to absorb more energy than other crystals. 

Especially because Amethyst is a protection stone and also works deep on an emotional level. 

The types of energies this stone absorbs are various and quite strong. 

We know that amethyst helps soothing anxiety and brings in calm and good sleep. 

Protects from negativity of other people, energetic attacks of all sorts and supports the mind and intuition. 

In doing this powerful energetic work, Amethyst absorbs all this negative energy and prevents it to affect you. So while your amethyst helps you, it takes in a lot of stuff that needs to be discarded. 

Also let’s not forget that once you get a new stone you should cleanse it immediately because in its way to you it picked loads of energies that are alien to you.

From the people who mined it, cut the stone, transported, shop staff, to the delivery driver or postman. 

So I believe I convinced you that cleansing Amethyst is important to keep its energy nice and clean and restore it to its original frequency. 

Let’s look into each one:

  • When you just get a new amethyst (purchased, found, received as a gift) you have to cleanse it the exact same day. 
  • If you have an amethyst necklace, ring or earrings – you need to cleanse it just after you took it off. 
  • A crystal on display that stays on your bed-table or on a shelf or anywhere in the room needs cleansed once a week. 
  • Crystals you don’t use but keep stored need cleansing once a month. 
  • Healing crystals that you used intentionally on your body for healing or meditation need cleansing before and after use. 

Safety rules when cleansing amethyst

Amethyst is a pretty strong crystal with a hardeness of 7. 

This means it won’t dissolve in water and it won’t be scratched by softer crystals (with a smaller number on the Moss scale). 

But it it sensitive to bright light. 

Therefore, here are the 20 best ways to cleanse amethyst: 

How to cleanse amethyst jewellery, necklaces and rings

From the 20 methods we talk through not all of them are safe or practical to cleanse amethyst jewellery. 

Avoid methods that involve physical contact such as smoke, water, brown rice or soil. 

Best choose a simple method that is more energetical such as singing bows, your voice, breath, visualisation or energy. 

A simple way to cleanse amethyst necklaces is to place them on or near a piece of selenite.

Full Moon is also safe to cleanse either amethyst rings, necklaces and bracelets. 

Cleansing Amethyst Geode, clusters, churches and large raw crystals

To safely cleanse large pieces of amethyst such as geode, clusters, large amethyst churches or large raw amethyst specimens the best methods are sound cleansing and visualisation. 

You can either play a larger singing bowl around your piece for a couple of minutes or use a rattle. 

A drum can also replace a rattle especially for large amethyst. 

Because these items are very large, ideally you should only use visualisation if you know you have strong visualisation powers and can imagine / perceive a large enough bright light covering your crystal fully. 

Cleaning Amethyst jewellery and crystals

Unlike cleansing which is energetical, cleaning an amethyst is a purely physical method.

This has the purpose the clean any impurities from your amethyst jewellery and bring back its shine. 

Although some methods are only used by professionals, you can safe use warm water and a gentle scent-free soap to clean an amethyst crystal. 

For cleaning amethyst jewellery such as necklaces, rings or bracelets, best is to stick to the care instructions provided with your jewellery. Not all jewellery are equal when it comes to cleaning because it depends by the other materials that are involved in production, the techniques used and other present metals. 

How to cleanse amethyst geode and clusters?

Amethyst geode are beautiful larger pieces of amethyst, some specimens are also called amethyst churches. 

However they can be fragile to mechanical shock so you need to take care when you use them. 

Ideally you don’t want to move your amethyst geode frequently and choose a cleansing method that works easily without even touching the stone. 

Best way to cleanse amethyst geode, clusters and churches is through sound: you can rattle around, play a drum or a singing bowl. You can also use visualisation if you know you can perceive or imagine a large enough light to cover the crystal and lighten it from the inside. 

If you are a healer you can cleanse amethyst geode using energy such as Reiki or other modalities. 

How to cleanse amethyst necklace and amethyst bracelet. 

Ideally you want a more energetical method to cleanse an amethyst necklace or bracelet. 

For example you can place your piece on a selenite wand or tower. 

It also safe to play a singing bowl, or rattle around your amethyst necklace for a deeper cleanse. 

Visualisation, your voice, singing OM mantra and blowing over your jewellery is also very effective and safe. 

Avoid using water, incense, sage, palo Santo, soil or brown rice. 

Water can oxidise the metal pieces your amethyst necklace or bracelet is made from even if it’s silver. 

And the smoke from incense or other smudging herbs can darken the colour of the crystals in your jewellery. While soil can oxidise metals and affect the shine, similar with brown rice.

How to cleanse raw amethyst? 

You can use any method you like to cleanse raw amethyst for smaller pieces. For large pieces see the answer I’ve given for cleansing amethyst geode and clusters. 

How to cleanse chevron amethyst? How about purple amethyst?

Chevron amethyst is no different than common amethyst. While most common amethyst is purple but varies in shades and intensity of colours, chevron amethyst has a banded aspect. Colours go in degrade from purple to light lavender, grey and white. 

The structure of chevron amethyst is identical to purple amethyst and common amethyst so any method we described in this article works very well. 

Choose visualisation, sound and selenite to cleanse amethyst chevron jewellery. 

For amethyst chevron thumbledstone you can go with incense, smudging with sage or palo Santo, cleanse in tap water or sea water or use singing bowls or a rattle. 

Tap water is the easiest way to cleanse amethyst especially when you first get it. I like to use this method with all my new crystals that are water safe. 

You don’t need anything fancy for this. First wash your hands, then hold the crystal under the tap for about 2-3 minutes, visualising all unwanted energy being removed and flushed out by the water. 

During the cold months you can use warm water if you prefer. 

How to charge amethyst

There is a common misconception that crystals need charging but this is simply not true. Crystals have their own powerful mystical energy and they don’t need to be charges for them to work. 

Some people say they charge amethyst when in fact they cleanse it. 

But for your peace of mind if you like to cleanse AND charge your amethyst, you can do this on a Full Moon night. 

At Full Moon the energy and magnetism is so powerful and the Moon provide deep cleanse and fresh energy helping the crystal restore its own. 

Leave your amethyst by the window for the whole Full moon night and in the morning you’ll have it nice and charged. Avoid the Moon eclipses through. 


How to cleanse amethyst it comes up to personal preferences but also you need to keep into account the type of stone or jewellery you have. 

You should cleanse energetically any amethyst crystal or jewellery the first time you get and then regularly according to the usage and purpose. 

Be more careful with your amethyst jewellery, clusters and geodes and choose a gentler cleansing method than for a simple thumbledstone or raw stone for example. 

Always consult with your own common sense and intuition when you need to choose a cleansing method and avoid those who may put you at any risk. 

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