How to celebrate Lammas

The Sun shines bright on the sky, the air is hot, the Earth is dry, and the crops are ripen. If you go out in the fields at this time you’ll see the gold grains waiting for harvest.

Lammas or Lughnasadh represents the first harvest festival of the year. We celebrate it in the Northern Hemisphere on the 1st August, as a feast harvesting the grains. The other two harvest celebrations are Mabon at Autumn Equinox, a time of harvesting fruits and vegetables, and the Samhain ( Halloween season) when is the final harvest of the year for nuts and berries.

If you practice a form of nature-based spirituality, you know that the Summer Solstice was the peak of the Sun turning into its full power. Well, at Lammas, the power of the Sun transfers into the ripening of crops and fist fruits.

To celebrate Lammas, people would bake ceremonial bread from the fist harvest, bless it and share it with the community.

Goddesses and Gods of Lammas

The Mother Goddess moves into her full power at this time. It’s the time when she offers us her abundant gifts of the Earth, to feed us and nurture us. Literally. The goddesses that represent the aspects of Lammas are Ceres, Demeter, Parvati.

The most well-knows god of Lammas ( Lughnasadh) is Lugh. He is the Celtic god of light, craftmanship, talents and skills. He’s the son of the Sun. At this time of the year, he places his full power into the grains.

Other harvest gods: Adonis, Mercury, Osiris, Tamuz.

Spiritual practices during Lammas (Lughnasadh) season

As a season of abundance and receiving the gifts of the Earth to nurture your body, Lammas teaches you about gratitude, hard work, the importance of gaining new skills and developing existing ones. It teaches you about strength and endurance, focus and determination to finish the work you’ve started if you want to have your cup full.

1. Practice Gratitude

This is a time to give thanks to the Earth for the abundance she provides you and the food on your plate. A time to honour the Earth for taking care of your needs, so you can thrive. You can create a gratitude ritual, or simply sit in a gratitude meditation.

At a personal level, it’s time to look at how far you’ve come this year and how much you’ve achieved. Take your journal or simply write on a piece of paper, all the big and little things that entered into your life since Yule. Look at how much you’ve changed, look at your own spiritual journey, look at your approach to work and fun, look at things around you, your health, your home.

This is an extras of my gratitude list for example:

Seeing the sky through my window, seeing the linden tree through my window, my recent Tarot message, my aquamarine crystal on my desk, my new T-shirt, the healthy snack I’ve just had, the 3 articles I wrote this week, the clarity on how to help people, my spiritual practice, etc.

2. Review your goals and walk the walk

Whether you have set your New Moon intentions, or you follow your New Year intention list, this is a time to review your list, check where you are and move into proper action. Do not stop and overthink, over plan, over strategise. That time has long passed. Now you have to take action.

3. Release your fears

If you feel at any point you struggle to get into action, reflect upon your fears that might be holding you back. Write down a list of your fears related to your action plan. Some of your fears could be: fear of failure, fear of success, fear of abandonment, fear of the unknown, fear of doing something new, or different.

Acknowledge that fear is normal, but it doesn’t have to control you. Now create a release ritual for yourself – you may burn safely your piece of paper, do a release meditation, or a self-healing session.

For powerful support, you can call Artemis to help you release your fears and give you courage. She’ll also inspire you to act precisely with no hesitation.

4. Learn a new skill or develop an existing one

As Lammas is also a feast of craftsmanship and skills, this is a perfect time for you to learn something new.

Look at something that always interested you and you never had the chance to try – perhaps you’d like to learn how to bake, paint, make jewellery, knit, write. Or if you already have a skill, look at how you can take it further to bring it to the next level.

Perhaps you want to take a new course in an area that interests you, or even read a book on a new subject. Don’t be afraid to experiment with this, you never know if you enjoy something until you try it.

5. Decorate your altar during Lammas (Lughnasadh) season

Your altar can be as little as a shelf on your bookshelf, on your bedtable or even a small space on your desk. If you don’t have an altar yet, this may be an opportunity to make one.

What I suggest you consider for your altar is to look at your own style and preferences. Are you very connected to nature, the land, the fields, the forest, perhaps you live in the countryside? Or you live in a busy city and you are more drawn to crystals and candles?

Here are some inspiration ideas:

  • a yellow, orange or pale green candle
  • a bunch of wheat, or a small bowl with wheat, oats, rye
  • a bunch of sunflowers, chamomile, or any yellow or orange flowers
  • a small bread-roll – if you want you can bake it yourself. I am not into baking and I prefer to buy one.
  • Lammas crystals – carnelian, yellow calcite, citrine, sunstone, green aventurine, yellow aventurine, pyrite. You can place them as you like or you can create a crystal grid with them.

May you have a wonderful Lammas with abundance, play and joy!

Many blessings!

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