How do crystals really work? My honest view on crystal healing

How do crystals work? Do crystals heal you? Do you need to believe in crystals for them to work? What means crystal healing?

Hi and welcome back to my blog. Today I am going to respond to some of your most common questions about crystals, I think there’s no need for an introduction here so let’s dive in!

1. Crystals work through the power of intention

This is by far the most common, well-known explanation of how crystals work. Crystals do not work on their own, without your participation. Crystals work together with you so you can produce the change you want to see in yourself or in your life. This is why your intention is so important.

Think about this: when you’re hungry you know you’re hungry and you need food. If you go to the grocery shop and ask for food, will the shop seller know what to sell you? NO

But if you’re hungry and think you’d like to eat scrambled eggs on toast, you go to the food shop and ask to buy eggs, vegetable oil, and bread. Will the shop seller know what to sell you? YES

Crystals work in a similar way. If you ask a crystal to help you feel better, or feel happy or not to feel anxious, this is way too general. You need to be specific and clear in your intention.

Crystal intention example for help anxiety

Let’s take the anxiety example. Instead of asking the crystal to help you to feel less anxious, your intention could be:

I want this crystal to help me see why I am feeling anxious.

And when you are in front of a new anxiety attack, just touch the crystal, take a few deep breaths and ask yourself: Is there anything I need to know about my anxiety? Do I really fear for something real, or is it all in my head? If it is for real, then you learned something about yourself and you have some food for thought. If it’s all in your head, then it’s wonderful that you were able to see it and you can ask the crystal to help you to release the fear or worry as it actually doesn’t belong to you.

Another intention to manage anxiety with crystals is:

I want this crystal to remind me every time I am in front of an anxiety attack, that I am safe and loved and that I need to breathe in deeply and count my breaths for a couple of minutes to calm down.

I hope I made this explanation clear, remember, your intention is key when you work with crystals. The more precise your intention is, the better crystals can support you.

2. Crystals work through the power of your own mind

in other words

Do you need to believe in crystals for them to work?


Of course, you need to believe in crystals for them to work.

But this doesn’t only apply to crystals. It applies to everything.

The power of the human mind is limitless, the science started to demonstrate it when it considers the placebo effect on the effectiveness of new drugs.

The mind-body-spirit connection is more and more accepted mainstream as many studies demonstrated how living a well, balanced life can have a real, significant impact on the longevity of people, as well as how well people age, how well they maintain their cognitive abilities and how well they feel in their body.

3. Crystals work as a psychological anchor

When you ask a crystal to help you or charge it with your intention, it’s not the crystal itself who resolves a situation for you or makes you feel calmer, sleep better, feel more confident.

Your crystal has a different role: it works as a keeper of your intentions and every time you touch, see, think of your programmed crystal, your brain immediately makes the connections you need to activate the inner resources you have within to be able to generate the change you want.

Do you remember those fairytales when the village’s healer offers a protection necklace to the hero who is about to go and fight in a battle? She simply says: wear this necklace with you at all times and this necklace will protect your life. The hero knows he is protected as long as he wears the necklace, but he feels vulnerable and exposed to danger when he loses his talisman.

This is how crystals work too.

How do crystals heal?

Crystals do not heal you. YOU are the one that heals you.

Crystals are not drugs, nor natural remedies, they do not get absorbed in your body, nor produce chemical reactions in your body.

Crystals work as facilitators of change and transformation.

Imagine this: you have a beautiful red jasper crystal that you know is going to help you let-go of fear. You’re in front of an important decision, and you don’t know what choice to make: do you stay where you are, play it safe and not change anything because you’re led by fear, or do you want to be brave and choose the unknown path that it might bring you closer to the life you want? Do you feel you fear the unknown but still want to take the leap and follow your dream?

Intention example with crystals to remove fear:

Right, so you decided to go for your dream and raise above fear. Identify what is your fear all about: is your fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of success, fear of judgement? Let’s say is the fear of failure, now you have your intention:

I want to release my fear of failure related to this new project I am going to start.

Then take your crystal, say out loud your intention, lie down, place the crystal on your Root Chakra that is responsible with your fears and stay relaxed for 10 minutes, repeating the intention in your mind.

This is how crystals heal you: you use them, sit in meditation, give yourself space and time to accept yourself, to breathe and allow your mind to rest. This way, you’re gifting yourself with precious time so you can heal yourself.

How crystals work for healing?

To respond to this question I’d rather clarify the terminology.

What means healing?

When we talk about healing in complementary therapies we do not mean physical healing, treating or curing physical or mental illness. Healing as in crystal healing, energy healing, shamanic healing, Reiki, etc means helping people feeling better. By feeling better, accepted, loved, safe, a person has the ability to activate the regenerative power of the human body to promote physical health.

Two different people will recover from the same surgery at different speeds depending on how well treated emotionally they are at home. The exact same surgery can have great success on a person who has a supportive family and a calm home environment and can generate complications in people who are lonely or who experience emotional domestic abuse. The doctor does the same job on both people, but the results are different because the emotional environment that the two people are exposed to is different.

What we do as well-being practitioners is to offer that safe space, a calm environment and nonjudgemental space for our clients so that they can relax, feel safe, accepted and encouraged. By doing so, we create an emotional environment that is beneficial and supportive to our clients so they can activate their self-healing resources.

What means crystal healing?

I do see crystal healing as a method of spiritual healing, but instead of for example praying to the angels or to the Universe, you ask a crystal to help you.

The subtle but important difference between the angels, universal life-force energy and crystals is that crystals are tangible, physical objects that you can see, touch, feel, admire and interact directly.

You cannot doubt the existence of crystals, they are physical, coloured, magnificent treasures of the Earth. Many people feel connected to crystals and believe in their energy even if they don’t know much about them just yet. It’s easy to like crystals. It’s easy to love them. The simple act of admiring a crystal or touching it with your fingers is a moment of mindful beauty in its own right.

When you are lost in beauty, content in the moment, happy within yourself, there’s so much space that you create for change and positive transformation!

I’ll leave you here for today and hope you’ll enjoy the weekend!

Until next time,

Crystal blessings

Amelia x