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Crystal Healing, Reiki, Sound

Crystal Healing

Crystal therapy is a natural energy healing method dating thousands of years back. It uses the energy of specific crystals to address imbalances in the body, removing dis-ease and restoring the body’s capacity to heal itself. It is a very effective healing modality helping with specific issues and general relaxation.

When to choose a crystal healing session

You can choose a crystal healing session for various reasons such as releasing anxiety and stress, support in managing depression, removing blockages and limiting beliefs, releasing past trauma and childhood trauma or abuse, recovery from abusive relationships, opening to love and attracting love, restoring your own power, cutting negative cords of attachments, deep cleansing and protection, expressing your creativity, enhancing intuition and making decisions and spiritual healing.

Reiki energy healing

Reiki is a Japanese natural healing modality aimed to balance your energies in your body bringing a sense of calm and deep relaxation. It helps in clearing mental and emotional blockages and also sustains the body to tune into its own capacity to heal itself.

When to choose a Reiki session: if you need an extra support in your day-to-day life, when you feel confused and stuck, if you feel stressed, overwhelmed and out of control, to improve your general well-being and mental health, to manage pain and sustain your body to recover after an illness or to complement medical treatments, and many more.

Sound Healing

Sound healing uses the sound frequencies to shift energy patterns in the body, facilitating well-being and balance.
A sound healing session can include intuitive singing, chimes, healing drum, tuning forks, rattles, singing bowls, angelic drum and other instruments.

When to choose a sound healing session:

If you want to simply relax and surrender to a deeply refreshing session for mind, body and soul. If you like sound and song and you deeply resonate to the healing power of music. If you have specific aspects to address or for general well-being.

If you don’t know what session to choose, I always offer a free 30 minutes telephone consultation to understand better what your needs are, explain how each healing modality works and suggest what is best for your particular circumstances.

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Disclaimer *** All complementary therapies I practice have the purpose to offer energetic and spiritual support to your circumstances and intentions, to support your body and mind capacity to heal themselves. The sessions I offer do not replace traditional medical care or medication. If you suffer from any physical or mental illness, please make sure you consult your GP to get medical care.