UPDATE – Until October 2020, I don’t have the capacity to take new 1:1 clients for healing sessions at the moment. Please get in touch via email to reserve a space for October.

  • Shamanic journey for guidance, clarity, and knowledge. I journey together with my helping spirits into the spirit world and bring you guidance and messages in the form of symbols and stories and I help you decode your story.
  • Energy Healing – to help you release blockages, negative thought patterns, relationship cords that keep you stuck, bring your power back to manifest abundance, and create your life. I apply different techniques according to your situation, this may involve shamanic healing, crystal healing, Reiki, sound or a combination of them.
  • Ceremonies – private ceremonies to serve your intentions, anniversary ceremonies, heart-healing ceremonies, love celebration ceremonies, closure ceremonies.
  • Blessings – for circumstances, events, decisions, new beginnings

Expect to

  • Gain clarity on your goals and values to live a life that authentic to you
  • Free-up your creative power and inspiration so you can share your gifts with the world
  • Reclaim your inner power and be able to fulfill your dreams
  • Let-go of fears, limiting beliefs and patterns that may stay in your way
  • Access your own wisdom and intuition
  • Release old wounds and other people’s energies that are still attached to your energy

All of these will help you to live a free, creative life, to express and share your gifts with the world and shine your light at your fullest potential.  

What I do for you:

I help you identify your inner resources within you, shift your mindset and release thought patterns that are holding back, so you can be fully in your power and live your life fully and purposefully.

If there is any blockage, energy, past event or relationship that stops you from being in your full power, I remove thes from your energy firls through various healing techniques.

What can you expect to experience? 

This depends from a session to another. We normally commence by having a deep clarity conversation to help you get to the core of your healing intention. After that I start the healing session when you stay still and comfortable and I send the healing to you.

During a healing session you may experience:

  • A deep sense of peace and calm
  • A dream-like state with sudden realisations, insights and a meditation journey
  • Emotions may arise
  • Tension, energy-releasing – In rare situations some discomfort can occur, this is part of the healing process but it is good to be aware of it. 

Ready to start your own transformation journey? Email me at amelia@theblissfulart.com with a brief description of your situation and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Healing sessions work very well online (at distance) as in person. The energy flows freely as we are all connected, and a distant healing session is as effective as one in person.
All my 1:1 sessions are now taking place online – distance healing only until it will be safest to return to work face to face in London.

Below are some of the sessions

Heart Healing session

To bring you balance, openess and joy in your heart and leave you held in unconditional love and acceptance.

This is a session particularly suitable if you feel any heaviness in your heart, you struggle to love yourself or you are afraid to open to receive love from others. Also works if you are an overgiver, always the type of person who unconditionally helps to the point you feel depleted.

Aura/Chakra cleansing session

A full aura cleansing session will leave your energy restored followed by a grounding and protection ritual.

This session is suitable in moments of unexplicable weakness, whenever you feel depleted of energy without any obvious reason, or you find it hard to focus or you feel very unsettled.

You’ll leave the session feeling mentally refreshed, the cleansing having the energetic effect of a shower on your body. A sense of grounding, security and universal protection will make you leave confident and strong.

Clearing Cords of Attachment Session

Cord clearing healing session for deep emotional healing of wounded relationships ( past or present).

Cords of attachments are created during any relationship or interaction with people and the world around us. Positive nurturing relationships create positive cords but cords created from wounded relationships can deplete the body and bring up unbalances.

Energetic symptoms of a person still attached to another can manifest in inability to move forward to a new relationship, inability to leave the relationship if this is for their best interest, inability to make clear judgements for themselves, always seeing life through the eyes, emotion and desires of the other person.

Clearing cords of attachments is a very deep emotional healing session that will release any unheathy cords from your energy field and it will leave you free and with your energy clear and restored.

Blessing Session

This is a beautiful blessing session with song that brings light, hope, positivity, strength, etc. Suitable when you need extra divine help. For example: before an interview, an important discussion, exam, when you enter a new relationship, or start a new project.
In difficult moments can bring soothing energy, love, support and a fresh new perspective.

Closure Ceremony

This a session specifically designed to help you release a past relationship that came to an end and bring a spiritual closing to your relationship. When a relationship ends it is very important to honour all the gifts and lessons we received in that relationship, no matter if it was a positive or a challenging one.  A private closing ceremony offers you the space and energy to give thanks for what you received, to acknowledge the struggles, to process the grief and open yourself for the new.

HOW TO BOOK a session:

Please email me at amelia@theblissfulart.com to book a free consultation so I can hear more about you and how I can support you.