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Well-being services to support the mind, body and soul. Crystal Healing and Spiritual Courses.

1:1 Healing Sessions

Crystal Healing, Reiki, Sound Healing, Indian Head Massage

private sessions in London

If you are in need of:

 emotional balance and inner peace * mental clarity * flow and excitement * overcoming mental blockages *improve your well-being and energy levels * manage stress, anxiety, depression * protect your energy* support through challenges, life changes* recovery from physical illness* recovery from toxic relationships and past trauma * 

I can support you with a variety of healing modalities and private ceremonies. 

Match 2020 Update – all energy healing sessions will be held as distance/remote healing for foreseeable future. I reduced by 45% my fees for these sessions to be able to best support people at these challenging times.

Reiki, Crystal, Sound Healing

To help with energy and aura cleansing, energy balance, deep relaxation, chakra balancing, support in specific issues.
Modalities can be combined during the same session.

Indian Head Massage – temporarily unavailable

Indian head massage for complete relaxation.
I offer this as a stand-alone treatment or as an add-on to your energy healing session.

Deep Energy cleansing and Protection Session – 90 minutes – online/ distant healing only.

A full aura cleansing session that will leave your energy restored followed by grounding and protection ritual.
This session is suitable in moments of inexplicable weakness, energy depletion, or you feel very unsettled. You’ll leave the session feeling mentally refreshed, the cleansing having the energetic effect of a shower on your body. A sense of grounding, security and universal protection will make you leave confident and strong. To book please email me

Clearing Cords of Attachment session – 90 minutes – online/ distant healing only.

Cord clearing healing session for deep emotional healing of toxic relationships ( past or present). Cords of attachments are created during any relationship or interaction with people and the world around us. Cords that are being created from loving relationships are positive and uplifting, but cords created from toxic and abusive relationships can deplete the body and bring unbalances. For your free consultation, to inquire or to book, email

Angelic Blessing Session – 90 minutes online/ distant healing only.

This is a beautiful angelic healing session that brings light, hope, positivity, strength or whatever is needed in your circumstances. A perfect session at any time you need an extra divine help. It can be when you start something new, a project, a new relationship, just before making a decision, before an exam or an interview. In difficult moments can bring soothing energy, love, support and a fresh new perspective. To book please email me at

Heart Healing Session with Cacao Ceremony- 90 minutes – temporarily unavailable

If you feel your heart unbalanced, you don’t feel loved, or perhaps you feel afraid to receive love or you are giving too much, I hold the space for you to facilitate your heart opening. You’ll create a deep connection to your heart with ceremonial grade cacao and intuitive healing using crystals, visualisation, sound. You’ll leave the session feeling light and being held in unconditional love. To book please email at

Closure Ceremony (break-up/divorce healing) – from 90 minutes – online/ distant healing only.

This a session specifically designed to help you release past relationships that came to an end and bring a spiritual closing to your relationship. A private closing ceremony offers you the space and energy to give thanks for what you received, to acknowledge the struggles, to process the grief and open yourself for the new.

To book please email