How to make healing art

Many of you already know how much I value the power of art as a wonderful way to express yourself. I feel art and creativity is actually a lot more than just self-expression. I see in the creative process a way of allowing your thoughts to concentrate, concepts to start taking a physical form and emotions being transmuted in various colours, shapes and textures for our ultimate healing and release.

Healing art is ultimately about self expression AND transformation, sometimes of feelings, patterns, beliefs that we are not even aware of.

What do you need to make healing art?

Basic art materials

Pencil, all purpose art paper, coloured pencils or sharpies should be enough.

You don’t need fancy acrylics and watercolours, but if you are familiar with them you can use them. When I started to draw and colour mandalas I only had coloured pencils, later getting some Sharpies. Only recently I bought acrylics and watercolours just to play with different mediums.

You can also use magazines for making collages or beads for jewellery making. For many years the only form of art was simply making jewellery, until I started to draw and paint.


As always, in any healing process, the intention is key. If you don’t have a clear intention when making art, you can simply say to yourself that you create to ground that anger or to connect with your New Moon intentions or to call in the creative flow. But you can also create for deeper work, for example, to release trauma, to express how you feel, to let go of an unwanted habit or old conditioning that no longer serves you.

Let go of expectations and create for yourself. Creating healing art is not about making beautiful art for others to appreciate it and admire it. This is not about healing. It is about feeding the ego. 

Making healing art is the one you do it for yourself. Is the art that comes from the heart, guided from your deepest corners of your soul and expressed on the paper as a sacred act of self love. You dont have to share your work with others. You don’t have to like the art you create, although this can happen. You don’t even have to connect to that piece of art in the future unless you need to remind yourself about the healing that happened. 

This is a very important part and I many times felt intimidated that my art doesn’t look that professional as of other people who are officially trained. Other times I gave up creating jewellery because I felt they were too complicated, too statement for what people seek now as the contemporary jewellery is minimalistic. 

Then I understood that, if I only create for myself spending 12 hours to finish a tree of life pendant pictured below, is because I enjoyed the process completely and I felt transmuted into the fantasy world of beautiful forests and deep rivers surrounded by joyful birds and world’s mysteries. What can be more beautiful and rewarding than the journey itself? 

I feel my art represents who I am in the moment. It is always changing and it will always show a different face, a different feeling or a different event that I need to process.

My art, especially my paintings are very personal. I do not do art from a need to share it with others, or to demonstrate how skilled I am. It is not about that. I am not a trained artist, I am self-taught and to me, art is simply about healing, about playing, about being me. I do not set myself targets to make art. I choose to make art to release, to bring to life, to allow the unconscious mind to guide me and lead me towards what is relevant, significant, important to me.

Some examples of healing art I made over time, just to show you, not the estetic value of it but the personal value it has:

This is a watercolour painting I made after an ancestral shamanic healing session. I felt the angel represented my ancestors and my family tree, in a loving beautiful way. I reconciled mentally the relationship with my narcissistic parents and I felt I can move forward to live my life from a place of feeling loved and supported by my ancestors.

Celtic Tree of Life by Amelia Bliss

This is the Celtic Tree I made recently while processing all the things happening in the world right now. I was feeling upset, sad, and in a way responsible that I can’t do more myself to make things better. Painting this tree of life was my way of processing and understanding that everything is connected, we are all connected including the upper, middle and lower world and that the spirits are with us at any time – we just need to ask for their assistance. 

This is a Winter Dream painting I made during winter time, to connect with the spirits of Nature, the Moon and the fantasy world. I also have a great affinity for foxes because I had a dog that looked like a fox named Foxy, which I loved deeply, but she’s now in the dogs’ heaven. I felt closer to her as I remembered her spirit being reassured that she’s in a better place now.