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Cacao Ceremony

Group Healing Session

  • Sat, 25th January 2020, 7:30pm
  • at Buddha on a Bicycle in Covent Garden. London
  • £25

A deeply restorative session for mind and body, offering you the space to reconnect with who you truly are.

Join us in this intimate cacao meditation in a peaceful ceremonial setting, to still the mind, and engage your senses, tasting the delicious raw cacao from Peru.

They say cacao has the gift to connect you with your own heart and facilitate clarity and inner wisdom. When you meditate with cacao you allow your whole being to benefit from the qualities of cacao, enjoying the endorphins released and listen to your inner voice.

What to expect:

  • opening meditation for grounding into the ceremonial space
  • silent cacao meditation
  • healing session to integrate the benefits of cacao, intuitively chosen for the day: it can be Reiki group healing, crystal healing, shamanic style drumming, dance.
  • sharing circle and closing meditation.

What you need to know: please keep yourself hydrated before and after session, do not drink alcohol on the day and try to eat a lighter meal.