Crystal Healing

Get to know your healing crystals – The art of crystal attunement

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the amount of information about crystals you google about, just to leave you more confused and not really knowing what are the properties of a specific crystal and how it can help help you? Here what we call crystal attunement comes into place, to bring a new light on the way you learn about crystals.

I have been mentioning in a previous article about the special personality of each crystal that enters your life. To benefit best from your crystals it is important to getting to know them and tune into their own specific energy.

Attunement is a method of direct revelation, of connecting to crystal energy, so you can learn for yourself what a crystal can do for you. This is a very personal experience, and it helps you develop a special, profound relationship with your crystals. You’ll get to know your crystals, just as you get to know a new friend. It is about communication, receptivity and curiosity.

Before using any new crystal that enters your collection, to make the most of its use you need to attune to their energy. This means connecting with the energy of crystals and allowing the crystal to merge its energy with your energy. In this way you connect with your crystal and awaken it. Many crystals have been dormant for thousands of years, and during the attunement process you and allow it to start speaking to you while you learn to listen

Don’t forget to always cleanse your crystal before attuning to it, I wrote an article about cleansing methods here.

But let’s dive into the three most powerful crystal attunement methods:

Crystal attunement meditation

  • Hold the crystal you want to connect to in your non-dominant hand
  • Close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths into your belly, stay in silence for a couple of moments
  • Bring your attention onto your palm where you’re holding the crystal
  • Notice and sensations coming from the crystal: is the crystals warm, hot or cold, is its surface rough or smooth, any physical sensations, tingling, pressure, etc. 
  • Notice if you perceive any colours, shapes, images. 
  • Notice thoughts and sensations in your body
  • Are there any memories triggered?
  • Just observe these sensations as this is how you experience the crystal energy.

Whatever arises during this exercise be aware that this is triggered by the specific energy of that crystal. It will give you an indication on what do you need to pay attention to, or how it can best support you.

People connect with crystal energy in different ways. Some are physically sensitive or others are very imaginative. Depending on your own personality and energy you will experience crystal attunement in your own way. Either way is perfect and exactly how it should be.

Sometimes you might not feel anything at all and this is fine. It can be normally a sign that the crystal doesn’t do much for you at that moment and maybe your energies are so similar and you cannot feel a difference. This normally happens when you hold a crystal that you don’t particularly need at that time. 

Crystal attunement on the body 

Another method of attuning to crystals is to place them on your body. Simply lie down, take a couple of deep breaths and close your eyes. Then place the crystal on your body, ideally on the chakra that matches the crystal colour or on your heart. ( I wrote about chakras and colours associated in this article)
Then pay attention to sensations, thoughts, emotions, images you see as in the previous exercise. 

During the attunement process you can also start asking questions to your crystal and see what answers and insights you can get. For example if you think a specific crystal will help you in a specific issue, you can ask a question and then listen. You answer might come to you silently in your mind as a simple yes or no or it might come as a visual image, thought or sensation. 

When awakening crystals to use them for healing other people, you can ask the crystal during the attunement process : how will you best help my clients in healing? And then wait for your response to come. 

Crystal attunement through Automatic Writing

This is by far one of my favourite methods of crystal attunement, perhaps because I love to write and I feel writing it takes me very deep into sensing energies and messages. If you have a journalling practice this method might be very suitable to you.

Step 1: All you need to do is to simply hold the crystal for a couple of moments, closing your eyes and taking a couple of deep breaths. Meditate a little bit with the crystal in your palm and surrender to wherever it takes you without any conscious control of the experience. You can do this for as long as you are comfortable to stay in meditation.

Step 2: Place the crystal in front of you, take a pen and a paper and start writing whatever comes into your mind as a result of this meditation, perhaps you can start with what you felt during the meditation, any thoughts or stories that came into your mind, etc. Simply continue to write freely without any conscious control. Sometimes you’ll be surprised by the insightful messages you get through this process.

What to pay attention to make the most of your crystal attunement

Everyone experiences the crystal awakening process very different, but to help you benefit most from this experience you have to pay attention to:

  • how do you feel
  • special thoughts or feelings
  • what memories are triggered
  • strong emotions
  • sudden realisations
  • colours that you see/perceive
  • any images or visions
  • are you taken into a dream-like state, journey, what is this all about?


It’s good to attune to each and every new crystal that enters your life, that you either bought for yourself or you received as a gift. Also I recommend repeating this process every once in a while when your circumstances changed and your needs are different. Some crystals will finish their initial mission and you need to know if they bring you something different or perhaps is time to focus on working with another one.

I’ll post soon an article about how to work with crystals with intention or programming so you can have the full picture on the basic information you need to get yourself started and benefit fully from the supportive crystal energy.

Until next time,

Crystal blessings,