Garnet properties and meaning

Birthstone: January

Types of garnet

  • Almandine in colour red, and shades of brown and black
  • Andradite in colour khaki, brown, black
  • Grossularite in colour grey, green, pink
  • Hessonite in colour red, yellow, orange, brown
  • Melanite in black
  • Pyrope as dark red
  • Rhodolithe found in shades from dark red to red-violet
  • Pessartite in yellow, red-broen, brown
  • Uvarovite in emerald green

When to use a garnet crystal

You can work with garnet energy whether :

  • garnet is your birthstone
  • during the month of January even if it is not your birthstone
  • if you need support in any aspect that garnet can address

The best qualities of garnet

Increase energy – Extremely potent crystal, garnet provides a strong sense of grounding and balances energy levels in the body. Especially during the winter months, wearing garnet it brings you an energy boost and increases motivation, and determination.

A new perspective – Whenever it comes to new projects or existing ones that need to be reconsidered, working with garnet energy it will bring you a new perspective and it will make you see new ways of approaching things.

Crisis and challenges – In moments of crisis or intense changes, when everything seems to be falling apart, garnet is the stone that will help you not only overcome the struggles but to actually find the brightest solutions to your problems whilst building up your strength and trust.

Revitalise – Garnet is a revitalising crystal. It works really well in helping you to restore lost motivation, it supports you in building your perseverance and injects your projects with enthusiasm and passion.

Passion – In long-term, romantic relationships garnet helps to restore passion and stimulates sexual desire. It enhances sexual communication and fulfillment at a physical and emotional level.

Changing behaviours – A very good choice if you work on releasing any unwanted behaviours and changing habits and patterns, garnet supports you to successfully release these and make space in yourself to create healthily, beneficial habits for yourself.

Grounding – In moments of low mood, tiredness, depression, garnet supports you to feel grounded, it really brings you back to reality facilitating the strong connection to the Earth, helping you to regain your normal energy levels and rediscover your zest for life.

Regeneration – At a physical level, garnet is a regenerative crystal, fortifies the blood and stimulates the circulatory system, renews the cells, stimulated the blood pressure and strengthens the immune system.

How to wear and use garnet

As a jewelery the best option on wearing garnet is as earrings or pendant.

In a self-healing session, you can place a garnet tumbledstone on the affected area of the body, or place it on the root chakra depending where is needed.

Garnet Key qualities:

Energy, motivation, strength, new perspective.

Garnet chakra

Root Chakra or Muladhara

Releasing Bad Habits – Self-Healing ritual with Garnet

What you need:

  • create your sacred space – see my other article about how to create your own ceremony for ideas
  • a small, cleansed garnet tumbled stone – see the article on cleansing crystals for guidance
  • pen and paper or your journal

The ritual:

  • sit in your sacred space and breathe deeply to still your mind and connect to yourself, relax into your body, mind and spirit
  • when you feel enough connected imagine a white light above your head, radiating through your body, cleansing your aura from any unwanted energy
  • place your hand to your heart and ask your heart what is the habit that you need to release and take time to listen: notice any word, thought, feeling that pops into your mind
  • once you found what you need to release take your journal or your piece of paper and write down your intention: I am now releasing X habit through the healing that is about to happen. If you are not clear in your intention try and write down a few variations until you are happy with phasing your intention.
  • when you are ready you can lie down, breathe deeply, relax into your body, mind and spirit
  • Hold the garnet crystal onto your heart and ask the crystal to support you in your healing intention
  • place the crystal on your root chakra – this can be just above the pubic bone or between your legs at your choice.
  • Take three deep breaths and say aloud your intention: I dedicate this healing to release X habit which no longer serves me. I am now releasing X habit from my body, from my mind and from my aura and I set myself free from this habit.
  • Stay relaxed with your eyes closed and the crystal placed onto your root chakra for about 10 minutes. If any strong discomfort such as intense feelings in the body, laughter, crying, hot flush or increased heart pressure, then release the crystal and close the session as it might be too much energy released. Do not stay in healing if you feel intense discomfort.
  • When you are ready you can thank your crystal and release it from your body, take a couple of breaths and slowly bring yourself back into awareness.

The healing process is now complete. Try to keep yourself hydrated, be mindful of your feelings, thoughts and dreams the following days or even week and notice anything that feels relevant. You can journal your experiences as this can be very helpful in observing the changes or making a sense of your experiences.

Sometimes more than one session is needed to release a habit, you can repeat this healing process whenever you feel is necessary.

Until next time,

I am sending you many blessings to lighten your journey,


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