The First Quarter Moon Meaning

In the seventh day after the New Moon, right at midday, you can see the soft Half Moon rising in the eastern sky, with her pale skin glowing in the sunshine. She is The Maiden, the Half Moon, ready to commit to taking action and follow her dreams, with confidence, trust and determination.

At the time of the First quarter, the Moon is Half Full, and depending on where you are in the world you may see the left or the side. Whichever side you see is not important. What IS important, is that you see the Half Full Moon. Remember the word FULL.

A time for action

You are half-way through your manifestation cycle, you passed the self-sabotaging phase of Waxing Crescent and already overcame your fears and limiting beliefs that tried to pull you back right after your journey began.

A week has passed since the New Moon hidden in the dark sky. A week of potential, plan, trial, and errors. You already learned something from your journey. You learned about yourself. You now know that you need to measure your efforts and be realistic on your expectations towards yourself. You also know you have to stay committed.

This is a time for ACTION. A time to let go of any doubts, to really reinforce your commitment and do the work that has to be done.

Face the challenges

At this stage some challenges may appear. External, or internal.

External challenges may make your work harder and require you to find an inspired solution. You may have to make a choice, to take the right step and move into action. Whatever challenges you face, keep yourself focused, and adaptable. Refine your action plan if it’s needed. Make those precise adjustments and do what it takes.

Internal challenges that you may face are your own thoughts and emotions. Do connect with your emotions and listen to them. They are telling you the truth. If there is any situation or person in your life that stays in your way, perhaps it’s time to consider rising healthy boundaries. Do not allow other people to dictate your life. Do not allow their view on life to affect your path.

Let go of blockages

If you notice at this stage any thought patterns that are not serving you, or any blockage or inability to get into action and overcome any challenges that came in your way, this is a great time to let them go. Identify whatever stops you to take action.

Sometimes this feeling is very physical. I remember 3 months ago I worked through my self-care issues. One of my New Moon intentions was to be able to take time for myself. Something inside me blocked me to do it. I had the intention to take a break, go for a walk, do my meditation but something almost physically stopped me. I associated this with an energetic chain. Once I realised that this chain kept me unable to do what I wanted, I decided it was time to release it. And I performed a healing ritual on myself with the intention to let-go of it. Things improved very well after that.

You can do something similar too. Identify anything that stops you, identify it in your body, give it a name, perhaps a shape. And then perform a releasing ritual and let it go. It will benefit you tremendously.

Reinforce your commitment

Bring back into your awareness your dreams, goals and desires for this Moon cycle. Perhaps meditate with them again. See them happening. FEEL them happening. The more you connect with the feeling the more power you gather to go for your dreams.

Meditate with the Moon, call in for wisdom, support and energy. Ask her to give you power and determination so you can get what you want.

Move forward

After you released any mental/energetic blocks that may stay in your way, move into inspired action phase. Remember, the Moon is Half Full. You are so close to your dream.

Make it happen. Dare to be bold and brave, work on your confidence, take the leap, and do those things you never thought you were capable of!

Until next time,

May the Moon illuminate your way.

Many blessings,


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