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Finance Manager Turned Crystal Healer In London: Here’s What Happened

Finance Manager Turned Crystal Healer In London: Here’s What Happened

I wasn’t always a healer.

I was a finance manager and turned crystal healer after a long journey.

I worked many years for others and faced the well-known realities of what this involves: long working hours, high responsibility, stress, competition, anxiety and overwhelm.

Crystals came into my life by accident, when I started to make handmade jewellery as a hobby, to still my mind during my evenings and find pleasure and joy in something only mine. This soon transformed into something much more important than I ever imagined: I stepped into a huge learning curve that never really stopped.

As soon as I started to work with crystals I noticed that many positive things happened to me:

  • I reconnected to my creativity,
  • Rediscovered my joy of life,
  • Learned who I am and what I stand for,
  • Started to take care of myself, meditate, exercise, eat healthy food, raise healthy boundaries,
  • Stabilise my mood, manage my anxiety and rise above depression.
  • I left toxic jobs, suffocating places and even my unhappy marriage.

It was a journey of discovery and transformation, that taught me a lot about myself and the world around me.

Amazed by all the benefits that crystals brought to me, I wanted to teach people to connect with crystals themselves so they can too benefit of this wonderful energy.

So I took crystal training, studied coaching, mindfulness, shamanic healing, sound and colour therapy and I even learned to connect and work with the angels.

The greatest wisdom I gained was this:

The Mind has unlimited power, but not on her own…

The Universe is our greatest guide and healer.

And Intuition is the gateway between us and the Universe.

And Crystals are helpers, keepers of our intentions and facilitators of magical inner transformation.


That year was memorable to me.

In January 2017 I opened The Blissful Art, to share my passion for crystals and wellbeing with others. I first hosted creative workshops at weekends, where people made their own crystal healing trees and crystal jewellery.

I was still in full-time employment and just landed what I thought was my dream job: a founding finance manager in an educational institution. The work was crazy, with over 60 hours of work per week, my boss was abusive, but somehow I kept going for the sake of young people’s education.

Soon my anxiety sky-rocketed, my depression put me down and I found myself burned-out just like that, days before the long-waited Summer holiday.

I resigned and took time off to recover.

I always knew finance work didn’t bring me any joy, and my heart and soul were into helping people feel better.

But I was too afraid to make a decision on my own.

So the Universe gave me a push, and asked me to to fully commit.

The shift : Becoming a Crystal Healer and teacher in London

I continued to host tree of life workshops, that was balm for the soul, for me and for my creative students. They told me that these workshops were therapeutic and wanted to learn more about crystals.

So I began to teach beginner crystal classes in London that soon became very popular. People also started to see me privately, for healing sessions with crystals, art, colours and sound.

This work was sacred to me. I always saw my clients and students as a whole, resourceful, wise, powerful human beings.

My role was never to be a healer or a teacher.

My role was TO EMPOWER people to access the beauty and resources they already have within.

After crystal healing sessions with me, people transformed and felt better.

  • Some gained clarity on their path. Started new projects that always wanted to do.
  • Start new healthy habits at their own initiative.
  • Processed old trauma, liberating themselves from pain.
  • Accessed new levels of creativity.
  • Regathered their energy after difficult relationships.
  • Recovered from divorce.

And the list can go on and on.

As time passed, I saw more people transforming and feeling better with the power crystals.

I also continued to learn and help myself too so I could release my own old trauma, let-go of fears and support myself through my own challenges.

Crystals are always there to help us, if we just ask.

As with the crystal healing courses in London these evolved in two directions:

  • for those who wanted to learn for personal empowerment and wellbeing 
  • and for those who wanted to become a certified practitioner and  train in crystal healing

The first certification course I ever taught was in Central London, as a weekend course in 2019. I ran 3 series at Level 2 qualification with small groups of people. My students enjoyed them and I received overwhelmingly positive feedback from these classes.

The vast majority of them continued to study with me further and attended the Level 3 Advanced course.

How I started to teach crystal healing courses online

You never know how much you love something until you lose it.

This was the devastating reality of March 2020, when the global pandemic has hit many of us wellbeing practitioners.

So I saw my crystal healing classes dissapearing overnight.

I still remember the day when, with a heavy heart, I had to cancel all my classes, contact every person by email, refund the money they paid, and promise I’ll keep them updated with new London classes when the time will come.

The time didn’t come.

I fell into a deep depression, couldn’t speak with anyone for weeks, and when I started to put myself back I realised that I could do my work online.

Like most of the teachers at this time, I taught the same weekend course I used to teach in London as the online version.

Soon I realised that for a better learning experience, people need a longer, in-depth and slower approach – and this is how the 3- months programme started to take form.

Yeah, so turning a crystal healer from finance manager was definitely a journey, and it still is.

Until next time,

Magical crystal blessings.

Amelia x

LATER UPDATE: 01.05.2021 – I no longer teach crystal healing for ethical and sustainability reasons. I wrote an in depth article to address a couple of issues about crystal sourcing, mass mining, etc here.