Intuitive Energy Healing

These intuitive energy healing sessions are for people who seek to return to a state of inner balance and release energy blockages, repair energy leakages, release toxic cords and replace them with light and positive energy.

Although I am formally trained in many healing modalities, over time my healing style became very intuitive and spiritually guided.

During a healing session I fully surrender to my spirit guides which often are angels, ascended masters and other beings of light who take lead of the session.

They have the ability to restore power and lost energy, return to you what it belongs to you and help you process and let go of what no longer serves your highest good. These spirits are very loving spirits of light who work for your highest good, so you can express yourself in the world as the whole beautiful person you truly are.

To book an intuitive energy healing session with me in London or even online, please email me at . 

Pricing: Online sessions : £55 / 1 hour