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Energy Forecast for the week 19th-25th April

We are in front of a new week and also welcoming the New Moon energy on 23rd April. This week brings a positive, uplifting energy and it feels like the heaviness we all experienced in the past weeks has come to an end.

We have guidance from the Nature’s Whispers Oracle Cards by Angela Hartfield and Josephine Wall. This is one of my favourite oracle cards for the uplifting guidance they provide and I found them very useful for daily messages when I need an input of positivity and support.

I used a 13 card spread with a central message for everyone and then a cards for each Zodiac sign, this looks as in the picture below.

General guidance for the week – message for everyone

General guidance: Hope and Happiness

The energy of this week is positive and uplifting and this is really the message that everyone was looking forward to receive, it is time to trust in our ability to look forward for a better future that we are creating right in this moment and trust the divine plan.

It feels like a revival of all senses in connection with the healing power of Nature. Despite humanity living challenging times, wild animals, birds, butterflies, are now starting to feel revived, their homes are safer and their existence for the first time in many years is undisturbed.

Together with this revival of the planet, the humanity starts also to awaken. These are moments when all of us are slowing down, looking within and finding hope and happiness in what truly matters to us. For those who don’t yet know what truly matters, this is the message that clarity will be gained soon.

If you struggled the past few weeks, feeling out of place, stagnant, perhaps low mood or energy drained, if you felt the fear visiting you at times, this week is the right time for you to let go of the pain, open your heart’s door to receive hope. Finding hope deep within, finding the inner light in connection with the Divine Source of All it opens the possibility to find true happiness and strength, and unleash inner resources that you never been aware of before.

Do connect with your spiritual side, spend time by yourself in meditation, contemplation, open your heart chakra and visualise a beautiful green light shining into your heart.

Plan the seeds for your happiness at the time of New Moon on 23rd April.

Helping angels and crystals

To work with the energy of this card at this time, you can call upon Archangel Raphael for healing and heart opening and use a small emerald thubledstone or green Fluorite.

Aries Guidance: Fresh Approach

This is a time to step back, pause and take a break to be able to see the bigger picture. Perhaps you felt stagnant recently of you want to make a decision or a choice, perhaps you felt unsure about career or a personal relationship. Try to not get lost in small details and start seeing the bigger picture, this week and especially the New Moon will bring a new light on things. You have all the rources you need within, just be brave enough to embrace yourself and accept who you are, there is so much power and beauty in your authenticity. Get in touch with your emotions and allow yourself to feel. Show yourself to the world true and authentic and your path will shine.

Take a break, do something completely different, relax and enjoy yourself. The moment you stop being so serious about life will bring you so much relief and also a new perspective and clarity over things. Make the most of the New Moon on Thursday, meditate, connect with your heart and allow your vision to unfold without leading it from the mind.

Taurus Guidance: Be gentle with yourself

It seems you have been pushing yourself to do a lot of things recently and perhaps you’re overwhelmed adjusting to the new reality that can be at times challenging for all. You felt all over the place perhaps with a strong desire to do things perfectly.

Try and let go of perfection and high expectations towards yourself as this puts a lot of pressure and can make you tired or even burned-out. Take a step back and embrace yourself in compassion and love. Accept that it’s ok to feel overwhelmed and tiredness is normal if you don’t rest properly. You are enough and there is no need to work hard to prove it. Have a good rest, take things easier, make some time for yourself to relax and be creative. Self-love has never been more important.

Gemini guidance: Amplify your positive emotions

Pay attention to what you want to grow in your life. It’s easy to feel trapped in fear and worry and normally what we feed grows bigger. What you don’t want to grow in yourself is destructive emotions of fear and anxiety that are fed by compulsively reading the news, staying social media dependent, being distracted by demands of others.

It is time to take a moment and pay attention to the distractions in your life, notice that your fear is not yours but created by external energies that you allow to enter and imprison yourself.

Start recognising what is the source of distraction and fear. Take a cleansing shower and wash away any fear and anxiety and make space for positive emotions in your life. From this place you allow your heart to speak to you through compassion and love and grow these feelings that are not only beneficial to you but to the whole humanity.

Practice gratitude every morning and set yourself positive for the day.

Cancer – Let Love be your beacon

Your heart knows all the answers. You just need to listen to it and allow it to speak to you and guide you. Living from a place of love and trust is the most beautiful gift you can offer to yourself, it will allow you to love a life more fulfilled and shine your light into the world.

Step into your heart and new ideas will come to life, you are full of resources. It is a time of transformation for you and your heart will guide you through your deepest healing. This is also a time to cultivate your seeds at the time of New Moon.

Pay attention to what you want to grow at this time as it has the potential to grow. Choose from the heart.

Leo – Adventure

Your powerful energy calls you to move into action. You crave deeo inside for adventure and perhaps you feel frustrated at this time as there is no possibility to explore the world right now.

We all have to adjust to the new reality but somehow you feel more affected than others. It’s time for a change in perspective and create a new definition of adventure for yourself. Connect to your deepest emotions and recognise what do you feel right now. From this place connect to your heart deeply and find what energise you and brings you excitement, joy and adventure.

Perhaps you can start thinking about a new project, explore a new hobby or take your time to write down all those amazing ideas you accumulated but you never explored them. Now is your time to rediscover parts of yourself you thought were hidden or forgotten.

Virgo -Culmination of vision

This is your time to shine. Wheter you’ve been working hard towards a new project, applied for a new job or changing careers, or perhaps you were seeking answers about your true authentic path, this card tells you that your vision is about to manifest.

Pay attention to the signs you receive and follow the, You are very much supported at this time and your hard work starts paying off.

Be careful of people or behaviours that can pull you back, someone from your past might distract you at this time but you need to focus on your purpose.

As long as you follow you own path and stand in your power, the success is near.

Libra – Intuition

You know what to do. This card comes to you to confirm that if you had an intuitive feeling about something happening in your life, trust it.

There is something in your life that plays something else than it really is. Perhaps everything seems perfect from a distance but you have a feeling that something isnt right. Trust this.

Whether you feel something isn’t working for you at the moment or you just felt suddenly called to explore something new, your intuition is always right.

When you trust your intuition you can’t be wrong. The divine assistance is coming to you now with the highest support and guidance for your best interest.

Ask your guides for divine support and assistance and ask for a sign to confirm your feelings. The truth will be revealed soon.

Scorpio – Love Matters

This card is here to confirm someone loves you and supports you unconditionally. Open yourself to love and receive it in your life. It’s time to allow yourself to feel loved, nurtured and supported.

If you were wondering about a new romantic love, this is the moment to receive it.

This card can also be about a new or old friendship that becomes very important to you, helping you to stay on your path or take a new path that is more beneficial.

Sagittarius: Assurance

This is a time to wait and go deeply inwards and connect with yourself. It is a time to accept how far you’ve come and how you feel at this moment. Allow your emotions to talk to you even if it feels unconfortable at times.

Perhaps you feel stagnant, or sad, or tires and the best you can do for yourself is to rest and write in your journal.

You are held in love and you are deeply supported, whatever is going on into your life right now. You came a long way and all you’ve been through shaped the person you are now. Just recognise and honour that. Especially if you’ve been through a personal transformation you need to take your time and not jump into action just yet.

The Universe has a plan for you and this is the moment to restore your energy and prepare yourself for the next step. Don’t forget you are loved and supported.

Capricorn – Seek Beauty

Something is trying to distract your attention from your true path and it seems you are contemplating some options that don’t feel right for you but you think you have no much choice.

You do have a choice. Follow what feels truly right, allow yourself to love with grace and step into your power. Do not allow others to disempower you and be careful about unsolicited advice that you might receive from a feminine figure.

Your time has come but some deep emotions yet unresolved and hidden fears could hold you back.

Trust your own instincts and cultivate beauty in your life, follow the path of beauty over the path of struggle. Do some healing, create something beautiful and allow your emotions to emerge.

Aquarius – Catch your breath

It’s time to harvest the fruits of your hard work but for some reason you don’t feel satisfied. You’ve been working hard to get here and you don’t understand why you can’y enjoy your success.

Perhaps you are too tired to enjoy your achievements or perhaps you’ve been working for someone else’s dream. Or you might be lost your spark as your brightest qualities weren’t used for something that truly matters to your heart. There is a pressure on you to transform into something that is not true to you.

Take a step back, catch your breath, rest and reassess. Ask yourself: Is this really what you dream of? Is this really your own wish?

Pisces – Inner Truths

You are at a crossroad at the moment, you came a long way and healed a lot of emotional baggage, finally releasing the past.

It is time to make a new choice and many options are opening at this stage for you. Take a look at your options as some look so simple and easy to choose and others are hidden but beautiful.

Before deciding into your new path consider enrolling into a course and gaining new knowledge/

Pay attention to a wise woman that comes into our life to mentor you or teach you a new skill that you always wanted to know.

Ask for guidance at the time of New Moon.

I hope this reading is helpful for you to guide you for the week. Please be aware that this is a general forecast for every zodiac sign and whilst it might match your circumstances perfectly, it could also show some aspects that do not apply exactly to you. Carefully consider your own situation and make the most of the New Moon energy coming soon on 23rd April.

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Until next time, I am sending you much love and blessings,