Tarot and Oracle

Energy forecast and guidance for the week 27 April – 3 May 2020

Another week and a new oracle card reading to tune into the energies of this week for support and guidance and find what is relevant for everyone and for every zodiac sign at this time.
This week we work with a very grounded earthy energy of crystals and fairies and I chose two beautiful oracle decks that were standing out – The crystal connections deck by Adam Barralet and the Oracle of Fairies by Karen Kay with artwork by Ginger Kelly.

General guidance for the week 27th April – 3rd May 2020

We have two cards for the week and the crystal energy we work with this week is : Carnelian and Clear Quartz

Carnelian gives us the message that it is time for us to enjoy life and shed the shadow, allow ourselves to play, and have fun. Even the actual circumstances are not allowing us to do so in the company of others, it is important to find something new that brings us joy. Perhaps it is time to explore a new hobby, to make art, or even watch a fun film that will bring positivity and inspiration. A time to be creative in our endeavours and allow the creative flame to come to light. We are all creative beings and all we need to do is to free ourselves from day to day constrictions and start tuning into our creative power. There is so much beauty we are able to create, as we allow ourselves in the process and unleash our gifts.
This card is also about a new journey that is about to start but to be able to fully step into our creative we need to start paying attention where we loose energy, what activities are draining us and be ready to let go of these when the time is right.

Clear quartz brings us clarity and tells us that we are fully supported at these times and the divine light is coming to us and through us. All we need to do is to surrender and trust. It is a good time to take action and follow-up on our new moon intentions. A good time to think strategically and take the right steps that will bring us where we want to be. Also, this is a time to nurture our gifts and express them into your full potential, as a clear channel for divine expression and perfect alignment with our divine purpose.

Aries – The Tree Wisdom

You are in a process of healing some old patterns that were holding back and now ready to be released. The Tree Wisdom card brings you a message that you are ready to let go of either unhealthy habits, thinking patters or beliefs that until recently kept you into an unfulfilling situation. If you’ve been struggling for a while, you are fully supported at these times and this is a great week to take advantage of and shed what doesn’t serve you. Follow the signs and pay attention to the vibrations you allow in your life right now. For your best interest avoid anything that lowers your vibration such as compulsively reading the news or using social media in excess. Work on your grounding and meditate on your roots, this will give you the sense of safety you need.

Taurus – Fluorish

Your third eye is awakening and you are in touch with your intuition more than ever before. You receive inspiration and guidance from the Universe and you are a clear channel to bring this information into fruition to serve you and others for the highest good. Your spiritual connection is extremely strong. If you’ve been struggling to access the guidance you needed or you felt spiritually blocked, this card brings you the message that it’s time for you to trust your abilities and shine your inner light into the world. You can easily resolve situations if you simply connect with your intuition and call in upon spiritual guidance.

Special message – work with a purple-green fluorite crystal for higher guidance and wisdom.

Gemini – Star Gazing

Deep emotions and old wounds were taking over recently and this made you feel unsettled. You need to access these deep emotions and make a sense of what are you really feeling at this time. Emotions are your signaling mechanism and they hold the deepest truth. If you were trying to avoid them or feeling afraid of what you would find within yourself, this time is the week when you need to face them. Journal your emotions, describe what you are feeling and ask your emotions what they really want you to know. The starts are this time a metaphor for your deepest feelings that bring you the truth to the surface. Trust them.

Cancer – Protection

This card brings you the message that you are now safe and protected. The energies around are quite confusing at this time of uncertainty and you need strong protection and boundaries to keep yourself protected. If you’ve been feeling energy drained or suddenly unwell, experiencing perhaps inexplicable physical discomfort or intrusive thoughts that seemed to not be yours, then this is a sign that you need extra protection at this time. Create a crystal protection grid by simply placing four black tourmaline crystals in the corners of our home or keep a black tourmaline or labradorite crystal on your desk. If you embark in any spiritual journey or psychic work, always place yourself into a protective egg of light.

Leo – Moderation

Your energy is very strong at this time and you might be prone to excesses. It can be that your diet is not very healthy, or you’re having too much alcohol, but it can also translate in to excessive work, exercising or psychic activities. Bringing moderation into your physical existence, as well as keeping a healthy spiritual practice keeps your mind, body and spirit in good balance. Taking care of yourself is important for your well-being. Also keeping yourself balanced it offers the possibility to see new opportunities and open new doors towards exciting oportunities that are waiting for you. It is important to allow yourself space and time to see them.

Virgo – Lost and Found

This week is a good time for expansion and exploring aspects of yourself you perhaps forgot about. It can be about rediscovering a hobby, a passion, or some aspect of your personality that can bring a new light into how you’re living your own life. If your creativity was blocked for a while it is now a proper time to access it. Small steps in cultivating a new habit are the key. This card also brings you a message that if you ever thought about a different career path, this is a good time to explore it again and see how it might fit in your life. You are being guided by a strong intuition, make time for journalling to explore what is relevant for you to know that can help you in the process.

Libra – Fairy spotting

A good week to strengthen your spiritual connection and get into a routine with your spiritual practice. Perhaps lately you felt overwhelmed with the current health crisis and you allowed yourself pulled into negative feelings such as fear and anxiety. The lack of boundaries and awareness of your own space and time can have a negative impact on your emotional health. Work on strengthening your boundaries, journal about where you’re losing your energy and pay attention to what makes you energised and happy. Ask for divine help and healing, you are fully supported at this time and your spiritual guides will respond quickly.

Scorpio – Manifestation

A good week to bring things into reality. Revise your New Moon intentions to manifest abundance and go for what you deserve. This week is also a good time to observe if any though patterns are staying in your way to abundance and release them. Work on your Solar Plexus chakra with a citrine or amber crystal and offer yourself some healing. Do not forget it is all about intention. Your magic wand is very potent at this time ad you are fully sustained. Also pay attention to any new or unexpected opportunities that arise, something greater than you thought might be available to you if you keep your options open.

Sagittarius – Light

Remember you are fully supported at this time and the divine is bringing you love and light into your life right now. Light can manifest in various beautiful colours and if you feel you need extra support make sure you open yourself to receive healing and love that is available to you unconditionally. Meditate with your favourite colour at this moment and allow it to flow through your body, to wash away any negativity and bring you healing wherever is needed most. Your answers are always within, use this time to connect to your inner self and access the wisdom you need.

Capricorn – Pure intention

A good time for manifestation and clarifying your vision: what do you really want to create in your life? This is a time to go deeper into your heart and access the inner guidance you need. Ask yourself: what are the reasons behind this vision, why am I wishing to achieve this dream? Once you found your purest reasons you’ll understand what is really driving you forward and your inner resources will flow easily. This is also a good time to review if any of your dreams are led by the wrong reasons such as your ego and social pressure and let go of what is not genuine and authentic to you.

Aquarius – Friendship

Human connection and genuine friendship is the answer for you this week. Your wishes are about to manifest but you need to reach out to your friends to ask for help and support. A good time to find like-minded people and connect with them, as well as role models or content creators that can help you and inspire you in your path. Pay attention to hidden messages you receive and any syncronicities you notice. Follow the signs, tune into your intuition and allow yourself to be guided.

Pisces – New beginnings

An extremely positive and supportive week, you are supported to bring to fruition any new projects, ideas, and creative endeavours. It can also be a new love or a new life that comes into reality at this time. Allow yourself to enjoy your creative side, play and enjoy what you do. Do not worry about perfection, as anything you create is unique, beautiful and perfect in its own right. Allow your uniqueness to manifest, this is a time when inspiration flows through you with ease.

If you wish guidance for your own circumstances I’d love to do an oracle card reading for you. Just email me at amelia@theblissfulart.com with a brief description of your issue and I’ll get back to you asap.

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Oracle decks I used for this reading: