Full Moon ritual for healing emotions

She rises in the eastern sky, right after sunset. It’s time for a Full Moon healing ritual, this time to soothe your emotions.

She’s a massive globe of light and illuminates your night, your dreams, your hopes.

As she moves higher in the sky during the bright night, she touches you with her mystical glow, and she opens a new portal to your emotions’ home.

Can you feel them?

The Full Moon gathers the whole energy of light. Her wild, wise spirit raises its highest peak as reflects the energy of the Sun in a mirror. Your mirror.

How the Full Moon impacts on your Emotions

If you feel over-emotional during this time, please do not act upon your emotions.

The Full Moon can trigger extreme emotions.

Do not be scared of that.

This is her way of showing you that you need to look at certain aspects of your life. But the way she brings it up can be quite intense.

You may have an urge to resolve a situation right now.

That you need to take action straight away, that you’ve had enough.

Do not act upon whatever arises at this time. This is not a time for action. But it is a time for awareness and observation.

Simple Full Moon rituals to heal your emotions

1. Observe your emotions

What I suggest you to do during the Full Moon phase is to observe your emotions and journal on them, write what you see. You can use the questions below as a guide:

Does your mood changes these days? What makes you happy? What makes you sad? What aspect of your life drives you crazy? What is there that you almost can’t stand to, that you’ve had enough? People? Circumstances?

Simply journal without taking any action. You’ll return to these later on in the lunar cycle when the energy is favourable for healing. At Full Moon, all you need to do is to observe.

2. Watch you intense emotions pass

The simplest way to do that is to meditate. Put some relaxing music on, put your headphones, breathe in, breathe out. Focus on your breath, on your body and on the music. Of course it’s not as easy as I write it here, and thoughts will hit your mind when you thought you’d finally get that calm feeling inside. This is normal. Notice how you feel, notice your thoughts but do not get engaged with them. Move back your attention into your breathing.

3. Full Moon ritual to RELEASE your uncomfortable emotions

If meditation isn’t for you just yet, think how you can move your body: a walk or a run, dancing in your home, yoga, weight-lifting.

I love to play my shamanic drum to allow my emotions to flow through me without attachment. The drum makes wonders for me each and every time, and I feel I really give my emotions to the drumbeat. If you have a drum or you’ll purchase one, I strongly recommend you to give it a go. An alternative to the drum is a rattle or a shaker, it does the exact same job and it will soothe you straightaway.

Another way to release emotions is to make healing art. I wrote a whole article on how to make healing art here, if you feel you’d rather play with colours or craft a simple project, I encourage you to do so.

4. A full moon ritual to express Gratitude and Celebrate

If you’ve set your New Moon intentions two weeks ago, this is a time to look back and celebrate your achievements. Look at how far you’ve come in your goals and actions. Look at the small daily achievements, the tiny changes you made that you’d otherwise forget about. If you did not set any intentions yet but you want to connect more with the Moon energy this is also a perfect time to reflect upon all you’ve achieved since the past New Moon.

Perhaps you became more aware of how you spend your time (or your money), perhaps you created something new, perhaps you’ve quit your daily dessert or you’ve spent 5 minutes a day in meditation, you cooked dinner, you went for a run, you checked in with a friend, you ate some fruits.

I’d love to hear about little Full Moon achievements:

  • What’s your list with small achievements?
  • Write them down along with a Thank You next to each of them.
  • Feel the gratitude in your heart for all these gifts.

After you’ve done your gratitude ritual, it’s time for celebration.

Full Moon rituals for celebrating your achievements that you can embrace right now:

  • a nice ritualistic bath
  • a new book or a course that was long on your wish list
  • a small meaningful object to remember your achievements.

My personal Full Moon ritual and how my emotions are affected

For the past year, almost every Full Moon I’d feel an urge to go travel. To have a holiday. To relax.

Travelling was an important part of my life, which at the moment I can’t really honour as I would like to.

Since I went fully self-employed three years ago, my income is not as stable as before and my travel options are limited financially.

However, at the time of Full Moon, I’d feel an intense urge to travel.

Sometimes, I’d go to the beach for two days. Other times, I’d just sit with this urge and let it pass. It would return the Next Full Moon anyway.

It wasn’t until the London lockdown that my desire to travel was no longer realistic.

Letting go

In the year of the global pandemic, I learned to let go (at least temporarily) of my desire to travel.

And this way, I finally discovered my alternative: I can create the holiday spirit at home.

To go for a walk on Thames path every day and feel like I am on a holiday.

To watch films with the beach and the ocean and remember the liberating feeling of swimming.

To bring some aquatic touches to my home. And the list goes on.

Yes, it has taken me a while to realise, that travelling and going on holiday is about a feeling, a certain vibe, and a mood that I can create in my own space. That I can choose to have in my daily routine. And for the first time in so many moons, I don’t feel the urge to travel anymore and escape my environment. I no loger need to go elsewhere to feel on holiday.

The solution: I simply brought the holiday into my space.

Here are some of my little achievements to see that you don’t need to do great things to celebrate:

  • I went for my daily walk ( this is one of the biggest)
  • read almost every day
  • gave up squash,
  • wrote about the Moon,
  • repotted some of my plants
  • ate a fruit every day.

Do not underestimate the power of celebration. It will make your life more joyful and soon you’ll realise you have even more to celebrate.

Let your life be full of celebration at very Full Moon!

Until next time,

Moon Blessings