This is a distant group healing we host every New Moon and Full Moon for The Blissful Art Healing School Graduates only.
If you graduated any professional course with me you can participate in our distant crystal healing session.

Moon Distant Healing

Distant Healing – group ritual to follow

  • Setup your sacred space – see my article about creating sacred spaces at home here
  • Crystals – clear quartz to connect and other crystal at your choice for your personal intention
  • Meditate to ground yourself, ask for protection and guidance.
  • Set a simple healing intention to send out to the group: May everyone receives what is most needed in this healing for the highest good of all. You don’t need to know who is exactly taking place in this healing, your intention to connect to everyone is enough.
  • Place the clear quartz crystal in front of you and visualise it connecting to every crystal and person in a grid of energy. Perceive this grid connecting to the whole crystalline structure of the Earth.
  • Set your personal intention for the session and hold your chosen crystal in your hand
  • Visualise you’re only sending love, light, and blessings and you’re receiving only love, light and blessings back from everyone. 
  • Stay in this state of stillness and allow the healing to happen. 
  • When the healing is done, give thanks to your crystals, to all crystals in the circle and to everyone in the group for facilitating the healing to happen. Visualise the connection of light dissolving and the crystals being released. 
  • When you are ready, come back to awareness. 
  • Cleanse the crystals and the room

2020 Moon Dates – please check the dates scheduled for the group healing session, sometimes it is not the exact day of the New/Full Moon.

10 January Full Moon

24 January New Moon 

9 Feb Full Moon

23 Feb New Moon – Distant Healing on 24th Feb 2020, 10:00pm. The Energy of this New Moon: gentle, connect with emotions and intuition, slow-down, review the previous astrological year, express gratitude.

9 March Full Moon – Distant Healing on 8th March 2020, 10:00pm

23 March New Moon 

8 April Full Moon

23 April New Moon 

7 May Full Moon

22 May New Moon 

5 June Full Moon

21 June New Moon 

5 July Full Moon

20 July New Moon 

3 August Full Moon

19 August New Moon 

2 Sept Full Moon

17 Sept New Moon 

1 October Full Moon

16 October New Moon 

31 October Full Moon

15 November New Moon 

30 November Full Moon

14 December New Moon 

30 December Full Moon