20 amazing crystals for stress and anxiety

We all know those days when we’re feeling on edge, restless, unfocused, like the end of the world happens right in that moment and everything is about to explode. I’ve been there, many times. Not only during my corporate years but also I always feel this way when I am in front of a (self-imposed) dead-line or before a the launch of a new workshop. Whatever causes your own anxiety, here are the best 20 crystals to use to calm down stress and anxiety and restore balance into your mind and body.

  • Moss Agate – it’s a grounding, beautiful stone that holds a piece of real nature( natural moss) in her crystal heart. Moss agate brings hope and optimism in difficult times and helps you relieve stress. A great stone to also overcome fear, it’s uplifting and helps prevent depression.
  • Amazonite – an extremely soothing crystal for the mind, amazonite is a wonderful calming stone. It helps you find balance and embrace both masculine and feminine energy and reduces anxiety, worry, and fear. If you experienced emotional trauma, amazonite will help you release that.
  • Amethyst – is a great crystal for physical stress as well as geopathic stress caused by electromagnetics in the environment. It brings balance at a physical, mental, and spiritual level, releases anxiety, fear and anger, and helps the body to restore its natural state of calm.
  • Aquamarine – is a particular soothing crystal for emotionally sensitive people, helps to balance emotions and brings calm and positivity.
  • Charoite – is a good crystal that helps you sleep better during periods of stress and balances your energy levels.
  • Chrysocolla is an extremely calming stone that helps you relieve mental tension so you can remove the noise in your head and bring focus on what is important to you. It also helps with releasing feelings of guilt and fear.
  • Chrysoprase is a wonderful stone for relaxation, that promotes a good night’s sleep. It supports good mental health and helps you overcome life’s difficulties. It also balances hormones promoting fertility.
  • Emerald with its beautiful green colour is a very healing and emotionally soothing stone balancing at the physical and mental level. Also promotes mental clarity
  • Herkimer diamond – helps with clearing geopathic stress and bringing balance into the environment where you live and work in
  • Howlite – is a gentle crystal that supports you to relieve stress, anger and tension, restoring calm. It helps you be more patient and also have a better night sleep
  • Larimar with its soothing light blue colour is a crystal of ultimate balance, serenity, and clarity.
  • Lepidolite is a stone that helps to relieve stress and depression, stabilises mood swings, and prevents insomnia.
  • Moonstone – is a wonderful crystal for women, relieving stress and balancing mood swings caused by hormonal imbalances. It’s stone of fertility, very potent. Due to its strong lunar properties moonstone shouldn’t be used at the full moon as the energy is too strong.
  • Smoky quartz – is a wonderful grounding crystal that helps relieving emotional load and stress.
  • Rutilated quartz has similar properties as smoky quartz when it comes to relieving negative emotions and grounding stress and anxiety.
  • Sodalite is a stone of clarity and peace, promoting rational thinking, balance, removing mental confusion. It helps calming during panic attacks, removes fears, phobias and guilt.
  • Topaz is a crystal of relaxation, bringing in positivity. A very clearing stone to cleanse the aura.
  • Tree agate – promotes feelings pf safety and grounding during intense times
  • Petrified wood is grounding, soothes emotions, and relieves stress

How to use crystals for stress and anxiety

Choose a crystal that speaks to you

according to how you feel you can choose a crystal from the list above. The simplest way is to use a crystal you already have at home – there is no need to buy a new one if there is a crystal available around that can do what you need it to do. ( despite being a crystal healer, I am also a crystal minimalist and I promote simple ways of using crystals and tools for wellbeing – it helps the mind and your space stay decluttered and clear

Crystal meditation

Sit in meditation holding your chosen crystal in your left hand, keeping a focus on the feeling of calm that you want to achieve. You can imagine how the crystal energy merges with your own energy and you receive the ”crystal medicine” in your body and mind. For the best results you can simply sit in meditation for minimum 5 minutes, but if you are short of time, even a couple of deep breaths with your eyes closed will do wonders.

Crystal self-healing

If you are at home this is a wonderful way to work with your crystal. Simply lie down, relax, take a couple of deep breaths and try to identify where in your body you feel the most tension. Place the crystal on your body and leave it there for 5-10 minutes, close your eyes and relax. Allow the crystal to do the work for you, and you just simply breathe in and out slowly. With each inhalation imagine the purifying air coming into your body and with each exhalation imagine all the tension, stress, and worry being removed from your body and grounded into the earth.

I’d love to know which crystal you chose from this list and how did you feel after using it. Did you feel calmer? More in control? More grounded? Please let me know in the comments.

To learn more about using crystals for self-healing, I run an in-depth workshop in London and online dedicated to complete beginners who seek to develop an authentic, real connection with healing crystals. I’d love to see you in one of my workshops soon.

Amelia x