25th April cancelled

New date TBC

Learn how to enhance your life and use crystal healing for yourself, how to release stagnant energies from the body and invite more balance, a sense of feeling good, positive and uplifted.

Join us in this workshop and fing how you can make the most of the crystal energy into your day to day life.

What to expect:

-Learn to connect with your crystals and choose the crystals which are right for you 

– learn to cleanse and program your crystals

– crystal attunement – opening to the crystal energy

– learn how to meditate with crystals and invite them to work with you for whatever you need support with.

– learn about chakras and why is important to balance your chakras for your physical and emotional well-being

This is a beginner workshop that will take you from the basics up to confidently use crystals for yourself in your daily life.