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12 crystals for inspired action to reach your goals

Do you need a little extra help to take action, pursue your dreams and simply go for your goals? Do you lack energy or motivation? Do you feel something stops you from moving forward with your goals? Here are 12 crystals that bring you powerful energetic support to go for what you want.

1. Red Jasper

Red jasper meaning

Red Jasper is a crystal of rebirth, a great addition to your crystal toolkit when you want to create positive, long-lasting change in your life. It uplifts your mood, brings you strength and determination.

If you feel blocked at some level or that something stops you to act upon your goals and dreams, meditate with red jasper and ask for support.

How to use red jasper for action

A great crystal to help you get organised and plan upon your next step, keep a red jasper crystal on your desk during your working hours.

2. Fire agate

Fire agate crystal meaning

As the name suggests, fire agate incorporates the element of fire and brings fuel to your projects to help you achieve what you want. It helps you find solutions to problems and keep yourself focused on results.

Fire agate has the ability to remove cravings and it’s an ideal crystal if you want to eat healthily or get sober.

How to use fire agate

Keep a programmed fire agate in your pocket and touch it or hold it in your hand any time you need to find a new solution, or want to maintain a new healthy habit.

3. Red carnelian

Red carnelian crystal meaning

The ultimate motivation and high energy crystal, red carnelian is a great choice if you feel physically sluggish and you lack motivation in achieving your goals. This crystal brings you life-force energy, helping you to get things done. It clears the mind from unuseful thoughts and helps you keep your focus on the task.

If there’s any old, negative conditioning that you learned in your past, red carnelian helps you let go of it so you can take inspired action with no fear.

How to use red carnelian crystal

Keep a red carnelian on your desk during the day while you’re working, and when you feel tired ask it to give you energy and motivation. If you want to let-go of fear, simply do what you want to get done while holding a red carnelian crystal in your left palm. If this is impossible, place the crystal in a low pocket to stay near your lower belly or legs.

4. Bloodstone

Bloodstone meaning

A great grounding crystal, bloodstone brings energy into your projects and helps you act with courage. It keeps you focused and in the present moment, and helps you avoid distractions.

Removes confusion and keeps you alert, so you are able to notice potential dangers and make the right decisions from a place of strength and mental clarity.

A great crystal to connect with your ancestors and ask for practical help.

How to use bloodstone for action and motivation

Keep it on your pocket during the day. If you need to receive help from your ancestors, meditate with bloodstone and ask it to help you connect with them. Of course ancestral work is not for everyone, but if you feel it is for you, it can be greatly supportive and beautiful.

5. Red calcite

Red calcite meaning

If you need more willpower, red calcite will do. Red calcite is also a great crystal for a boost of physical energy.

Emotionally, it helps you overcome blockages and anything that keeps you stuck. Removes fear and transforms it into focused action.

How to use red calcite

Wear it in your pocket, put it on your desk, meditate with it and ask for help.

6. Red chalcedony

Red chalcedony meaning

Red chalcedony is an agate variety that helps you to reach your goals. It gives you the clarity to design an effective strategy that works for you. After you worked on the strategy, it equips you with confidence, persistence and patience in taking steps towards your goals.

How to use red chalcedony crystal

Keep it on your desk to see it when you do strategy work and ask what is the best way for you to bring this project into reality. Be ready to receive some unexpected insights, sometimes the most simple ways you’d normally ignore may be the answer.

7. Citrine

Citrine meaning

A crystal of wealth, abundance and ultimate manifestation, citrine is a wonderful addition to your practice that enhances self-esteem and confidence.

It keeps you motivated and open to new possibilities and experiences, so you can be flexible to adapt and see opportunities that you didn’t expect.

It’s a great crystal to uplift your mood and increase your energy levels, and it helps you overcome your fears to be able to move towards your dreams.

How to use citrine for motivation and success

You can meditate with citrine and visualise the life-force energy of the sun pouring onto your body to raise your energy levels and increase self-confidence.

For opening to new possibilities and adaptation, I suggest you to rather use it for crystal journaling (I describe a journaling technique at the bottom of this article). You can ask these simple questions: What do I need to see in this new situation? What is this situation teaching me? How could I do this differently?

8. Garnet

Garnet crystal meaning

If you practice self-sabotaging ( for example procrastination, focusing on anything else but not what is important, setting your expectations too high), this is the crystal for you. It brings fresh energy into your body, regenerates ideas and it brings into the awareness patterns that you need to change.

Garnet is a great stone of courage and commitment, it will remind you of your final goal and help you keep yourself focused and determined.

How to use garnet crystal

Use garnet in meditation and ask for help to release the negative patterns that you want o let go of. You can also use it for crystal journaling, see the techniques described later in the text.

9. Fire Opal

A stone of inner power, fire opal is a great energy amplifier, extremely potent in any business matters. It is a facilitator of change and progress and stimulates your desire for action, the inner fire, and determination.

10. Ruby

Ruby crystal meaning

This precious, beautiful crystal, revered for ages is the ultimate stone of passion for life. It infuses your heartfelt projects with energy and helps you set realistic goals. It brings up positivity, enlightens your enthusiasm and helps you keep going when things get challenging.

If there’s any negative pattern, belief or emotion that might stay in your way, ruby helps you remove it intentionally and leaves your energy clear and restored.

How to use ruby crystal to follow your passion

Ruby is not a crystal to show-off with. Ruby is a crystal to treasure, keep for yourself and use it quietly. The best way to work with ruby is by wearing a delicate necklace with a ruby stone that falls exactly above your heart. Ask the crystal to help you follow your passions, every morning when you put it on. Spend some time with it in silence and visualise yourself doing the work you love. Stay there, keep the image in your heart and go with your day.

11. Tiger’s eye

Tiger’s eye crystal meaning

Tiger’s eye is a stone of internal power that helps you access your inner resources to achieve your goals. It brings clarity and focus and keeps you committed. It is also a great grounding crystal that helps you stay strong in your body while you focus a great amount of energy to bring your dreams into reality.

How to use tiger’s eye crystal

Tigers’s eye is not a soft crystal to meditate with. Tiger’s eye is a crystal to take action with. The best way to use it is to hold it in your hand first thing in the morning and ask it to answer you these questions: What am I good at? What are my inner gifts that I want to put out into the world? Just ask, listen and go for your day. Working with tiger’s eye is a commitment on its own. You can greatly benefit from the energy it brings if you use it every day for at least 3 months.

12. Peacock Ore

If you feel any internal obstacles, blockages of any sort, limiting beliefs that are holdig you back, meditate with peacock ore and ask for the blockage to be removed.

This is a great crystal that brings energy and inspiration into your projects, and helps you approach things with a fresh eye, open to new perspectives.

How to use crystals for inspired action, motivation and to reach your goals

1.Set an intention

How to set an intention with crystals

To get to the core of your intention you need to be clear on what you really need: do you need more energy? Do you need more motivation? Do you need to let go of a harmful habit? Do you need more confidence? Do you need to release fear? When you answered yes, you know that this is your intention.

2.Programme your crystal for motivation, energy, action

Choose a supportive crystal according to your intention and program your crystal with your intention.

How to program your crystals?

There are many ways to programme crystals, but I always like to choose something quick and easy. You don’t need to spend a huge amount of time with crystal programming. You can simply spend a couple of minutes in a short meditation while you hold the crystal in your hand and visualise your intention or simply say your intention out loud.

3. Use your crystal on a daily basis

How to use crystals for inspired action to reach your goals?

This should also be easy, but you need to be consistent. Keep the crystal on your desk, on your altar, in your pocket, or your bag, meditate with it, place it on your body on the lower belly or on one of your legs to heal your root chakra, and make your crystal practice an active part of your life.

Remember, as in any healing practice: intention and consistency is key.

4. Journaling for motivation and action with your chosen crystal

Crystals can help you access parts of your unconscious in a wonderful way, only if you ask them.

How to journal with crystals

As with crystal programming or setting intentions, crystal journaling is all about getting clear on what you want to get out of the practice. Do you want to make an action plan that is effective and works for you? Ask this exact question and write it down on top of a new journal page. Then hold the crystal in your hand, close your eyes and ask the crystal the same question. Stay with it in silence for a while, then take your pen and start writing whatever comes into your mind as a response to your question.

The same technique applies for other things you want to achieve, for example:

  • you need more energy – ask this question: What do I need to do, or stop doing to raise my energy levels?
  • you need more motivation – ask this question: What motivates me in my work to be able to keep going when things go difficult?
  • you need more courage and less fear – ask this question: What scares me in this situation? Is this fear real? Is it my fear or anyone else’s fear? Do I believe it?

I’ll leave you hear for now, I am sure you have plenty to try and think about.

Until next time,

Many blessings

Amelia x

( I wrote this article originally in 2020 and updated it with new and more in-depth information on March 2021)