Crystals for February New Moon – Aquarius

We are at the time of New Moon once again ready to start a new lunar cycle. A time of unlimited possibilities raising from the depths of our souls, in the search for purpose and joy.

New Moon in Aquarius meaning

This New Moon in Aquarius brings a breath of fresh air after the Winter months of the psyche, a time of renewal, new growth and fertility. This is the Moon that invites you to be brave, dream big, and explore new ideas. 

If you are a purpose-driven entrepreneur, a healer, community builder, environmentalist, advocate, this is the New Moon to work with to fully manifest your greatest dreams and most impactful projects. It is particularly beneficial for social and community projects that make a big impact for the highest good of all.

The February New Moon asks you to feel expansive, to release limitations of the mind and dream with courage! If you were incubating some ideas for a while waiting for the right time to put them our into the world, the time is NOW.

Look at your ideas, projects and intentions and see the higher purpose and how your work serves other people. Reflect upon How your own success can make other people thrive and set your intentions with this purpose in mind. When you choose to make a positive difference in someone else’s life, you pave the road to your own happiness.

Crystals for the New Moon in Aquarius – February

The best crystals to use at this time of the New Moon are crystals related to your Heart Chakra. Community projects, projects that help other people, those who are beyond of your own personal interests, are all about opening the Heart, being generous and allowing yourself to be guided by LOVE. To strengthen your intentions for this New Moon, here are the crystals best suitable to use in your manifestation process:


A crystal to open the heart and help you walk in trust. If your purpose is to help people, but you’re not too sure how to do it, meditate with Aventurine to bring-up the courage you need and to show you the way.


A crystal of transformation, use Malachite if your focus is on making a change: whether you transition into a new career, or from employed to self-employed, or you want to change the direction in your business, this crystal will help you find the best way to do it so can everyone benefit at best from this change: you, and those you help with your work.


A crystal that combines the gentle energy of love with focused action, unakite helps you get started altruistic projects. Perhaps you were thinking to start volunteering, or start a new helping business? Meditate with unakite and ask how you can stay true to your intention and take action. Sometimes a small step forward can make a great difference.

Green Jasper

Is a crystal that helps you start or grow new projects related to the environment. It can be something as simple as setting a nature-lovers group to meetup for hikes in the Summer, or it can be about up-cycling, reducing waste, or environmental friendly soaps cleaning products and cosmetics. If your work has to do with saving the Planet, work with a Green Jasper and ask how you make a bigger impact.


The healer’s crystal. This is to support you. Whatever new project you feel to start, you need to take care of yourself too. To be able to put your energy into the work with an impact, you need to have your own cup full. Carry peridot with you and ask for help to find time for self-care. Setup ME-time in your calendar every day, and honour it.

I hope you’re enjoying the New Moon, and don’t forget, you still have time to set your intentions for the next 4 days. The New Moon stage lasts a little more than the astronomical calendar, so don’t worry if you’re late. You’re not, you’re right in time.